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Group members
Name ID no
1. Mihireteab Thomas 02425/05
2. Tegene Beshada 02486/05
3. Abel Fikre 02243/05
4. Ariest Abiy 022
5. Roman Getachew 02458/05
6. Mihiret Berasa 02426/05
7. Yemisrach Tadewos 02512/05
8. Biniyam Alemu 02304/05
9. Deressa Geremew 02330/05
10. Assefa Getaneh 022
11. Melishew Awoke 024
12. Meseret Tesfaye 02419/05

Table of content
content page
3.Objective of the project
5.Hirmata-Mentina kebele tax desk(office)
6.Objective of the office
7.Function of the office
8.Visionand mission
9.Organizational structure
10.Statement of problems
11.Objective(Claim) after Identifying problems
a)General objective
b)specific objective
12.Methodology used
13.Tools used
14.Scope of the project

In this project we tried to identify the specific problems of the
society and list out those solutions in every possible way. the
objective of this Community based Training Program(CBTP)
phase one is identifying problems that exists in the community
and providing the appropriate techniques in order to solve them.
having 12 members in our group we were able to identify
those problems existing in jimma town hirmita -menitna kebele
during tax collection of the kebeles tax desk. So our main
objective concentrated on solving the identified problems using
Information Communication Technology(ICT).Finally we would
like to mention that all those listed solutions are ICT based.

We would like to give our best gratitude to all those who helped
us to complete this project successfully.
We want to thanks:-
Jimma town Hirmata Mentina kebele administration
Hirmata Mentina tax desk office
Hirmata Mentina kebeles employee
Traders and individual tax payers
Thanks to our advisor Gemechu

Objective of the project
As we know our community has many problems. Students have a
responsibility to solve those problems of the society.
As a result, we claimed to gather information about those
problems and how they are prior, frequent and affects many
people. After collecting information
We need to analyze and suggest (try) to solve problems that will
be solved using Information Communication Technology(ICT).
Generally, the objective of this project is to identify societies
problems and to solve those problems using Information
Communication Technology(ICT).
Our project area is Hirmata Mentina kebele tax desk which is
found in Jimma town. In this kebele there are different offices
such as; health extension office, OPDO office, kebele
administration office, kebele IMX office, kebele trade and
industry office and kebele tax desk. The kebele is north of
Merkato kebele, south of mentina kebele, east of hirmata kebele
and west of seqa kebele. The number of population of hirmata
mentina kebele is 11,731.

population Number of population
Women 2,593
House holder 2,444
Under five 1,924
Under one 411
Pregnant 446
Non pregnant 2,147
Total 11,731

Population of the area
when we arrive the kebele administration office, we have
observed a queue of people and some of them are angry
and murmuring in front of kebeles tax desk office. We
approach to them and asked them for what they are
waiting they told us they came to pay tax, but they are not
satisfied by the service of the office. Thus we decided to
identify what a matter is there.
Hirmata Mentina kebele Tax desk
This office separated from the administration office in
2002. it has seven (7) employees. Four of them are
graduated in diploma and three of them are trained in
certificate from different colleges.


diploma cirtificate
Education status graph
male female
Employee gender graph
Objective of the office
The objective of the office is increasing the income of the
country by collecting legal tax from the kebeles tax payers.
The function of the office
The function of the office is laying tax and collecting tax from
the tax payers.
The office lay a tax depending on the annual income of the tax
payers. Once laid tax amount is serve for three year. Depending
on their income tax payers divided in to three group. Namely
group A, group B and group C.
Group A :
This group is called Value Added Tax(VAT) registered group.
The annual income of this group is greater than 500,000 birr
and they pay tax monthly.
Group B :
This group is called sale tax payers. This group record each and
every of their pension(such as water, electricity and others) and
they pay the tax once in three month two percent (2%) from
their net profit. This group has annual income greater than
100,000 birr.
Group C :
This group tax will laid by guess from the observation of the
office worker. Their annual income is less than 100,000 birr and
they pay their tax annually.

Also the office will put some punishment rules if the tax
payer didnt paid on the time. If the tax payer didnt paid on
time, the amount of the tax will increase by five percent(5%)
in the first month and increase by two percent(2%) each
month until he/ she didnt paid. The office collect tax up to
1000 birr in office and greater than 1000 birr in back
account of the office and receive the receipt from the bank.
By implementing modern and fair taxation system, to see
that the need of the tax payers fulfilled and the tax payers
pays the tax by their own interest.
By implementing modern taxation system to get educated
and experienced man power, by providing good service,
teaching tax payers and enforce the tax law, preventing tax
evasion, making the tax payers to pay different taxes on
time and collect the government tax by good ethics.

Organization structure and human resource chart
As expressed previously the office has seven employee.
=>Two accountant and
=>Other three regular workers
Head of the office which manage the office, sign and stamp
on different receipt and papers of office.
Two accountants work on searching for a document and
calculate the amount of the tax of the tax payer with the tax
payer him/her self.
The cashier collect the tax(money) and give the receipt.

Statement of problems
1.Documentation system is manual.
This causes many problems such as :-
One person can have more than one trade
license by the relatives name with out erasing
(canceling) the first license.
Hard, consume more time and bulky to retrieve
documents because they are kept manually.
Needs much resource(money, manpower).
Documents may be lost.
Retired the office inelegancy.
Occupy large space.




2.Week interconnection between the main office(Jimma town)
Waste of time to send letter or they have to go to there and
here physically to exchange information.
This made the service not to be fast and intelligence.
Customers had faced problems/waste time while some errors
occurred in order to solve it.
3.Lack of fairness during laying tax
Makes the tax payers not to pay by their own interest.
4.Tax evasion
Some vat registered tax payers are individuals are not use VAT
machine properly
5.Lack of awareness
Leads the tax payers for more punishment
Affect the economy of the country
6.Lack of Educated man power, budget and resources(materials
such as computer)
General objective
Implement computerized documentation system and
connecting the office with main office by network to give
effective, efficient, fast and fair to get good taxation system.
Specific objective
Make document organization computerized with the futures like
update, delete, online conversation, sending a massage to customer,
calculate amount of tax and punishment depending on time interval.
Make a system to register new tax payer and notice if the tax payer
didnt paid the tax on time.
Methodology used
=> interview with the head of office and tax payers(customers)
=>interview with workers of the office
=>observation of the actual working environment of the office.
=>observation of the tax payers actual working condition
Analysis of documents
=>analysis of the documents of the tax payers in office
Tools used
Mobile Camera
Different documents of the office

Create a system that calculates the amount of tax for group A,B and
C ,monthly ,by three month and annually respectively.
The system send a text message to the tax payer before five days
for the end of the time interval that the amount of tax she/he
should pay (accumulated) for the time.
A system calculates or increment the amount of tax by five percent
(5%) on the first month and increment by two percent (2%) after a
period of one month and also sends notice (warning) text message to
the customer with the amount of tax /punishment laid/ increased
monthly until he/she pays the tax.
After the customer paid the tax the system will update the
document of the customer(tax payer).
Connecting kebeles tax desk with the main office by
network/internet using video call and online discussion in order to
exchange information rapidly.
All the above stated solutions will help the office to give effective, fair
and efficient service to the customers. This system will solve(decrease)
the rate of occurrence of problems such as lost of files , wasting time
of the customer during paying tax.

Problems we faced during developing our project