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What is the petroleum ????

Petroleum is a general term for oil and natural gas.
Petroleum, also called crude oil, is a fossil fuel. Like
coal and natural gas, petroleum was formed from the
remains of ancient marine organisms, such as plants,
algae, and bacteria. Over millions of years of intense
heat and pressure, these organic remains (fossils)
transformed into carbon-rich substances we rely on as
raw materials for fuel and a wide variety of products.
How the Petroleum is formed ?
oil was formed from the remains of
animals and plants that lived
millions of years ago in a marine
(water) environment before the
dinosaurs. Over the years, the
remains were covered by layers of
mud. Heat and pressure from these
layers helped the remains turn into
what we today call crude oil . The
word "petroleum" means "rock oil"
or "oil from the earth."

Theory of Oil and Gas Formation

The teory of oil and gas formation
consists of :
1. anorganic theory (abiogenesa)
2. organic theory (biogenesa).

Anorganic theory

Anorganic theory of the origin of
the petroleum states that
hydrogen and carbon came
together under great
temperature and pressure, far
below the earths surface and
formed oil and gas. The oil and
gas then seeped through porous
rock to deposit in various natural
underground traps.
Organic Theory
According to organic theory, the
oil and gas are formed from
remains of prehistoric plants and
animals. Remains of plants have
been transformed to coal and
animalss to oil and gas. This
remains are settle in to seas and
lands along with sands and slits ,
mud and other minerals. As the
rocks and slit settled, layer upon
layer piled into rivers, along
coastlines and on the seabottom.

Source rocks

What is the concern of petroleum system?
Source rock is a rock
that contains a lot of
organic content as the
basic material of oil and
Maturation is a process
of maturation of
kerogen in the source

Reservoir rock is porous rock that contains
oil and gas that discovered and produced
at the time.

Result of the high pressure in the source rock
caused by the load of the rock layers on it

A timing time charging oil
and gas on a trap is very

Seal and Trap
seal rock is a rock that has no
crack pores or have so small
pores that is difficult to put
the oil or natural gas liquids.
Usually this type of rock is a
shale rock. Meanwhile the
trap is a structure that allows
to trapped gas. The structure
can be either anticline trap,
fault, etc.
Petroleum Product
Plastic Liquified Petroleum Gas
Fertilizer Fuel