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Twenty Questions

The Present Perfect
Twenty Questions
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1. Do we use the Present Perfect to
introduce experiences we have/haven’t
Yes !
I have been to New York.
(I’ve been to New York)

I have never eaten sushi.
(I’ve never eaten sushi)
2.Do we use the present perfect to give
extra details about our experiences in
the past?
No, we don’t.
Experience: I have been to New York
Extra information : past simple...
I went in 2005. It was very hot and I didn’t
like the food.
3. Do we use the present perfect for an
action that started and finished in the
No, we don’t. But, we can use it for actions
that started in the past and continue now.
- I have had this watch for 5 years.
4. Is this correct?
- I have known Mary since 2 years.
No! We use for to introduce a period of time and
since to introduce a specific moment.

- I have known Mary for 2 years.
or - I have known Mary since 2007.
5. How long have you been at this
examples : For 3 years / Since 2005.
6. Order this sentence :

been Australia to Have ever you ?
Have you ever been to Australia?
7. Do we use ‘yet’ in afirmative
No, we don’t.
We use ‘yet’ in questions and
negative statements.
- Have you eaten your sandwich yet?
- She hasn’t arrived yet.

8. Answer the question using ‘already’.
- Have you done your homework yet?
Yes, I’ve already done it.
9. If Peter lives in London but has
gone to Paris, where is he now?

Peter is still in Paris.

10. What is the difference between – They
have been/ gone to Big Ben.

If they have been to Big Ben they are not there
now but they have had this experience.

If they have gone to Big Ben they are still there

11. Think of something you have never
experienced that you would love to

Examples : I’ve never been to India.
I’ve never flown in a helicopter.
12. How do we form the present perfect? Choose
from the list below...
subject-have-past participle

had/have/past simple/past participle /subject/
13. Peter and Paul aren’t at
the words
gone/ cinema/ They/ to/ have/ the
They have gone to the cinema.
14. Jane has a the words

homework I done my yet haven’t
I haven’t done my homework yet.

Have you?!
15. Complete this sentence so it’s true for you

I ......... .......... (be) to Argentina.
possible answers:
- I’ve been to Argentina.
- I haven’t been to Argentina.
or I’ve never been to Argentina.
16. Say the past participles of :
feel, leave, lose, smell
17. Make a present perfect question.

ever / you / meet / a famous film star ?
Have you ever met a famous
film star?
18. Has she finished her lunch .....?
Yes, she’s ....... finished it.
Has she finished her lunch yet?
Yes, she’s already/just finished it.
19. What past tense is often
contrasted with the present perfect?.

I’ve known Tom for ten years.
Past Simple:
I met him in 1998.
20. Say the past participle of :
drink, ring, sing, swim