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Customer Equipment List

Choose Customer Equipment List is

added to the Main Menu (Web, DVD
and Network).
User can turn Off / On functionality in
Customer Equipment List can be
exported and imported from Web, DVD
or Network SIS (CSV type file).
Customer equipment information is
separate in Parts Store (Two different
Verify Serial number and Arrangement
numbers exists in SIS before including
with Product ID. (Engines arr. Vs
machine arr.)
Select Equipment List Preferences
Enable the Customer
Equipment List if
Equipment List is not
visible on the main
menu. Disable the
customer list if desired.
Select Preferences from
the lower left corner of
the Main Menu. Default
value is Enabled.
Enter Customers and Equipment Information
(Get Started)
Choose Add/Edit Equipment List to
get started.
Customer names and products
can be imported. Refer to the
Import / Export information for
this process.

Customer Entries - Equipment Model, Customer Equipment
Number and Product ID Single Product ID Associated with
a Customer ID
Maximum of 56
characters in this space.
The Customer
Identification will be
sorted numerically if
entered first. Enter the
Model Number first to
sort by a model number.
Pound Sign # is not
One Product ID or
serial number will be
associated with the
customer equipment
Optional methods: Enter customer machine
ID, model ID and assign one product ID.
Add Customer - Multiple IDS Associated with a
Customer Name
Setup - Enter the Customer(s) names first. One customer is
entered at a time. Type the customer name and select Add
Customer. Do this for all desired customers.
Add Customer Equipment Information
Multiple Products for a listed
customer. Select the Customer
name from the Customer
Identification drop down list.
Enter the Serial Number or
Prefix information and select
Add Equipment. Customer
Equipment setup is complete.
Arrangement Information
does not have to be entered.
This information is optional.
This page completes
the Customer
Equipment list setup
From the Main Menu,
select the desired customer
from the list.
Select Customer Equipment (Use)
The steps that follow
demonstrate how to use the
Customer Equipment List.
Select Customer Equipment
Select the
serial number
or prefix.
Customer Equipment Product ID is entered in the
SIS Product Id
The selected information is entered in the
appropriate text boxes.
Machine Arrangement Information
If the message above is generated after entering an arrangement
and Product ID or Serial number machine arrangement, delete the
arrangement information in the customer equipment list to avoid
this message in the future. The user can select YES to continue
searching within SIS.
Export Customer Equipment Information
From the Main menu,
select the Add / Edit
Equipment Link. Then,
select the Report /
Export Equipment Link
Export Customer Equipment Information
Enter the customer name and select search or select View All.
Export Customer Equipment Information
View all results. Place a
check in the box for the
desired customer
information by clicking
the mouse inside the
box. Select Export List.
Select save and select
the appropriate folder.
Export Customer Equipment Information
Type the customer name and select search.
Export Customer Equipment Information
Select the information to be exported and select
Export List.
Export Customer Equipment Information
Select Save to export the list.
Export Customer Equipment Information
Select the desired folder. Type an appropriate name for the
export file and select Save. Close the confirmation
window. The default file name is shown above.
Import Customer Equipment Information
Customer Equipment information
can be imported from other
equipment lists that have been
Select the Add/Edit equipment List
link to access the Import Equipment
List functions.
Import Customer Equipment Information
Select Import
Equipment List
Import Customer Equipment Information
Select Browse to locate the folder that contains
the exported equipment list file(s).
Import Customer Equipment Information
Select the
list to be
The list
must be
another SIS
user list.
The file type
is CSV.
Select open.
Create a new folder on a shared
network drive if desired. This will
serve as a common place to
export and import customer
Import Customer Equipment Information
Select Load to open the equipment list and select the
information to be imported.
Import Customer Equipment Information
Select the information to be imported by clicking the mouse in the
selection box. Select Import. Information that appears in Red
exists on the user list or is invalid data. The selection box is grayed
out and the information cannot be selected.
Import Customer Equipment Information
The two selections are imported successfully and can be
accessed from the Main Menu Equipment list.
End of
Equipment list
Import Customer Equipment Requirements
Below are the requirements for Importing an Equipment list file.

A TXT file with the same format as below will import into the SIS equipment list as well as the CSV file.

Example: customer model and product Id, the arrangement will be after the final comma. DO NOT
INCLUDE A COMMA IN THE DATA, it is used to separate the data records. Pound sign (#) works OK to
designate a customer equipment number but is not required. Both customer equipment entry types can
be mixed. The example below would have only one product ID / Serial Number entry for each machine
or engine.
797B #34540,JSM00120,
325C #34555,BFE00325,

Example customer name and equipment - multiple products are associated with a customer name.

This option can be used when a user has a large equipment list that needs to be saved and shared
between multiple users. Users can create .CSV/.TXT type files ( E.g.: myEquipmentList.csv) and save
the information in following format and use them as an import source.

Import Customer Equipment Requirements

Import File Format:
Recommended format for the data is as follows. Records found to have invalid format or
data will be highlighted in red and reported as invalid records. The users will have the option
to select desired records from the valid list.

Customer Name ( max. 56 Characters), Serial Number or Prefix(max. 8 Characters),
Arrangement Number (max. 8 characters). Note that the commas are used to separate the
fields and hence should be carefully used. (E.g.: ABC Equipment Inc,5EK00001,1A1135)
Customer Name is mandatory along with either Serial Number or Arrangement Number or
both. Commas are not recommended as part of Customer Names( E.g. Caterpillar Inc.,)
Customer record(s) that have only a Serial Number can leave the optional Arrangement
Number empty with comma (E.g.: ABC Machinery Inc, 5EK00001, )
Customer record(s) that have only an Arrangement Number can leave the optional Serial
Number field empty with comma (E.g.: ABC Machinery Inc, ,1A1135 )
Maximum file size that can be imported at a time is 0.5 MB (approximately, this can hold up
to 6,000 records). If for some reason, the file size exceeds the 0.5 MB limit, it is
recommended to break the data into more than one file and import each file separately.