The Amazing Race

By The Smartest Peoples a.k.a Rachel, Bishop, Tiffany, Darlene, and Giselle

One day Rachel, Tiffany, Darlene and Giselle were walking through the school and Giselle found a half of a coin in English. When she read it out loud, it said, “This is your token of life.” Giselle said, “Wait, look, it says something under it, it says….” “It only has part of the something.” Darlene interrupted. “It says, YOU?” Giselle continued. Tiffany said, “I don’t get it.” After Tiffany had said that, some kind of portal opened. “Let’s go in it!” Tiffany shouted. Darlene said, “We shouldn’t go, wait, yes, no, yes, no, I don’t know!” Rachel said, “Wait, guys look over there!” Over there, was another group of kids about to run in their portal. Darlene said, “Let’s     hurry up then, JUMP!” “WOAH, this

Portal Beginnings

Egyptian Ways
“We ended up in Egypt just to beat a group of kids, just great!” “Now how are we gonna get back home? Huh¿” “Hey look! It’s Bishop.” Said Tiffany. “Why is he in Egypt?” asked Rachel and Darlene. Since we were stuck in Egypt, we thought we might as well explore the land and try to find a way out of here. A few minutes later, Darlene had found another half a coin. “Hey guys, come here, I found another half a coin!” “Wait, it’s in hieroglyphics, hey wait, I could read that, hahahahhaha!” “The message on this coin says, HAVE SUCCEE?” “Where’s the d or ded to make succeed or succeeded?” asked Giselle. Bishop interrupted, “I found another whole coin!” Bishop handed the coin to Darlene since he couldn’t read it. “It says DED TO.” They kept on walking, hoping that they could find more coins, but they didn’t, instead, they found Egyptian items. They also found out how the Egyptians lived back then because they ran into     some people that showed them around the city. They

The Egyptians lived a very different life style from the five kids. They had an unelected pharaoh to start with, instead of an elected president. The Egyptians also farmed in the rich farmland near the Nile Delta and were surrounded by desolate desert, They often used boats to travel up and down the Nile. They believed in many gods as well, but Ra was the god they worshipped the most. They built one of the seven wonders, the pyramids, to bury the mummified pharaohs and wealthy nobles along with some of their treasure and personal belongings. The Egyptians also buried mummified slaves in the pyramids to serve the wealthy nobles or pharaohs in the afterlife. The Egyptians also had a form of writing called hieroglyphics. This helped them communicate with each other. They were also conquered by the Assyrians for a small time, but soon took back over. They invented many things and did so only because of the great Nile River to supply them with water, food, and more. After they had seen it all, Tiffany suddenly found a half of coin. “It’s in Chinese”, Tiffany declared. “It says REACH. That’s all it says nothing else”. “     Yeah”, Giselle agreed,” but is the word supposed to be `reach`, `reached` or `reaching`’” she pondered.

“Wow we’re in China”, Bishop exclaimed. “Yeah. I guess we are”, Rachel said. “Well we might as well start searching for another half of a coin. It seems that portals only appear once we find and read one”. Everyone agreed to this and so they set off searching but exploring at the same time. They discovered China had advanced ways of farming for the past and that though isolated they traded and traveled a lot even though huge mountains surrounded them. They had two major rivers, the Huang He (Yellow River), and the Chang jiang (yangzi River). The rivers were their source of daily life. They bathed in them, drank in them, watered their crops from them, produced food fro, them, traveled through them, and much, much more. They too had a king, an emperor in fact, that ruled over everyone and commanded the army. The emperor and many others they believed they could communicate with their ancestors through cracks in oracle bones that were said to predict the future, and they often made tough decisions through the oracle Bones. They also  built, tore down, and built   again the Great Wall of China that was at first meant to

Chinese Customs

Roman Culture
After they had searched everywhere, Darlene suddenly found another half of a coin. “ Hey! I found another half coin,” Darlene exclaimed. Everyone rushed over to her and asked what it said. “ It says ING YO”, Darlene said confused. “ You have succeeded to reaching yo--”, said Tiffany thought aloud.“Yo-”, Giselle said thoughtfully. “You, your, you’re, yo-, yo-, yonder, yo-yo,” she finished. “I think that’s all the words that I can think of that start with yo”. “ I think you’re right” Rachel said. “ So if it makes a sentence, I guess we have to complete the sentence to go home,” Bishop stated. Then, out out of nowhere, another portal appeared. “ Might as well go in”, Bishop said, and entered the portal. Everyone followed. “Looks like we’re in Rome,” exclaimed Darlene and Tiffany. “ Well lets start looking for another half coin so we can get home”, Giselle said. And so they started looking for another half coin.

As Rachel, Darlene, Bishop, Tiffany, and Giselle were searching for another half coin, they discovered a lot about the Romanian life style.The Romans conquered many countries in the Mediterranean area through self-defense. They had a republic government until Augustus became the emperor.They influenced many cultures and took many Greek idea into their own culture.The excelled in satire, drama, both comedy and tragedy,and speeches. They were great at architecture, and art, which ideas were usually based off the Greeks’. They created cement, arches, and great dome buildings. Their approach to science and engineering was practical, so the Romans found many things that improved their everyday life. The Romans especially enjoyed watching gladiator fights and great races in one of the most famous buildings they built, called the Colosseum. They influenced many languages, called Romance languages, because they conducted business in Latin, their official language.Our alphabet today is in fact the ancient Romans’.Even today, many centuries later, the Roman life-style still lies through     out the world.

“We’ve looked everywhere and there’s no coin,” exclaimed Rachel. “Great! We’re stuck in this stupid place now!, Tiffany yelled. “I hate you Giselle!”. “You’re the one who ran into the portal without thinking in the first place,” Giselle retorted. “That’s true,” Bishop said. “So, you followed me,” nagged Tiffany. “We only followed you because we knew you would do something stupid”, Giselle came back. “Will you guys stop fighting and get over here. I found a coin”, Darlene yelled. “Finally!” Rachel said, and headed over there with the others. “What does it say”, she asked. “It says UR GOAL,” Darlene explained. “ You have succeeded to reaching your goal”, Bishop said. If that is the sentence though do we get to go home now?” Tiffany whined. “

Then, out of nowhere another portal appeared. “ Finally the portal!” Tiffany exclaimed, and ran through the portal. Everyone followed suit, one at a time. When they all went through portal, they found themselves at back at the exact place where the  first portal appeared.   They all looked at each other and said in unison, “Now that, was a crazy