Presented by: Michael Cecchi Till Hemmerich Ross Ionta

• Social entrepreneurs are: • 1.) Ambitious • 2.) Mission driven • 3.) Strategic • 4.) Resourceful • 5.) Results oriented

• Tackle major issues • Operate in all kinds of organizations:
– Innovative non-profits – Social purpose ventures – Hybrid organizations

• Generating social value, not wealth • Wealth creation is not an end in itself • Promoting systematic social change

• See & act upon what others miss
– Opportunities to improve systems – Create solutions – Invent new approaches that create social value

• Focused in their pursuit of a social vision

• Social entrepreneurs operate within a social context
– Limited access to capital and traditional market support systems

• Skilled at mustering and mobilizing human, financial and political

• Driven to produce measurable returns • Results:
– Transform existing realities – Open up new pathways for the marginalized & disadvantaged – Unlock society’s potential to affect social change

• Goal was to creatively salvage materials from the 10,000 abandoned houses the city is demolishing over the next 10 years • Saved hundreds of tons of building waste and also hired young adults to collect materials and sell them in the ReUse store, ReSource • Excess building material can be used from art to woodworking to refinishing to welding and metalwork → creates opportunities for artisans.

• Opened his family’s front porch and basement as a makeshift community center for drifting young people in Brooklyn • Mobilized young people in his neighborhood to go door to door to raise money to rent their own community center (2002)
– They gathered $25,000 in a little more than two weeks and started Team Revolution

• Team revolution now operates many programs including workshops on financial basics and community mural painting.

• AstroTots is a space and science camps for girls 4 to 10 years old • Camps have expanded to 10 states • Started AstroTots to show girls that they could go into sciences → wasn’t a boy’s job

• Poeuv was born in a Thai refugee camp to Cambodian parents who fled the Khmer Rouge • Her curiosity about her parents’ long silence led her to make a film about her personal history, called “New Year Baby” • ‘‘Khmer Legacies’’ is a project in which children interview their parents about surviving the Cambodian genocide and which she hopes will result in 10,000 videotaped testimonials