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What’s in a typical ALBPM Sales Deck Approaches

Business Challenges, BPM Definition, Solution Lifecycle Feature Overview ALBPM Differentiators Evolution of BPM BPM and SOA Collaborative BPM BPM Roadmap How to get Started Appendix

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How to Build a Powerful Customer Presentation

The following section is for the benefit of the Sales person, and should be removed prior to presenting to a customer.

Commentary and Notes
Mix and match slides as needed Use in combination with the Cornerstone Customer examples

Customer examples sell the product better than any other tool. best to lead with the Customer examples, and use these materials to explain the product, approach and

 Often

Judge the audience – technical or business-oriented
 This

presentation is primarily business-benefit oriented.

 Detailed

Feature descriptions can be found in the Feature Overview Presentation and incorporated where needed.

Many Slides Contain Speakers Notes Below
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Consider the Sales Approach
Three general ALBPM content “styles” can be used separately or in combination
 Traditional


Business value of process management “Collaborative Selling” reflects customer needs Top-down vs. bottom-up  Collaborative BPM: Benefit–focused: user experience, user-empowerment, rapid app dev. Inspirational in nature  SOA & BPM (general) solution-focused “stack” selling, where discrete components can be snapped together: 1+1=3. More focused on IT or BEA installed-base.
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A typical sales presentation consists of…
Introduction – describe your background, relate to the audience, establish credibility, give them a reason to listen to you.
 

Optional – describe the company Optional – describe where you came from (Fuego, Plumtree, BEA)

Agenda – tell them what they are about to hear, tell it to them, and then remind them what they just heard. Problem description:
 

Relate the problem in terms of the audience using customer examples from the same vertical or using similar processes. If describing the problem in macro terms (such as , be sure to weave in personal anecdotes and make it “real” for the customer Define BPM – how it solves business problems Describe the solution “life cycle” Sometimes: repeat (or rephrase) problem attributes, drill into product details,

Solution introduction and overview –
  

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…and sometimes includes:
The various types of BPM The growth of the BPM market – what’s making it grow so suddenly now? The history of the BPM market – BPM has been around for decades; what’s different now? Differentiation; Key Value Messages – what makes AquaLogic BPM different? Analyst validation – BEA is a leader in every segment.

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Elevator Pitch
Business processes can be a key to success… …or an albatross around your neck.

Streamline workflow and automate routine tasks new technical initiatives: online customer tools, SOA, enterprise consolidation. agility to turn the battleship like a speedboat customer service with better coordination and exception handling with regulations: AML, Sox, FDA

 Embrace  Improve  Increase  Comply

AquaLogic® BPM allows organizations to analyze, orchestrate, optimize & innovate their business processes, coordinating systems, people, documents and teams.
 Delivering

real value through shorter cycle times, increased productivity and satisfied customers. business users and back in front of the business process by enabling collaboration with IT and agility. existing IT assets and SOA investments.

 Empowering  Leveraging

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Tips and techniques
Business-oriented pitch should last no longer than 30 minutes
 More

time if detailed Customer examples are used

Always use the BEA Style Library and follow the BEA style guide
 Consistency  Branding

helps deliver the messages

ensures your audience stays focused on the messages

Don’t kill them with PowerPoint
 Slides  Use

are meant to encourage discussion, not dominate it.

your sales skills: some can run through the entire ALBPM pitch using only one slide.

Remember: many slides build on each click
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Business Challenges What is BPM The Solution Lifecycle

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Process – The Perception
Challenge: Execute Processes That Span Multiple Departments, Companies And Applications
D D E e P p A a R r T t M m E e N n T t


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The Process Truth
Reality: “White space” between departments and systems causes breakdowns in execution and efficiency
Organizational Units
Process Disconnects Missed Exceptions Escalating Costs
Customer Service Sales and Marketing Production Planning Manufacturing Inventory & Logistics Finance


Product Configuration Order Management Warranty & Returns Management













Enterprise Infrastructure Services (Portal, SOA, LDAP, EAI, E-mail, IT Operations)
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What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management

…is a strategy for managing and improving the performance of the business through continuous optimization of business processes in a closed-loop cycle of modeling, execution and measurement.

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How BPM Addresses Business Challenges
Organizational Units
Customer Relationship Management Sales and Marketing Production Planning Manufacturing Inventory & Logistics Finance & HR

Order Management Process


Product Configuration Order Management Warranty & Returns Management
Customer Relationship Management
SFA Product product ERP SCM product MES DB LMS B2B

Sales and Marketing
SFA Prodict

Production Planning
product ERP. SCM

producti nfo. MES DB

Inventory & Logistics

Finance & HR







Enterprise Infrastructure Services (Portal, SOA, LDAP, EAI, E-mail, IT Operations)

Enterprise Infrastructure Services (Portal, SOA, LDAP, EAI, E-mail, IT Operations)

Real-World Business Processes span organizations, systems, and applications.

BPM models, simulates, executes, manages, monitors, & optimizes those Business Processes.

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BEA AquaLogic BPM

A Comprehensive Solution for the Entire Process Lifecycle
Business Process Analyst Developer Process modeling, simulation and documentation Process execution and management Business Owner Business User Interaction Process Participants Process development and systems integration

Business dashboards and historical & trend analysis tools

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Enterprise applications and databases

What Differentiates AquaLogic BPM?

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Analysts Agree: ALBPM is a Leader

Magic Quadrant for BPM – November, 2007

Forrester Wave: Human-Centric BPMS 2007

“…AquaLogic BPM empowers business users to collaborate with IT during all phases of the business process lifecycle….”

“This infrastructure company is committing considerable resources to providing a compelling BPM and SOA product portfolio.”
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Analysts Agree: ALBPM is a Leader
Leaders Quadrant in Gartner’s 2007 Magic Quadrant
“AquaLogic BPM empowers business users to collaborate with IT during all phases of the business process lifecycle….”

Leader in Forrester’s Integration-Centric BPMS Wave Leader in Forrester’s Human-Centric BPMS Wave
“This infrastructure company is committing considerable resources to providing a compelling BPM and SOA product portfolio.”

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Why BEA? No Compromise
Enterprise-class quality and delivery Leading-edge product innovation

Proven Enterprise Class


Product Innovation

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AquaLogic BPM Differentiators
Single BPM platform for Business and IT Enterprise-Class Built for Scale Support structured and ad-hoc processes

Single comprehensive solution for end-to-end business process Fully integrated – not a patchwork quilt – for all types of processes Facilitates Rapid Application Development

Multi-Platform Support Connects to a Variety of Backend Systems Pre-Integrated SOA Product and Organization Scale Global Reach Flexible, collaborative BPM tools bridge people, processes and systems

Mirrors real work and captures the “out-ofband” processes

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AquaLogic BPM Differentiators
Single BPM platform for Business and IT Enterprise-Class Enterprise-Class Built for Scale Built for Scale Support structured and ad-hoc processes

“AquaLogic BPM was Single comprehensive our choice, in great part solution for end-to-end because it lets business process business users effectively model and Fully integrated – not a communicate their patchwork quilt – for all processes with IT in types of processes one intuitive, unified tool.” Facilitates Rapid -Option One Mortgage Application Development

“We’re processing Multi-Platform Support more than 30 million updates to Variety Connects peramonth with BPM and have of Backend Systems reduced eligibility exceptions by SOA Pre-Integrated more than 91% – we needed Product and a vendor we could trust Organization Scale with that scale.” - United Healthcare Global Reach

“Our engine repair projects involve a lot of Flexible, collaborative discussions, emails BPM tools bridge and decisions – work people, processes and outside of systems. We systems had to capture the real collaborative work to optimize end-to-end Mirrors real work and processes.” captures the “out-of-band” & Whitney Pratt processes

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Market Growth Evolution of BPM
Some of these slides can be used to set-up the solution slides

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A Promising Future
AquaLogic BPM is BEA’s fastest growing product BPM is the fastest growing segment of deployed software Analysts predict massive growth over the next 5 years:
7 6 5 4 3 2 1
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IDC Forrester Gartner

Billion USD

BPM Customers

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Business Process Improvement Ranks as a Top Business Priority in 2008
CFOs were asked, "In the next two years, which of the following initiatives is your company most likely to pursue?"
Business Process Improvement Technology Upgrade New Product or Service Line Expansion Geographic Expansion Merger or Acquisition

65% 62% 38% 34% 25%

*Source: Robert Half Managem ent Res ources s urvey of over 1400 CFOs in the US, Novem ber 2007. Data s hown for CFOs of com panies with 1000+ em ployees . CFOs were allowed m ore than one res pons e

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And as an Top IT Priority, 3 Years Running

*Source: “The 2007 Gartner Scenario: An Annual Report on the Current State and Future Directions of the IT Industry,” Gartner, September 15 2007

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Traditional Enterprise Applications Fall Short
13 15

My software applications allow me to quickly adapt to most customer requirements My software applications offer little or no flexibility to meet 21 individual customer service requirements My software applications force me to put limits on services I can offer My software applications force me to employ some manual processes to meet customer requirements
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*Source: Aberdeen Survey of 125 enterprises, “Aligning IT to Business Processes: How BPM is Complementing ERP and Custom Applications”, Aberdeen Group, May 2007.

What’s different this time? Integrated Suites
Standards-based graphical modeling, business rules, simulation Assemble, configure, code generation

Integration, automation, and workflow

Business user dashboards






Evolution towards BPM and SOA Buying Patterns

Workflow BPM Modeling EAI SOA

Business Process Solutions BPM Strategy BPM+SOA Strategy Integration Solutions SOA Strategy




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From SOA to Dynamic Business Apps

Service-enabled capabilities

Web2.0 BPM SOA SaaS Virtualization


Dynamic Business Apps —
Empowering business-user change and effectiveness



Process Agility —
Improving visibility, control, and productivity



Shared Web Services —
Exposing data and actions

Value to Customer
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What is a Dynamic Business Application?
Traditional App
Built for permanence Designed for systems Strict page-flow sequence App drives business process Collaboration is rare The same experience for all

Dynamic Business App
Built for constant change Designed for people Interactive and dynamic Business process drive app Collaboration is ingrained UI driven by context: role, process expertise

•BEA Confidential. || 31 31 BEA Confidential

Why are Dynamic Business Applications Different?

Built for Change

Service-enabled Packaged Applications

Dynamic Business Applications

Hard to Change

Traditional Packaged Applications

Custom Applications

Commodity processes

Differentiated processes

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Application Platforms: Stuck in the 90s
While new technologies have emerged … … application platforms have not kept up
Web 2.0 Social Computing Virtualization

Existing platforms are designed for coding paradigms, not rapid assembly and change Unable to use new business models, e.g. pay-per-use, SaaS New technologies are disjoint solutions to point problems Testing and deployment are not integrated Governance and management are “after the fact” bolt-ons Real-time, event-driven applications are not supported

Business Process Management Service Oriented Architecture Real-Time Events


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What is Needed: A Simplified Platform for Dynamic Business Applications
Enabling Faster Time to Market Through Convergence & Simplification
Integrated Assembly, Testing & Deployment
Web 2.0 Collaboration Portal Business Process & Rules Management Services & Event Management Virtualization Fabric

BEA Differentiators:
Social computing and usercomposed composite applications BPM and SOA assets at the core for change-ready applications Unified compose, test & deploy experience Virtualization for scale-out and performance Integrated governance, management and administration Multi-tenant

Governance, Management & Administration

Billing via configurable “units of use” Per user Per transaction Per resource (e.g. CPU) Customer defined
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Feature/Function Overview
Note the first slide hyperlinks to the other slides; floating over the lower right corner produces an image which will return you to the Suite Overview slide. Remove or alter this slide before presenting

BEA AquaLogic® BPM Suite
Process Modeler End-user Workspace Manager Dashboards

Developer Studio

Enterprise Server

Process Server

Production Repository Process Database

Ac tiv e Re po sit ory

Application Server Clustering

Horizontal Scaling

Ac tiv e DB

HA Database Posture

Pa ssi ve DB

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AquaLogic® BPM Process Modeling
Process modeling with full support for BPMN Multi-process simulation Multi-language modeling and documentation Process template repository Master role directory

BEA Confidential. | 37

AquaLogic® BPM Studio
Integrated modeling and implementation supporting BPMN, XPDL and BPEL Multi-language scripting Drag-and-drop forms builder Browse and discover external services with UDDI Advanced component model for optimal reuse Introspection based connectivity Version control Multi-level testing Embedded runtime for solution testing
BEA Confidential. | 38

AquaLogic® BPM Workspace
Localized in 9 languages Embeddable in portals using JSR 168 Fully customizable using stylesheets and template customization Role based access Built-in collaboration Attachment and remark support Custom views

BEA Confidential. | 39

AquaLogic® BPM Dashboards
Real-time monitoring Historical reporting of process activity and KPIs Integrated in Workspace Pre-built dashboards for most common scenarios Automatic drill-down

BEA Confidential. | 40

AquaLogic® BPM Enterprise Server
Multi-platform support Native execution of XPDL and BPEL Multi-version process instances Dynamic binding to external services Web based console with full control over process deployments
Production Repository Process Database
Active DB


Process Server

Application Server Clustering Horizontal Scaling

HA Database Posture

Backup DB

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AquaLogic® BPM Logical Architecture
BPM Studio for Business Analysts BPM Studio for Developers
Development Repository


Partner/ Customer

AquaLogic® BPM Server J2EE Container or AquaLogic® BPM Server Standalone JVM

Runtime Database

Repository LDAP/ RDBMS

AquaLogic® BPM Workspace


External Systems

AquaLogic® BPM Database Details
Runtime Schema Monitoring Schema Analytical Schema

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AquaLogic® BPM Running in WebLogic
AquaLogic® BPM Studio Business Process Analysts Business Process Developers

J2EE Container: BEA WebLogic
WL Portal or ALUI

Process A (EJB)

Process B (EJB)

AquaLogic® BPM Studio Process Participants AquaLogic® BPM Workspace
Process C (EJB) Process n (EJB) Enterprise Applications

AquaLogic® BPM Enterprise Server
AquaLogic® BPM runs in Weblogic J2EE Container

Web Services

AquaLogic® BPM Directory Datasource

AquaLogic® BPM Server Datasource




JDBC Server DB
BEA Confidential. | 43

JDBC Database


Real-time & Historical

AquaLogic BPM J2EE HA Architecture
AquaLogic BPM Workspace
(any Servlet Engine)

AquaLogic BPM Server J2EE Edition

Active Repository

Application Server Clustering Horizontal Scaling

AquaLogic BPM Production Repository AquaLogic BPM Process Database
Active DB

Passive DB

HA Database Posture BEA Confidential. | 44

AquaLogic BPM Standalone HA Architecture
AquaLogic BPM Workspace
(any Servlet Engine)

AquaLogic BPM Server Java Edition

Active Repository

AquaLogic BPM Production Repository AquaLogic BPM Process Database
Active DB

Horizontal Scaling

Passive DB

HA Database Posture BEA Confidential. | 45

BPM and SOA: Selling the Stack

BPM and SOA – Better Together BPM
Optimizes business processes Provides insight Driven directly by business goals Does not require SOA but SOA greatly simplifies BPM implementations

Simplifies IT infrastructure Provides encapsulation Driven indirectly by business goals, translated to a need for flexibility and IT agility Provides a layer of control and governance for IT underneath BPM

BEA Confidential. | 47

Customers Report More Success with BPM with SOA
Strategic ability to deliver rapid process improvement
BPM With SOA BPM Without SOA
20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%

Strategic ability to deliver rapid process improvement

Commonly shares, links and reuses processes across departments IT control over business processes is "central" or IT control over business processes is 0% 10% “central” or “optimal”

Commonly shares, links and reuses processes across departments

Source: BEA Survey of over 1000 customers and prospects, BPM Lifecycle Assessment Survey 2006-2007
BEA Confidential. | 48

Process View of SOA

Easy Access to Managed, Reusable Services

Design time discovery

Runtime Binding, Access

Service Repository

Service Registry
BEA Confidential. | 49

Service Network

SOA View of Processes
Service Bus

Manage Business Processes as Services

Management Routing Security Data Mapping Transport Bridging

Service Registry
BEA Confidential. | 50

BPM and SOA Together

Interacting but independent lifecycles
Process Lifecycle

Execute Business IT
Consume Services

Discover Services

Service Lifecycle


BEA Confidential. | 51


Comprehensive BPM & SOA Integration
AquaLogic BPM BPM
Delivers the ability to model, execute & optimize dynamic business processes Spans organizations, systems & applications Integrates seamlessly with Enterprise Integration capabilities for 360° integration Eclipse based modeling and development Comprehensive Standards Support: BPMN 1.0, XPDL 2.0,UDDI 3.0, BPEL 2.0

BEA Confidential. | 52

Comprehensive BPM & SOA Integration
AquaLogic Service Bus BPM
Delivers scalable service mediation

Enterprise Service Bus

Provides insulation from change Streamlines communication between disparate services Bridges multiple protocols, message styles, security and data formats Provide service transformation, validation, enrichment and routing Delivers operational service visibility, management and control

BEA Confidential. | 53

Comprehensive BPM & SOA Integration
BPM AquaLogic Service Bus Financial Services Edition
SOA Based Payment solution

Enterprise Service Bus for SOA Based Payments

Out of the box SWIFT/SEPA compliance SOA, Product Leadership in ESB and Market Leadership in Financial Services ESB-based connectivity for the SWIFT Network as well as ERP, MQ, File, and custom transports Extensibility of financial message formats including SWIFT and SEPA

BEA Confidential. | 54

Comprehensive BPM & SOA Integration
AquaLogic Integrator BPM
Single tool for complex integration use cases involving stateful and stateless processing Exposes integrated processes as a Web Service in “three clicks” Extends and integrates applications into enterpriseclass services (web and legacy) Single optimized solution that scales with organizational need

Enterprise Service Bus

Process Integration

BEA Confidential. | 55

Comprehensive BPM & SOA Integration
BPM AquaLogic Data Services Platform
Provides an aggregated, business-ready view of realtime data across numerous sources Simplifies and optimizes access to and updates to distributed data Transforms data into consistent, actionable and reusable information

Enterprise Service Bus

Process Integration

Data Services

BEA Confidential. | 56

Comprehensive BPM & SOA Integration
Smart Connect BPM
SOA Based ERP Integration

Enterprise Service Bus

Manage, monitor and scale last mile connectivity Eliminates Adapters Supports Big 4 packaged apps: PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, Siebel Performance throttling of ERP connections

Process Integration

Data Services

Legacy or custom applications


BEA Confidential. | 57

Putting it All Together

SOA-Integration Connected To BPM Flexibility
BEA AquaLogic® BPM Suite BPM

BEA AquaLogic® Service Bus Service Integration BEA WebLogic® Integration IT Application & Process Integration

Custom Applications

Legacy Applications


BEA AquaLogic® Data Services Platform Data Services

BEA Smart Connect


Packaged Applications

Legacy Applications

XML Data Source

BEA Confidential. | 58

BEA delivers a unifying solution …
Business Process Management

Enterprise Service Bus

Process Integration

Custom Applications

Legacy Applications

Data Services

Packaged Applications

Legacy Applications


Packaged Applications

XML Data Source

BEA Confidential. | 59

Enterprise Registry & Repository

User Interaction

Tying it All Together Web 2.0 WLP ALUI
Web applications


Web 2.0

User Interaction

Runner Graffiti ALBPM ALSB WLI


Business Process Management

Service Integration Process Integration
(Integration Service Enablement)

Custom Applications Legacy Applications Database

Data Access
(Data Service Enablement)


Packaged Applications

Legacy Applications

Database XML Data Source

Packaged Applications BEA Confidential. | 60

Collaborative BPM

The BPM Suite
Business owners work with business analysts to define and optimize the process Business Analyst Model Simulate Business Owner Measure Implement Integrate Shared process model enables seamless iterations between modeling and implementation

Process Developer

Process data is monitored by the business owners


Process repository and engine manages and executes multiple versions of processes

BEA Confidential. | 62

Meanwhile, outside the formal process…
Can you meet with me on this?

Do you think we should change the way we _____

Can you make edits to this before I distribute?

We’ve never seen this exception before… how should I ___

BEA Confidential. | 63

People and systems work differently
How People Work
Creative Never the same Ad-hoc Collaborative Adaptable Shades of Grey

How Systems Work
Transactional Standardized Programmed Processes Rigid Black or White

BEA Confidential. | 64

The challenge:

People and system silos

Personal Productivity



Manufacturing, R&D

Local shares, Wikis


Blogs, discussions


BEA Confidential. | 65

The reality today

Interaction not coordinated

Assign Task Complete Task

BEA Confidential. | 66

The reality today

People fill gaps between processes and systems

Assign Task


Complete Task

BEA Confidential. | 67

The reality today

Information and knowledge not easily leveraged

Leverage Knowledge

Assign Task


Complete Task

BEA Confidential. | 68

The reality today

Information and knowledge not easily leveraged

Leverage Knowledge

Assign Task


Complete Task

BEA Confidential. | 69

People still manage to get work done

Leverage Knowledge

Assign Task


Complete Task

BEA Confidential. | 70

Enter Collaborative BPM
Knowledge Management BPM Suite

Leverage Knowledge

Assign Task


Complete Task

Contextual Collaboration
BEA Confidential. | 71

BEA’s Sweet Spot
Knowledge Management Unification of diverse content across the org Extensive search Enterprise Social Computing BPM Suite Shared modeling environment for business and IT Integrated, full lifecycle process management: modeling, execution and monitoring Best-of-breed SOA integration for easy connection to back-end services Contextual Collaboration Document versioning Discussion forums Shared calendar Role based security Integrated, role based human workflow

BEA Confidential. | 72

Pratt & Whitney
Opportunities & Challenges
Cradle-to-grave visibility into performance and maintenance of each engine Better manage inventory on engine repair and overhaul Automate tracking of engine maintenance milestones Bridge engineering, support, operations and finance to ensure better customer support and satisfaction

Solution Powered by AquaLogic BPM
AquaLogic BPM manages engine maintenance process worldwide 24/7 Allows for better preventative maintenance – avoiding higher-cost repairs Eliminates extensive paperwork, manual effort and tracking Allows for real-time updates and comprehensive fleet-wide status tracking, organizes information around unique engine numbers.

Grew after-market maintenance business 50-100% each year the last 3 years Tripled customer satisfaction with largest customers (spending hundreds of millions $$ per year) Better engine performance tracking and comparison allows Pratt to repair engines before failure – a $500,000 savings per failure event - saving hundreds of millions $$ per year Allows for fleet-wide issue tracking – ID bad parts or processes holistically

BEA Confidential. | 73

“ By the turn of the 21st century, only 15 percent of US employees undertook transformational work such as mining coal, running heavy machinery, or operating production lines [...]. The rest of the workforce now consists of people who largely or wholly spend their time interacting.”
- McKinsey 2005, “The Next Evolution in Interactions”

BEA Confidential. | 74

Job Growth & Top Dollar for Tacit Jobs

Source: McKinsey 2005, “The next evolution in Interactions”
BEA Confidential. | 75

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
- Albert Einstein

BEA Confidential. | 76

“Collaborative BPM has the potential to change knowledge worker’s lives as much as email has. People just don’t realize it yet.” ~ Pratt & Whitney
BEA Confidential. | 77

Dynamic User Experience Management
UI framework: template engine for personal, community pages Experience management: control branding, navigation at user or “experience” level Application framework: unifies security, identity management Search infrastructure


richer, more interactive applications Reduce TCO for application development and management Complement process-integration with GUI-integration
BEA Confidential. || 78 Confidential

Dynamic User Experiences

Enterprise Knowledge Integration
Assemble links to enterprise knowledge (documents, email, Web) Universal search: people, content, projects, applications Content contextualized to applications and experiences Attach assembled content to process instances


knowledge aggregation Reduce time searching Broaden enterprise peripheral vision and improve decision-making
Knowledge Directory

BEA Confidential. || 79 Confidential

Collaboration at every level for every step
Project Workspaces: Integrated, Web-based workspaces unite users around projects
Moderated announcements, discussions Document sharing Advanced task management Unified calendaring

Powerful notification and subscription services
Users Keep

notified when colleagues contribute or make changes track of collaborative work on-the-fly

Work in your environment: Desktop, Office, Email integration
Collaborative workspaces
BEA Confidential. || 80 Confidential


AquaLogic BPM Roadmap
In addition to this product-specific roadmap, AquaLogic BPM is a key part of BEA’s dynamic business applications initiative (project Genesis)
1H2008: Minor Ease of use Improved integration Expanded deployment options 1H2009: Major Process Intelligence End user empowerment Expanded governance support

BEA Confidential. | 82

How to get Started

Business Process Improvement Plan
Identify and Map Critical Business Processes
 Define  Define

Current State of the Processes Desired State of the Processes Processes targeted for Improvement by:

 Prioritize

Value/Impact to the Enterprise Urgency/Need Complexity

Identify Key Metrics and Success Criteria for each
 Develop

cost models around traditional approaches to business process improvement (buy/build vertical applications vs. horizontal BPM platform) cross-functional Sponsorship

 Maintain

Focus on Iterative Phases of Improvement driven by Value

BEA Confidential. | 84

Identify and Map Business Processes

Process Impact
• Revenue • Cost • Customer Service • Cycle Time

• High-Value, Low-Complexity • Sarbanes-Oxley
Customer Support/Help Desk

Identify Eligibility • Claims and Tackle

• Risk Management

• Inventory Management Projects First • HR Management

• Employee On Boarding • Automated Expense • Report Management

• Transportation Management • Service Billing • Claims Repricing

• Claims Adjudication • Order-to-Cash Address the • Customer Provisioning & Activation High-Value,Field Service Management • High-Complexity • Order Management Projects Second • Product Lifecycle Management • Customer Credit Management • Revenue Recovery • Procurement & Sourcing • Loan Origination • Benefits Administration • Reverse Logistics • HIPAA Compliance

Process Complexity
# of Process Steps # of Integration Points # of Process Exceptions
BEA Confidential. | 85

# of Process Participants # of Transactions # of Organizations

4 Stages of Improvement and Value

• • •

• •

As Is…To Be Document/Simulate Best Practices

Manual Activities Integrate Control/Compliance



• • •



• • •

Agility Synchronize Oppty/Change Mgmt

Monitor/Audit Real-Time Metrics Efficiency

BEA Confidential. | 86

Business Process Improvement Opportunity Life Cycle

Competitive Advantage

Innovate Optimize Automate Analyze

BEA Confidential. | 87

BPM Readiness Assessment

Detailed survey focused on four key process domains Analyze Orchestration Optimization Innovation

 

Based on complex analytics results Compared vs. peer group

 

Go forward plan based on results Best practices identified and utilized

BEA Confidential. | 88


Additional Resources ( > ALBPM)
Industry-Specific Bundles

Financial Services, Telco, Public Sector Cornerstone Customer References, Customer Decks, Win sheets, Case Studies ALBPM Prospecting Guide – Sales Training, Business Integration and Process Optimization Prospecting Guides Extend and Enhance SAP, BPM – SOA, ALBPM Collaborative Edition, State of the BPM Market ALBPM External Master Deck, ALBPM CE Sales Preso CSO, Competitive Selling Kits, Get Smart: BPM Competition Get Smart: FKO - Solution Selling ALBPM (Jesper Jorgenson) Product updates and roadmap recordings

Customer Materials


White Papers

Delivering the Message

Competitive Information (through the competitive Wiki)

Additional Sales Training
 

BEA Confidential. | 90

BEA at a Glance
CEO Founded Mission Employees Customers Partners FY07 Product Families
Alfred Chuang 1995 Simplify enterprise computing by inventing software that enables customers to innovate 4,200 18,000 2,000 - Accenture, Adobe, Capgemini, CSC, Deloitte, HP, Intel, Sun, VMWare… Revenue $1.4B, R&D Spend $214M BEA AquaLogic™, WebLogic™, Tuxedo™
BEA Confidential. | 91

18,000 Customers Around the Globe Depend on BEA

BEA Confidential. | 92

Business Drivers for CIO Agenda
New & Better Product/Service New & Better Process

Growth Strategies
Mergers & Acquisitions Organic Growth

Cost Reduction

CIO Agenda

Process Efficiency Systems Consolidation Outsourcing

Established Players New Entrants

BEA Confidential. | 93

CIO Challenges – Lack of Business Agility
Diverse platforms
Java application servers  Windows  Proprietary systems  Mainframes

IT Economics
$27 New

Stovepipe investments


Demanding stakeholders

$73 Maintai n

Employees  Customers  Partners  Vendors

BEA Confidential. | 94