Relational DataBase Management System

The objective of the course is to familiarize the students with the design, development, application of a RDBMS..

Module I (10 hrs) Introduction, Data Models:Network, Hierarchical, Relational, Database Languages, SQL, Database Design and ER Modeling, Normalization , Relational Database Design, Application Design and Development. Module II (6 hrs) Storage & File Structure, Indexing & Hashing, Query Processing, Query Optimization. Module III (8 hrs) Transactions, Concurrency Control, Database Security & Authorization, Recovery System, Data Analysis & Data Mining, Information Retrieval. Module IV (6 hrs) Database System Architecture, Parallel Databases, Distributed Databases, Object Based Databases.

RDBMS LAB • Use of SQL : • DDL: CREATE, ALTER, DROP, etc. • DML: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, TRUNCATE. • Retrieving & Transforming Data: SELECT Clause, FROM Clause, WHERE Clause, • GROUP BY & HAVING Clause, • Multi Table Queries: Inner Joins, Outer Joins. • SQL Functions & Operators.

Text Books:


Reference Books: 1. Ramakrishna R., - Database Management System, TMH 2. Gerald - Database Management System, TMH 3. Leon, - Database Management System , Vikas Publication. 4. Kahate - Introduction to Database Management System, Pearson Education 5. Ullman, - Principles of Database management, Galgotia Publications 6. Narang: Database Management Systems, PHI. 7. Pannerselvam: Database Management System, PHI.

Module I (4 hrs) System Concepts and Information Systems Environment, System Development Life Cycle, Role of System Analyst. Module II (10 hrs) System Planning and initial Investigation, Information Gathering, Tools of Structured: DFD, DD, Decision Tree, Decision Table, Structured English, Pseudo code, Analysis, Feasibility Study, Cost/Benefit Analysis. Module III (8 hrs) Process and Stages of System Design, Input/Output and Forms Design, File Organization and Database Design. Module IV (8 hrs) System Testing & Quality Assurance, Implementation and Software Maintenance, Hardware and Software Selection and Computer Contract, Project Scheduling and Software, Security, Disaster/ Recovery, and Ethics in System Development.

Text Books: 1. Elias M Awad, - System Analysis & Design, Galgotia Publication 2. Hopper, George, Valacich, Panigrahi, - Modern System Analysis and Design, Pearson Education.

Reference Books: 1. James A Senn, - Analysis & Design of Information Systems, Tata McGraw Hill 2. Rajaraman,Analysis & Design of Information Systems, PHI. 3. Whitten, Bentley, Dittman, - System Analysis & Design Methods, TMH

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