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How entrepreneur thinks ???

By Norliyana Arina bte Mohamad

4 ways of thinking
Structural thinking
Cognitive adaptability
Structural thinking
Superficial similarities : exist when basic
element of technology resembles with the
basic of market

Structural similarities : exist when the
underlying mechanism of the technology
resembles with the underlying mechanism of
the market

The entrepreneur challenge often lies on the
superficial similarities.
As example I phone product is the most viral
product nowadays, but this product can only
sharing its application like Bluetooth with the
same product . That is the example of challenges
in structural similarities must be bear by the
entrepreneur and this field.
Bricolage happen when entrepreneurs making do by
applying combinations of the resources at hand to new
problems and opportunities
It involves taking existing resource and experimenting
,tinkering ,repackaging and reframing them so they can
be used in a way for which there were not originally
designed or conceived.
For example, with the updated technology in
communication the phone battery consumption is
really high. With that entrepreneur start looking at this
problem as the capital in entering the market.
Causal process is a process that with desired
outcomes on the means and focuses to
generate that out.
It is contradict with effectuation outcome
which always being used by the
entrepreneurs. This is because entrepreneurs
sometimes used what they have either their
ability or what and select the possible
For example, a housewife is running out of
money and she used her ability in sewing and
start to sell dress and later expand her
business by opening a boutique.
Cognitive adaptability
Entrepreneur is dynamics, flexible, self regulating
and engaged in the process of generating
multiple decision making.
Their framework focused on sensing and
processing changes in their environments and
then acting on them.
It is reflect in an entrepreneurs metacognitive
awareness that is the ability o reflect upon ,
understand, and control ones thinking and

Ways to cognitive adaptability
Comprehension question: understanding the
environment before enter entrepreneur
Connection task: thinking about the current
situation in terms of similarities and difference
from the previous event problem
Strategic task: find best solutions to solve the
Reflection task: understand the entrepreneur
process and reflect his action.
The end..