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Also called Bicolandia

Southeastern end of Luzon island

Their people are called Bicolanos
Their standardized dialect is Bicol
Consist of 6 provinces: Albay, Camarines Sur, Camarines
Norte, Catanduanes, Sorsogon, and Masbate
Its capital is the Legazpi City
Land of Ultimate Adventure
Land of hemp, locally known as abaca
Land of Ragging Fire
Home of Butanding (Whale Sharks)

Bicol Region had various name since the time of Spanish
who called its northern part as Tierra de Camarines and
its southern part as Tierra de ibalon. Some historians
claimed that it was originally referred as Ibalon.
The Bicol region was known as Ibalon, variously
interpreted to derive form ibalio, "to bring to the other
side"; ibalon, "people from the other side" or "people who
are hospitable and give visitors gifts to bring home"; or as
a corruption of Gibal-ong, a sitio of Magallanes.
Sorsogon where the Spaniards first landed in 1567. The
Bico River was first mentioned in Spanish Documents in
1572. The region was also called "Los Camarines" after
the huts found by the Spaniards in Camalig, Albay.

Legazpi City is the capital of Albay Province and of Bicol
Region. It is named after General Legaspi, a Spaniard
who led an army in the conquest of part of the
Philippines. The spelling was changed recently from
Legaspi to Legazpi as part of the effort to phoneticize
Pilipino spellings, many people still use the old spelling.
The term "Bicol" could have been derived from "Bico,"
the name of a river which drains in San Miguel
Bay. Possible origins also include the bikul or bikal
bamboo tree which line rivulets, and the ancient native
word bikod meaning "twisted" or "bent".
Capitals and Also Known as
Capital: Legazpi City
Also known as Land of the Worlds Most Perfect
Cones and Vatican of Disasters
Camarines Norte
Capital: Daet
Also known as Bicolandias Goldmine
Camarines Sur/ CamSur
Also known as Home of Worlds Smallest Fish

Capital: Virac
Also known as Land of Howling Winds and Eco
Adventure Paradise
Capital: Masbate City
Also known as Rodeo Capital of Bicol
Sorsogon City
Also known as Bicols Whale Sharks Paradise

Capitals and Also Known as
Albay - Bikol Rinconadan
Camarines Sur - Bikol Rinconadan
Catanduanes - Bikol- Pandan
Camarines Norte - Bikol- Tagalog
Sorsogon (bisakol) - Sorsoganon
Masbate (bisakol) - Masbateno or minasbate
The Bicolano cuisine is primarily noted for the
prominent use of siling labuyo and gata in its food.
The prehispanic beliefs in the hierarchy of supernaturals
ranging from bad to good was preserved
In the Island of Masbate, there was still the practice of
the local folks to thank elements of nature. They called
this as Pa-Ulaw or Pasasalamat literally thanksgiving.
Pa-tamoy or nagpapaalam literally asking permission.The
common expression "Tabi po, maki-agi po" (Excuse me
please, I would like to pass by) acknowledges the invisible

The Bicolanos are the fifth-largest Filipino ethnolinguistic
group. Bicol religiosity is deeply rooted.
Another religious practice the kissing or touching of
religious icons.
Bicolanos widely believed in superstitious beliefs.
Some of their well-known beliefs:
a. It is bad to point at scenic spots when riding on a boat
because the spirits of that place may get mad and drown
the passengers.
b. Cutting fingernails at night will bring you bad luck
c. Whistling at night will cause the death of one member
of the family

If a farmer sharpens his bolo at night, he will find his
palay eaten by rats in the morning.
If you are lost in the forest, you invert your clothes and
you will find your way out.
Whenever a woman is still eating, do not pile the dishes
because that woman will have more than one husband.
To sleep with your hair wet will result o insanity.
If you make fun of the skull, the spirit of it will find the
way to frighten you.
Mayon Volcano (Legaspi, Albay)
Matukad Island (Caramoan, Camarines Sur)
Calaguas Island (Vinzons, Camarines Norte)
Basilica of the Nuestra Senora de
Penafrancia (Naga)
Lahos Island (Caramoan)
Subic and Tikling Beach (Sorsogon)
Cagsawa Ruins Park (Legaspi)

Our Lady of Peace Grotto
Buntod Sandbar and Reef Marine
Sanctuary (Masbate City)
Paguriran Island (Sorsogon)
Daraga Church (Legaspi)
Lignon Hill (Legazpi,Albay)
Puraran Beach (Catanduanes)

Vera Falls (Legaspi)
Tayak Lagoon (Caramoan)
Misibis Bay Resort Day Pass
(Cagraray Island)

Bantayog festival

Pabirik festivals

Karanowan festival
Himagulaw festival
Butanding festival
Magayon festival

Sarong banggi festival

Tabak Festival

Catandungan Festival
Penafrancia Festival

Magayon festival

Ibalong Festival
Ignorant Poor
Man and The

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