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* Geetanjali Bangera (5)

* Sanjay Bhatia (6)
* Shrutika Bhosale (7)
* Manasi Vichare (59)
* Papathi Yadav (60)
* Rohit Verma (58)
*In 1897, Ardeshir Godrej gave up Law and turned to lock making.
Brother Pirojsha Godrej carried it further and laid the foundation
for the sprawling industrial garden township called Pirojshanagar.
*Evolved into one of the largest and the oldest conglomerates
based in Mumbai, India.
*One of Indias most trusted brand, Godrej enjoys the patronage
and trust of around 500 million Indians every single day.
*Seven major companies - with interests in Real Estate, FMCG,
Industrial Engineering, Appliances, Furniture, Security, Agri care
among others contribute to group turnover of over 3.3 billion $
*Present in more than 60 countries, 26% of their business is done
*In 1944 Mumbai docks blast, Godrej safes were the only security
equipment whose contents were unharmed.
*Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL) is a major player in the
Indian FMCG market.
*GoodKnight, Cinthol, Godrej No. 1, Expert, Nupur, aer, Hit,
Fairglow, Ezee and Protekt are household names across the
*They are one of the largest marketers of toilet soaps in the
country and are also leaders in hair colours and household
*Mission : to continuously enhance the quality of life of consumers
in high-growth markets with superior-quality and affordable home
care, personal care and hygiene products.
*First company in the world to develop the technology to
manufacture soaps with vegetable oils.
Adi Godrej
Chairman - Godrej Group
Vivek Gambhir
Nisaba Godrej
Executive Director
Nadir Godrej
MD (Godrej Industries)
Chairman - Godrej Agrovet
* 1897 Ardeshir Godrej hires out a small shed beside the Bombay
Gas Works in Lalbaug for Rs20/month and starts manufacturing
* 1918 Introduces Chavi Bar (washing soap).
* 1928 Godrej Soaps Ltd. is incorporated as a company. It has a
factory at Byculla Bridge, Bombay.
* 1932 Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd incorporated with limited
liability on 3 March under the Indian Compromise Act 1913.
* 1951 Launches Cinthol soap.
* 1952 Godrej introduces liquid soap.
* 1965 Godrej Soaps factory starts operations.
* 1995 Transelektra Domestic Products forges a strategic alliance
with SaraLee. Also acquires the Jet and Banish brands.

* 2001 Godrej Soaps Ltd demerges into Godrej Industries Ltd &
Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.
* 2004 - Godrej HiCare Limited set up to provide a Safe Healthy
Environment to customers by providing professional pest
management services.
* 2005 Godrej Consumer Products acquires Keyline Brands Ltd,
a personal care company in the UK.
* 2006 Godrej Beverages & Foods Ltd acquires Nutrine, the
market leader in confectionery in India.
* 2007 - Godrej Beverages & Foods Limited formed a JV with
The Hershey Company of North America and the company was
renamed Godrej Hershey Foods & Beverages Limited.
* 2008 - Godrej relaunched itself with new colourful logo and a
fresh identity music.

*Good Knight: Good Knight is the only fully entrenched brand in HI
with significant presence in all the formats. It grew launching Mats
followed by Liquid Vaporisers, coils, lotions and aerosols.

*There is a stark difference between Good Knight and other brands in
this category. Every other brand talks of killing mosquitoes; Good
Knight feels it simply needs to state that it protects against them.

*This non-violence, in a manner of speaking, is at the heart of its brand
values. The brand sees itself as a safe, gentle, effective, dependable
and unobtrusive protector in complete harmony with the housewife
and her home.

*Good Knight Advanced promises to give technologically
advanced solutions overcoming the key format barriers with
products like double power Activ+ System for Refill, Advanced
Low Smoke alternative in coils and a pleasant experience
*Good Knight Naturals Promises to tackle consumer concern of
safety. It achieves this through the products which has a blend
of active and exotic natural ingredients that lends reassurance
of safety.
*Good Knight base range the above two platforms will add to
the already existing care imagery of the brand.

*It further created stronger consumer connect by humanizing the
brand values through carefully chosen brand ambassadors.
Actress Rani Mukherjee and now Vidya Balan were selected on
the basis of the researched fact that they epitomised
dynamism, warmth and caring values that the modern Indian
housewife empathised with and Good Knight stands for.

*Good Knight Care Range

*Good Knight Silver Mats:
*Market leader with 75 % share
*Pioneer in Mats

*Good Knight Coils
*Only coil with fragrance
*Largest selling 12-hr coil in the country

*Good Knight Silver Power
*Widest range of Refills and Machines
*Silver wick for consistent release of active
*Fastest growing refills brand

*Good Night Advanced Range

*Good Knight Advanced Activ Plus
*Product of Year 2009, in Household Insecticide category
*Has dual mode, Normal Mode for normal mosquito
problem, Activ + Mode for heavy mosquito infestation
*Good Knight Advanced Mosquito and Flies Spray
*Superior product that has advanced filters to reduce harsh
*Leaves a pleasant fragrance after use
*Good Knight Advanced Low Smoke Coils
*World's 1st low smoke coil that offers 80% less smoke and
is 25% more effective

*Good Knight Naturals
*Good Knight Naturals Mosquito repellent cream

*The only mosquito repellent cream with moisturizing
and skin care benefits
*Enriched with Natural ingredients like Tulsi & Lavender
*A Product from the trusted house of Good Knight

*JET Brand is the regional jewel ( Andhra Pradesh &
Madhya Pradesh) with more than 60% Market Share
in coils.

*Shower Gel
*Talcum Powder
*Deo Spray
*Godrej Protekt
*Godrej Shaving Cream
*Godrej FairGlow
*Godrej No.1

*In 1918, Godrej went against the tide of Raj, and launched the first
soap in the world to be made without animal fat. They scored for
not only Ahimsa but also Swadeshi. Decades down the line, people
love Cinthol because it cleans up scruffy and has that sweet citrus

* Cinthol fortifies its presence in personal care category with
all new packaging and launch of shower gel.

* Aims to capture young and vibrant India and tap new markets.
* Cinthol fortifies its presence in the personal care category with the
launch of shower gels.
* Launches a high decibel, innovative, youth centric campaign Alive Is

* October 13th , 2012 Mumbai: Cinthol, the 60 year old flagship brand
from the stable of GCPL announced the shift in brand positioning, in
line with the aspirational ethos of the young Indian consumer. Along
with the new packaging and fresh look the Cinthol brand portfolio has
also added a range of shower gels to its kitty to cater to vibrant,
energetic and young India.

*The launch will be supported by an extensive 360 degree
communication campaign, beginning with a delightful new television
commercial. In addition, it will also be supported by a digital media
promotion and on ground consumer initiatives.

*Cinthol soaps will now be available in 5 variants - Lime, Cool,
Deo, Strong and Original. All 5 have premium and fresh
fragrances reinforced with deodorant properties into it.

*All soaps are ergonomically designed and offer premium fresh
* Lime and original variant have been retained but formulation
has been improved.
* Lime soap is priced at Rs 79 , 125 gms, pack of three
*The range of deodorants are Play, Dive, Energy, Intense and
Ignite. All deos now have premium and intense masculine
fragrances and have superior retention through the day.
* A problem that all deo users in the country face today is of
skin irritation. These new deodorants come with a superior
non-alcoholic formulation that will keep skin safe.
* Integrated cap for convenient use.
* The deodorant is priced at Rs 175
*Cinthol has also entered the shower gel category with
introduction of four variants - Intense, Energy, Play and Splash.
The premium international fragrances and innovative design of
the products will offer a unique grooming experience to the
*The formulation of the shower gel is such that it is non sticky
and can be used without the loofah.
* The shower gel is priced at Rs 150

*Godrej FairGlow

*FairGlow was launched in 1999 as India's first fairness soap, and
is today India's largest selling fairness soap. It is the only toilet
soap in the Indian FMCG market that is designed to give lighter,
fairer skin, something that even leading beauty soaps are not
designed to do.
*Godrej FairGlow has been relaunched in Dec'10 with an
attractive new packaging and a beautiful moon crest shape.
*It also has the unique Fairness + Proteins formula that enables
it to deliver on its promise of fairer skin, simply through a daily
*Godrej No.1

*Indias largest-selling Grade 1 soap brand is known all over India
for its economical price and wide variety of use.
*GCPL is second largest marketers of toilet soaps in the India
with leading brands such as Cinthol, Fairglow and Godrej No 1.
*Godrej No. 1 is now the No. 3 brand by value and volume
market share.
*Companys current sales growth from soap segment grew at 20%
and it plans to expand revenues by 10 times by year 2020.
*Market Share of Godrej No 1 Soap
4% 3%
Market Share - Soap

Brand that was just 25 crore in year 2001 to a brand thats turnover
touched almost 500 crore in 2009, it has been a long journey.
*The main USP of Godrej products is that it brings together
variants available only at higher end range within the reach
of common man. Apart from new consumer friendly shapes
and packaging, the new-look variants have added ingredients
like natural oils, which are good for the skin.
*The low price points of Rs 5, Rs 10 and Rs 50 for a pack of
four are critical for the brand, especially in regions
characterised by low per capita income.
*Godrej No 1 marketing strategy is below the line promotion
and has used the 3+1 sale trick over the years.

*Godrej No1 never worked on fancy promotion budget.
*Word Of Mouth publicity had been the major tool used by
brand over the years.
*The brand has always had a different marketing strategy for
Areas like Punjab (maximum sales) and rest of India. In year
2005, the brand hired TV Star Mona Singh for its campaigning in
Punjab where the soap is a market leader and holds 20% of the
soap market.
*The Rose variant ad starring Isha Sharvani was one the most
watched ad of 2012.

*87 year old Soap Brand Godrej no 1 decided on focusing its
packaging only after late 1980s, when brands huge and
unattractive size began impacting the sales.
*Presently the brand has different and attractive packaging for
its entire variant, and is the only Soap brand which focuses
exclusively on using a Womens face on its soap jacket.
*Godrej No1 was a brand was considered to be very weak in
rural areas and was a brand leader only in Punjab.
*However the brand changed its distribution strategy and roped
in 4000 sub stockist and 1250 distributors. At present, the
soap is available in 2 million shops and 25000 villages in India.
*In 1986 Rahul, a chronically single young man with grey hair bought a
pack of Godrej hair dye, coloured his follicles, and went on a date. After
being serially rejected by 967 women, he got lucky. Now hes married,
with a son in school.
*Of course, many people dont believe in marriage and prefer to be single,
in which case, stay away from our hair dyes, 7000,000 numbers of which
are sold daily.
Godrej Expert

Beloved brand of 4 crore happy users
Hair colour that won't drip
First time ever a powder hair color that forms a gel
Largest selling hair colour in India

*Godrej enters the air care category with a premium

* July 09, 2012 Delhi: aer, a premium air care innovation for
cars and homes will be available across major cities in the

*Positioned as a delightful and quirky brand, aer aims to bring
alive consumer experiences to enhance their personal space,
either at home or in the car.

*Air care is an exciting category which has been witnessing
growth in excess of 20% per annum. The growth in the air care
category has been driven by an increasing consciousness amongst
consumers to enhance their lifestyle and personal image.

*New air freshener product
targeting smokers
*Global footprint:
*Recently acquired 60% rights in Cosmetica Nacional, a
Chilean hair colour company.
*Acquisitions in West Africa, the Megasari Group, a leading
household care company in Indonesia and Issue Group and
Argencos, two leading hair colorant companies in Argentina,
Keyline Brands in the United Kingdom, and Godrej Global
Mideast FZE.
*Owns international brands and trademarks in Asia (ex. India),
Latam, Africa, Europe, Australia, Canada and the Middle
*Enjoys 80% share in the ethnic hair colour market in South
Africa by acquisition of the pan-African Darling Group, and
Rapidol and Kinky.

*Sales growth led by
*Continuous marketing investments
*New product launches
*Distribution expansion

*Healthy response to new product
launches under Mitu brand.

*New product launches under Stella
driving market share gains.

*Business presence in South Africa,
Mozambique, Nigeria and Kenya across
hair extensions, hair colours, household
insecticides and personal wash category.

*Wet hair care products such as braiding
cream, hair creams, hair nourishers
launched in Kenya.

*New COOs hired in Nigeria and South
Africa to succeed leadership of Darling
businesses in respective countries.


*Healthy growth rates aided by very strong organic
growth and Soft and Gentle integration.
*Good summer season positively impacting sales
*Active media and trade investments in Soft and
Gentle brand to boost up the brands equity.

*By 2020, GCPL aspires to be a $5 billion company from a $1.2 billion
company today.

*First biggest priority is retain and extend leadership.
*Second is innovation, accelerating the pipeline.
*Third is getting the systems, technologies in place.

*Their rural reach three years ago was 35,000 villages, and it is now is
50,000 villages. It will increase it to 70,000 villages in another three
*It is concentrating on a 3x3 strategy to penetrate deeper into Asia,
Africa and South America, with three product segmentspersonal
wash, hair care and insecticides.
*Their strategy always have been to focus on developing countries,
because they have high populations.
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