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Are you Creative or

Have you ever thought why
some people can paint
beautifully, but have
difficulty adding two and
Or why some people can
understand the intricacies of
calculus effortlessly, but
struggle to write a one-page
It's all about which side of
your brain dominates - the
LEFT or the RIGHT.
At birth, our brains are blank with no contents.
The brain has two parts- Left and Right Brain.
Each of our brains are wired differently.
They are programmed by nature to function
in different ways.
But this does not mean that a person who is
left or right brain dominated does not use the
other part of his brain. For most people, the
two parts of the brain work in tandem to
enable them to function as well-rounded

The right brain absorbs new information in
chunks, but it is the job of the left-brain to sift
and sort it in an organized fashion. However,
there is no clear-cut definition of the functions of
the two parts of the brain. Each can do the other's
work, just not as efficiently.

Most people have a tendency to lean towards
using the left or right brain while thinking or
learning. For instance, right brain dominated
people are often poor spellers as they tend to
rely more on their intuition rather than actually
studying the order in which the letters in a word

The brain carefully balances and assigns control
of certain functions to each side it's all nature's
way of ensuring that the brain ultimately splits up
tasks to maximize efficiency. Most people are
right-hand dominant which is actually controlled
by the left side of the brain.

So, which one
are you?
Lets find out

Right Brain
Right Brain
According to the left-brain, right-brain
dominance theory, the right side
of the brain is best at expressive
and creative tasks. Some of the abilities
that are popularly associated with the
right side of the brain include:

Recognizing faces
Expressing emotions


Left Brain

Left Brain Functions
The left-side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks that
involve logic, language and analytical thinking. The left-brain is
often described as being better at:
Critical thinking

Convergent and divergent thinking
Left brain and Right brain dominated
people can also be categorized as divergent
and convergent thinkers respectively. A
convergent thinker has a systematic
approach and plays by the rules. He
analyzes everything and reaches a logical
conclusion. Thus, scientific and
mathematical activities are more up his
street. Such people do very well on
straightforward question and answer type
Divergent thinkers, on the other hand, are creative
and tend to throw the rules out of the window.
They are artistic and always looking for ways to
express themselves. They do much better in exams
that require essay-type answers.
There is no such thing that it is better to be left
brain dominated or right brain dominated. You
need both kinds of thinking to function well. While
a person may have a dominant style of thinking, it
would be interesting to see how the other half
works and even learn to develop the skills that you
At the time of their birth, babies are not
predisposed to be either left brain or right brain
thinkers. Unfortunately, our education system
with its emphasis on rote learning and exam
syllabi is more tuned to encouraging left-brain
activity, often to the detriment of right brain
School examinations are designed to test left-
brain activity and encourage conformity in
thought. There is a possibility that if right brain
skills are not exercised, they may not develop

When it comes to academics, left
brain dominated children do well
at school, as they are more likely to
respond to formal learning. They
exhibit greater responsibility, are
quite content to study by
themselves and have greater

Right brain dominated children, on
the other hand, are less likely to
perform well academically. They
prefer to study with company,
cannot sit still for very long and are
more responsive in informal
Why Right Brain is necessary?

Creative thought is competitive advantage.
The right-brainer has more competitive advantage
in the global marketplace.
Creative thought can solve problems that
cannot be solved in the box.
The right-brainer has more competitive advantage
in the global marketplace.
Lets see which side of your brain
dominates the most:
Your right brain tries to say the colour
but the left brain tries to read the
If you make no mistakes, you are a
balanced- brain type of person.
What do you see: a living thing or
a non-living thing?

If you see one, you could be a
left- brainer.
If you see both, you could be a
right- brainer.
So which side of
your brain
dominates the
most? LEFT brain
or RIGHT brain?
Or are you evenly
This slide show is
presented by:
Krishan Kant
Bhaskar Goswami
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Sourodip Kundu
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