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UNIX System Administration


EECP 3281
EECP3180 Computer Network
Advanced Diploma
Theory Hours:
One Hour (Wednesday 2:00 3:00)
Lecture Hours:
Four Hours (Sun 4:00-6:00; Mon 12:00-2:00 )
Passing Mark:
C; 67

Marks and Grading
Component Marks
Quiz 1 5
Quiz 2 5
Continuous Practical Assessment 20
Midterm Examination 20
End-Semester Examination 30
End-Semester Practical Examination 20
Total 100
Class Schedule
Sunday 4:00-6:00
Monday 12:00-2:00
Wednesday 2:00-30:00

NL 102
Name: Michael Cruzat Dalisay
GSM No.: 98964283

Name: Arnold Braza
GSM No.:
College Vision and Mission
Training Requirements
Lab Coat
Laboratory Manual
Theory Book
The Laboratory

Safety Practices
Other Safety Practices
Fire exit
Fire extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Never do anything that
you are unsure of
Feedback Questionnaire
5 Strongly Agree
4 Agree
3 Neutral
2 Disagree
1 Strongly Disagree

Assignment no. 1
Research the history of UNIX and Linux

What is this?
Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
One of the first electronic computers
UNIVAC-Universal Automatic

PDP Programmed Data Processor

It all started at Bell Labs
1957 use BESYS operating system
1965 Bell Labs joined with GE and MIT to
create MULTICS (Multiplexed Information and
Computing Service)
1969 MULTICS was left by Bell Labs
Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie wrote an
operating system for a DEC PDP-7. The system was
called Uniplexed Information and Computing
Service or UNICS, later called UNIX
History goes on
1969 Linus Torvalds was born
1971 First edition of UNIX was released
together with a UNIX programmers guide
written by Thompson and Ritchie. The first
edition contain over 60 commands that
include: b, boot, cat, chdir,
chmod, chown, cp, ls, mv, wc,
1972 Dennis Ritchie develop the C language
1973 UNIX was rewritten in C
1974 UNIX becomes a general purpose,
multi-user, interactive operating system
1977 UNIX is ported to a non-DEC system
1978 Bill Joy introduced a new version of
UNIX, the 1BSD (Berkeley Software
Distribution version 1)
1980 4BSD becomes the first version of UNIX
to incorporate TCP/IP
1983 GNU project is announced by Richard
1991 Linus Torvalds writes Linux
1992 Linux is combined with GNU to create
free GNU/Linux operating system which is
now known as Linux