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Internship program

For international students

with The National Wind Power Engineering Technology

Research Center (NWTC) or Xinjiang Goldwind
Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in the north west of
Frame work:

● Responsible institution:

The internship program has been initiated, planed and implemented by

National Wind Power Engineering Technology Research Center (NETC), in
coordination with Goldwind, the biggest local manufacturer of wind turbine
generator system in China.

● Main intention
This internship program offers talented international students the opportunity
to apply their ideas and gain practical experience in a real working
environment with an internationally competent, dynamic wind power
organization, while offering them an opportunity to experience many exciting
facets of Chinese culture.
A brief introduction to our companies (Goldwid and
1. Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Goldwind is the leading enterprise in wind turbine manufacture in
China, with an annual turnover which has doubled every year for
the last 6 years. It is preparing to be listed on the stock market in
2007 and striving for a ranking among the world’s top 10 wind
turbine manufacturers by 2010.
Goldwind is engaged in:

※ Manufacturing and selling large-sized WTGS( Wind turbine

generating system)

※ The introduction and application of technologies related to


※ Manufacturing and selling of the wind turbine components

※Providing a technical consultation service in the construction and

operation of wind farms.

※ The construction and operation of mid-test wind farm

For more detailed information of Goldwind, you are welcomed to visit

our English website:
2. National Wind Power Engineering Technology
Research Center( NWTC)

Outline of NWTC :

The National Wind Power Technology Research Center (NWTC)

was founded with the approval of the National Ministry of Science &
Technology. It is a professional institution which works on new
technology R&D and the promotion of engineering standards and
solutions for large-scale WTGS. It also provides an integrated
consulting service for the wind power industry.
NWTC is engaged in:

※ Design and R&D for large-sized WTGS

※ Design and R&D of essential components for WTGS

※ Testing and fault diagnosis of WTGS

※ Undertaking policy studies related to China’s wind power industry

※ Offering a technical and information consulting service for the wind

power industry
Research projects we offer for interns

Interns can choose and work on one specific project from the
following projects over the course of 6-8 month as the focus
of your study.
1. Structure analysis, major in fatigue and crack developing analysis.

2. Structure dynamic simulation, major in multi-body dynamic simulation

included flexibility and rigid. ( you can do the simulation of the whole
wind turbine)

3. Structure design, major in gear box design, tower design, and composite
material structure design.
4. Material, major in composite material and manufacture techniques.

5. Electrical machine and automation , major in large permanent magnet

electrical machine.
Research projects we offer for interns
6. Structure design of generator.

7. Design for Permanent magnetic generator.

8. Pitch and variable speed control strategy for wind turbine with
permanent magnetic generator.

9. Converter design for MW wind turbine.

10. Load control strategy for pitch and variable speed wind turbine.

11. Harmonic suppression strategy of wind turbine.

12. Reactive power compensation design.

Research projects we offer for interns

13. Low temperature wind turbine design.

a) Material selection for casting and forging.
b) Rubber seal of valve study for hydraulic system.
c) Oil and grease study. ( for gearbox, yaw bearing, mean
d) Icing problem for blades.
e) Electric elements study.
14. Tide and corrosion protection study for structural parts.

15. Fatigue load for all casting.

16. Tide and corrosion protection study for foundation and tower.
Research projects we offer for interns
17. Corrosion protection study for structural parts.

18. Corrosion protection study for wind vane and anemometer.

19. Tide and corrosion protection study for electric elements.

20. Wind turbine design for Extra Class Ιwind zone.

a) Load analysis and calculation.
b) Strength design of tower.
c) Analysis for casting and structural parts.
d) Strength design and analysis for the blade.

21. Load measurement and fatigue analysis for blades and tower
What we can provide for international interns
Mentors for the research project: by engineers experienced in
the design and development of WECS or university professors
experienced in the design and research of WECS.

2 weeks of field research at a wind farm and 2 weeks at an

assembly workshop, plus other activities relevant to the selected
research project.

Room and board in Urumqi, China. ( we provide apartments for

interns and lunch during working days in the dining hall.)

Stipend of 2050RMB per month( comparing to the basic living

cost of around 500-700RMB in Urumqi, Xinjiang)

Administrative support (if required)

A 3 day tour in Beijing ( airline tickets are not included)

Why should you do an internship abroad in Goldwind&
NWTC in Xinjiang, China?
Why should you do an internship abroad in Goldwind&
NWTC in Xinjiang, China?
Goldwind is the biggest local wind turbine manufacturer in China.

Goldwind & NWTC have been taking on responsibility of several state’s

key research projects.

Goldwind & NWTC offer a great combination of a R&D center,

manufacturing and a project site.
☺ Goldwind & NWTC have considerable experience of successful
international exchanges.
☺ Experience Chinese culture, especially the mystery and fascination of
local Xinjiang culture.
☺ Development of intercultural competencies
The requirement for candidates

※ Must have a related Bachelor’s degree or higher

※ Should be fluent in English

※ Have a targeted research field related to the research projects

mentioned above
The obligation for the interns

• Give a report, lecture or lead a seninar concerning your

research field each month.

• Submit one copy of your final thesis to Goldwind & NWTC.

How can you apply?

The closing date for application is 3 months before starting the internship.
The application documents should include:

1. Application Form from ?

2 Statement of Intent: Guidelines to write this Statement of Intent are

. available in English.

3. A current Enrollment Certification from your university or

The application documents are available on the website:…?
Guidelines for the "Statement of Intent ”

1) What is your motivation for your internship? What are your reasons for
doing the internship in Goldwind & NWTC?

2) Why did you choose China, in particular Xinjiang?

3) What are your qualifications that you can offer to us? How do you
prepare for your internship in Goldwind & NWTC?

4) How do you think you will benefit from this internship concerning your
personal development and your studies?

5) Please enumerate some of your professional aims you want to achieve

by doing the internship. Please describe the research project you want
to pursue, the duration and time you are available.
Contact details

Coordination and Contact Point of the Program :

- The technical consulting office of the Engineering Technology Research

Please note:
The duration of these trainings is 6 to 8 months, the tarting date is
flexible according to your schedule, if you are interested, please send
your required documents to us by? at least 2 month ahead of time.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: