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March 12, 2008
Andrew Hawthorn BPM Product Marketing

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In 20 minutes, you will…
Appreciate the BPM market opportunity Understand BEA’s differentiated value

Uniquely providing best-of-breed and Enterprise Scale for structured and unstructured processes & SOA – business and IT collaborating together.

 Support  BPM

How to convince skeptics Where to find more information

A Promising Future
AquaLogic BPM is BEA’s Fastest-Growing Product Fastest growing segment of deployed software All Analysts point to massive growth

estimated 45% growth in 2006 25% through 2011 to $5.5 B (IDC) in 2011 (Gartner), $6.1B in 2011 (Forrester)

 CAGR  $3.1B

BPM solutions being budgeted from LOBs and IT

Business Process Improvement Ranks as a Top Business Priority in 2008
CFOs were asked, "In the next two years, which of the following initiatives is your company most likely to pursue?"
Business Process Improvement Technology Upgrade New Product or Service Line Expansion Geographic Expansion Merger or Acquisition

65% 62% 38% 34% 25%

*Source: Robert Half Managem ent Res ources s urvey of over 1400 CFOs in the US, Novem ber 2007. Data s hown for CFOs of com panies with 1000+ em ployees . CFOs were allowed m ore than one res pons e

And as an Top IT Priority, 3 Years Running

*Source: “The 2007 Gartner Scenario: An Annual Report on the Current State and Future Directions of the IT Industry,” Gartner, September 15 2007

Traditional Enterprise Applications Fall Short
13 15

My software applications allow me to quickly adapt to most customer requirements My software applications offer little or no flexibility to meet 21 individual customer service requirements My software applications force me to put limits on services I can offer My software applications force me to employ some manual processes to meet customer requirements


*Source: Aberdeen Survey of 125 enterprises, “Aligning IT to Business Processes: How BPM is Complementing ERP and Custom Applications”, Aberdeen Group, May 2007.

BPM Customers

Process – The Perception
Challenge: Execute Processes That Span Multiple Departments, Companies And Applications
D D E e P p A a R r T t M m E e N n T t



The Process Truth
Reality: “White space” between departments and systems causes breakdowns in execution and efficiency
Organizational Units
Process Disconnects Missed Exceptions Escalating Costs
Customer Service Sales and Marketing Production Planning Manufacturing Inventory & Logistics Finance


Product Configuration Order Management Warranty & Returns Management













Enterprise Infrastructure Services (Portal, SOA, LDAP, EAI, E-mail, IT Operations)

Why BEA? No Compromise
Enterprise-class quality and delivery Leading-edge product innovation

Proven Enterprise Class


Product Innovation

AquaLogic BPM Differentiators
Single BPM platform for Business and IT Enterprise-Class Built for Scale Support structured and ad-hoc processes

Single comprehensive solution for end-to-end business process Fully integrated – not a patchwork quilt – for all types of processes Facilitates Rapid Application Development

Multi-Platform Support Connects to a Variety of Backend Systems Pre-Integrated SOA Product and Organization Scale Global Reach Flexible, collaborative BPM tools bridge people, processes and systems

Mirrors real work and captures the “out-ofband” processes

AquaLogic BPM Differentiators
Single BPM platform for Business and IT Enterprise-Class Enterprise-Class Built for Scale Built for Scale Support structured and ad-hoc processes

“AquaLogic BPM was Single comprehensive our choice, in great part solution for end-to-end because it lets business process business users effectively model and Fully integrated – not a communicate their patchwork quilt – for all processes with IT in types of processes one intuitive, unified tool.” Facilitates Rapid -Option One Mortgage Application Development

“We’re processing Multi-Platform Support more than 30 million updates to Variety Connects peramonth with BPM and have of Backend Systems reduced eligibility exceptions by SOA Pre-Integrated more than 91% – we needed Product and a vendor we could trust Organization Scale with that scale.” - United Healthcare Global Reach

“Our engine repair projects involve a lot of Flexible, collaborative discussions, emails BPM tools bridge and decisions – work people, processes and outside of systems. We systems had to capture the real collaborative work to optimize end-to-end Mirrors real work and processes.” captures the “out-of-band” & Whitney Pratt processes

BEA AquaLogic BPM

A Comprehensive Solution for the Entire Process Lifecycle
Business Process Analyst Developer Process modeling, simulation and documentation Process execution and management Business Owner Business User Interaction Process Participants Process development and systems integration

Business dashboards and historical & trend analysis tools

Enterprise applications and databases

Customers Report More Success with BPM with SOA
Strategic ability to deliver rapid process improvement
BPM With SOA BPM Without SOA
20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%

Strategic ability to deliver rapid process improvement

Commonly shares, links and reuses processes across departments IT control over business processes is "central" or IT control over business processes is 0% 10% “central” or “optimal”

Commonly shares, links and reuses processes across departments

Source: BEA Survey of over 1000 customers and prospects, BPM Lifecycle Assessment Survey 2006-2007

Process View of SOA

Easy Access to Managed, Reusable Services

Design time discovery

Runtime Binding, Access

Service Repository

Service Registry

Service Network

What is a Dynamic Business Application?
Traditional Application
Built for Permanence Designed for Systems Strict Page-flow Sequence App Drives Biz Process Collaboration is Rare Same Experience for All

Dynamic Business App
Built for Constant Change Designed for People Interactive and Dynamic Biz Processes Drive Apps Collaboration is Ingrained UI driven by context, role, process expertise


Convincing Skeptics
“How to Find Process in Your Accounts” Talk Business Process to Business Analysts

58% are in IT; 42% are report to a business manager of the fastest growing segment of work

 One

Move away from TLAs (CRM, ERP) toward processes (orderto-cash) Stress the willingness to prove-it
 Custom  POC  RFI/RFPs


Paths to success
Understand Customer Processes & Gaps
Maturity Assessment

Establish Credibility & Validate
Leverage Technical Ecosystem Industry Packs Custom Demo Process Templates State of the BPM market RFP/RFI tools Sold!

Differentiate with Value
Master Deck -> Custom Presentation BPM+SOA / Collaboration POC Service Offerings

Additional Resources ( > ALBPM)
Industry-Specific Bundles

Financial Services, Telco, Public Sector Cornerstone Customer References, Customer Decks, Win sheets, Case Studies ALBPM Prospecting Guide – Sales Training, Business Integration and Process Optimization Prospecting Guides Extend and Enhance SAP, BPM – SOA, ALBPM Collaborative Edition, State of the BPM Market ALBPM External Master Deck, ALBPM CE Sales Preso CSO, Competitive Selling Kits, Get Smart: BPM Competition Get Smart: FKO - Solution Selling ALBPM (Jesper Jorgenson) Product updates and roadmap recordings

Customer Materials


White Papers

Delivering the Message

Competitive Information (through the competitive Wiki)

Additional Sales Training
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