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Compound words

Compound words
Compound words can be nouns verbs and
Compound nouns
Noun + Noun
Moonlight , armchair, postman ,chess-board.
Adjective+ noun
Nobleman, shorthand, blackboard,halfpenny
Verb + Noun
Spendthrift, makeshift,telltale,pickpocket

Compound words
Gerund +Noun
Drawing-room, writing desk, looking glass,
Adverb + Noun
Verb + adverb
Drawback, lockup, die-hard, send-off

Compound words
Adverb+ verb
Outset ,upkeep, outcry
Compound +adjective
Noun + Adjective
Blood-red, sky-blue, snow-white, skin-deep
Adjective + Adjective
Red-hot, blue- black, white-hot ,lukewarm
Adverb+ particle
Long- suffering, everlasting, never-ending, well-dressed

Compound words
Compound verb
Noun + verb
Adjective +verb
Secondary Derivatives
Prefixes ,suffixes
Supportive and opposing
Pro ( on the side of) pro-choice, pro-life, pro-market
Anti-( against ,counteracting)- antibody, anticoagulant
Contra (against, contrasting)- contraflow, contraindicate
Counter (in opposition to) counteract, counter-example.

Prefixes ,suffixes
Reversative and deprivative
De reverse of something decriminalize, deselect,
Remove something debug, defrost
Dis - reverse of something disqualify, derail, decamp,
deplane, detain
Remove something - Disarm, disillusioned

Prefixes ,suffixes
(secondary derivatives)

Un (reverse of something) Unscramble, untie, unlock
Un (Remove something) Unleaded, unmask, unhouse
Examples of Suffix:
Age Bondage, Marriage, Breakage, Leakage
Ar , (er, eer, ier, ary) Scholar, preacher, Engineer, Financier, Missionary
Ain, An, En, On Chieftain, Artisan, Citizen, surgeon
Ate, ee, ey, y Advocate, Trustee, Attorney, Deputy
Ance, ence Abundance, Brilliance, Excellence
Cy Fancy , Lunacy, Bankruptcy,
ion Action, Opinion, Union,
Ment Punishment, Judgment, Improvement,
Ice, ise Service, Cowardice, Exercise
Al National, Legal, Regal, fatal,
Esque Picturesque, Grotesque,
Other examples of suffixes are - an (Human), ar (Regular), ary
(Customary), ate (Fortunate), ble (Feeble), ible (sensible), able (laughable),
id (humid), ile (fragile, Juvenile), ine (Canine, feline), ive (active,
attractive), lent (corpulent, indolent), ose (verbose), ous (copious), fy
(justify, purify), ish(Publish, punish, furnish),
Prefixes ,suffixes
A not - atheist ,asymmetric
Not - affected by - amoral, apolitical,
Dis (not) - disloyal, distrust, disagree
In (not) - incapable, Inconvenient
il (before- l) - illegal, illegible
Im (before b,m,p) - imperfect, Imbalance, immoral
Non (not) - non-violence, non-stop,
Un (not) - unfair, unproductive, uncomfortable

Primary derivatives
Primary Derivatives are formed by making some change in the body of the simple
For Example:
Verbs Nouns Verbs Nouns Adjectives Nouns
Advise advice Speak speech Hot heat
Bear bier Wake watch Proud pride
Bind bond Sit seat Wit wise
Bless bliss Prove proof Wealthy wealth
Choose choice Weave web, woof Poor poverty
Chop chip High height
Deal dole Long length
Dig ditch
Grieve grief
Live life
Lose loss