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Lindab Pascal

- Simplified VAV solution with full potential...
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Constant pressure solution

Solution based on constant pressure regulation

• Active diffusers with built-in damper plate, which is controlled by a room regulator with 0-10V signal
• Exhaust air flow regulation by measuring airflow in supply duct
• Pressure regulation in supply distribution duct
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Constant pressure solution
Exhaust balance with flow measurement – master/slave function

Measuring unit has a minimum flow rate limit
Measuring unit requires straight duct before the unit
Addition of several supply to control one exhaust is difficult
FRU/VRU settings must be done special from factory
Extra components for flow measurement

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Constant pressure solution
Active diffusers

Diffusers with high impulse even at low airflows
Diffuser settings must be done individually from factory
Not possible to put on stock
Labelling with ID must be done for each room
Airflow settings are based on theoretical calculated pressure (no airflow regulation)
• Correct pressure = correct airflow
• Higher pressure = higher airflow
• Lower pressure = lower airflow
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Constant pressure solution
Pressure regulation

Areas with constant flow balanced with
simple balancing damper
Limited pressure allowance in diffuser
Size of pressure zone not to big
Difficult keeping constant pressure in
all parts of a zone
High demand on duct design
Limited flexibility when reconstructed
Exact placement of pressure sensor
Higher energy consumption due to
higher minimum pressure
Fan optimizer only on zone dampers
Extra components for pressure

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Our vision is:

• Install a standard VAV system with room temperature regulation

• Make settings of air flow in room regulator

• Indicate which supply diffusers that affects the exhaust damper

This is done by:

• Installing a motorized plenum box that can handle high pressure with low sound
• Installing a suitable diffuser that can handle 0-100% airflow without the risk of draft
• Making sure the pressure in the system is not exceeding 200 Pa
• Measuring actual air flow regardless of pressure
• Setting all parameters in displays on Regula units
• Total air flow for supply diffusers is being added up and exhaust air flow is regulated
• The fan uses only necessary pressure for each diffuser

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• Active boxes
• Variable pressure
• Calculation for exhaust
• Active diffusers
• Constant pressure
• Measuring for exhaust
Constant pressure solution
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Pascal components

lindab | comfort
Pascal components

• Suitable diffusers for 0-100% airflow


• Diffusers with integrated presence sensor
for Demand control


• No draft risk with suitable diffuser
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Pascal components

• Standard MBB box with integrated actuator
• Volume flow regulation with flow measurement in box
• Correct airflow independent of pressure
• No minimum limit – can regulate 0-100%
• Can handle up to 200 Pa with low sound level
• Characteristic curves pre-programmed for each size
• Translates a voltage to an airflow
• Indicates damper position by a voltage signal
• Demounting of damper is possible
• 7 sizes available
• MBBV is delivered with 0-100% settings
(never set actual airflows in MBBV, since Regula Combi
will adjust the signal according to flow)
• Regula Connect VAV integrated
• Plugin play solution for easy wiring

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Pascal components

• With new sensor technology from Belimo
• Used for regulation of exhaust air
• Controlled by Regula Combi with special exhaust program
• Indicates damper position to Regula Combi
• Can be used for supply as alternative to MBBV boxes, typically used in rooms with
multiple diffusers
• Requires straight duct in front the unit
• Requires silencer after the unit
• In a Pascal system VRU is delivered with 0-100% settings
(never set airflows in VRU, since Regula Combi will adjust the signal according to flow)

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Pascal components
Regula Combi

• Special designed VAV program (program 6)
• Special designed exhaust program (program 7)
• Display and pushbuttons
• Exoline communication
• Flexible setup – adjustable parameters
• Regulation of temperature in sequence; heating and cooling
• Output signal for flow 2-10 V – 0 V closes damper
• CO2 overrules temperature regulation resulting in higher airflows
• Air volumes for standby (unoccupied), min. occupied and max occupied can be set
• Transforms damper position to Exoline communication
• Transforms exhaust damper signal from Exoline to 2-10 V (exhaust program)
• All settings can be done with REGIO Tool

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Pascal components
Regula Master

• Standard hardware from Regin – known in the market
• Special designed software for Pascal
• One standard unit with three modes
• Single Regula Master (SRM)
• Local Regula Master (LRM)
• Global Regula Master (GRM)
• Three basic functions in the system
• Exhaust control
• Summary of supply air volumes which affect the exhaust damper
• Summary of constant flows which affect the exhaust damper
• Factor for more/less exhaust than supply
• Fan optimizer
• Secures that the most open damper is open to 85%. If the damper is more open, accelerate the fan – if less slow down
• Operating control
• Monitors damper behavior in the system
• Gives alert if a damper does not move over time
• All communication between Regula units with Exoline
• Communication to overall BMS via Exoline or via an OPC solution (BMS contractor)

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Pascal overview

• Volume flow regulation /
variable pressure system
• Suitable diffusers 0-100%
• Room regulation with special
• Demand control
• Exhaust control
• Fan optimizer – on room level
• Operating control
• Exoline communication
• Plug n’ play with Regula

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VAV study
Rehva Journal article October 2011 from Oslo University

• Problem: Energy consumption for fans in VAV systems
• Solution 1 – standard pressure controlled system
• Solution 2 – fan optimizer on zone dampers
• Solution 3 – fan optimizer on room dampers/boxes

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Exhaust strategy
Central regulation and exhaust diffuser in rooms Central regulation and overpressure valve in rooms
Room balanced exhaust with parallel signal Room balanced with exhaust control in each room
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System layout
lindab | comfort
Project Phases Pascal

• No special demands for
duct design
• No pressure zones
• Few standard
• Easy selection of
• Total system unchanged
when redesigning one
• High accuracy in flow
and sound
• Simple and safe


• Few components
• Less dampers in the
• No pressure
• Components from
• Easy wiring
standardized with
Regula Connect
• No labelling with
room ID needed
• Configuration to be
done after


• Adjustable parameters
• Technical manual with
step-by-step guide
• Settings can be done
directly in displays in
Regula Combi and
Regula Master
• Possibility to use
Regio Tool
• No IT expertise
• Can be done by


• Operating control
• Fan optimizer on room
• Demand control – with 3
airflows for energy saving
• Easy maintenance with
supply access points from
• Flexible for future changes
• Additional diffusers – no
need for re-balancing
• New room set-up can
easily be configurated

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Simple Design
Variable pressure system
• Plenum box with flow regulation to secure
correct airflow
• No need for pressure regulation in duct
• No need of dampers between fan and
• No special demands for duct design

Flexible system layout
• No need for zoning
• Plenum box with low sound even at high
• Flexible diffusers that handles 0-100%
• Can handle low airflows with new D3
sensor technology
• No need for airflow measurement for
exhaust control
• Extra diffusers can be added without re-
• Change of room set-up can be easily be

Easy Construction
Standard installation
• Few standard components
• Less dampers and silencers
• No settings from factory
• No need for ID labeling products for each
• Available from stock
• Plug n´Play wiring with Regula Connect
• All configuration to be done after

Easy commissioning
• No balancing, only configuration
• Configuration can be done by installer
• Special Pascal programs in Regula
• Adjustable parameters
• Simple addition of supply to control
• All configuration can be done directly in
Regula units or Regio Tool
• Exoline is an open Protocol
• Step-by-step guide available
• Communication with overall BMS is

Low Energy consumption
Low fan pressure
• Lower pressure drop due to variable airflows
• Fan optimizer to secure only necessary fan
• Fan optimizer on room level
• Low pressure drop in MBBV box

Demand control
• Integrated presence sensor in diffuser
• Low standby airflow at non-occupancy in room
• CO2 control possible
• Lower airflows means lower energy
consumption for cooling

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