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FLUP Module 5.

Legitimization and


Acknowledgement. Definition of terms. Chapter 2. Background 2. A4) 1. will be signed) . List of Annexes) 2. Table of Contents. Findings and Analysis 3.Is our FLUP complete? 1. Acronyms. Agreements (MoA FLUP preparation. Other 4. List of Tables. EO TWG. 14+3). Thematic Maps (around 17 maps. large size. Chapter 3. Vice Mayor’s Message/ Preface. Annexes 1. Medium Term Plan 3. FLUP document (Arial 12. A4 size 2. xxx 3. Executive Summary. Chapter 1. List of Figures and Maps. 1:50000 MAPS (same maps. PRELIMINARIES (Mayor’s Message.

Legitimization Process .

3. 2. After finalisation of FLUP Mayor will endorse for the acceptance by the Municipal Development Council. An MDC resolution shall be issued endorsing the plan for adoption by the Sangguniang Bayan. DENR at the Provincial Level will review. . Submit the completed municipal Forest Land Use Plan to the Mayor who will endorse to DENR for the technical review. (Addressed to the PENRO. sends letter to Mayor (with comments for revision if needed) together with draft Joint FLUP Implementation Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).Process of Legitimization 1. sent through CENRO).

The Sangguniang Bayan shall enact ordinances or issue a resolution adopting the plan for implementation and authorising the Mayor to sign joint MoA and communicate it (with accomplished Joint FLUP Implementation MoA) to the DENR. 5. .Process of Legitimization 4. The signing of the Joint FLUP Implementation MoA is organized between the DENR and the LGU signifying the start of partnership in the implementation.

Legitimization Process Flow FLUP TWG Mayor Final DRAFT FLUP FLUP TWG Final FLUP Final Joint FLUP MoA SB • Ordinance Adopting the Final FLUP • Resolution authorizing Mayor to sign Joint FLUP MoA DENR Endorsement Comments/Recommendations Draft Joint FLUP MoA Mayor Endorsement MDC Endorsement SP PLGU LGU and DENR Signing of Joint FLUP MoA • Review and approve LGU Ordinance .

Outputs • Final FLUP including approved Maps (by DENR) • Resolution of Sangnguniang Bayan Adopting FLUP for Implementation • Signed Joint FLUP Implementation Agreement .

Start Implementation .

Integrate FLUP into the local development plans and invite prospective financiers / investors • Objective FLUP measures are integrated into regular plans of the local government and funds are secured for first year of implementation • Outputs FLUP measures integrated in the Municipal Development Plan and Annual Investment Plan. ELA. partnerships with prospective financiers and investors created (joint agreements) .1.

house rules of the Steering Committee. Organize Steering Committee and Municipal Environment and Natural Resource Office (MENRO) • Objective Institutional set up for implementation of FLUP measures is in place • Outputs EO nominating Steering Committee members.2. Personnel and structure of MENRO .

Facilitate formulation of Resource Management Plans and issuance of corresponding tenure instruments for open access areas • Objective Open access areas are covered with tenure and Resource Management Plans are formulated • Outputs Tenurial Instruments. RMP .3.

Farm Plan of the Certificate of Stewardship Contract holder.4. . Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development Protection Plan of the Certificate of Ancestral DomainClaim / Title holder. Comprehensive Development and Management Plan of the Integrated Forest Management Agreement holder. Support existing tenure / rights holders to align or update their Resource Management Plans with the FLUP • Objective The resource management plans of all tenure holders are updated and follow protection and production areas identified and agreed in the FLUP • Outputs Updated Community Resource Management Framework of the Community-Based Forest Management Agreement holder.

5. Ensure enforcement • Objective The protection measures agreed in the FLUP are enforced in the ground • Outputs Deputized forest guards .

Formulation of ordinances in support of FLUP implementation • Objective The implementation of the FLUP is supported by local ordinances that ensure transparency and sustainability • Outputs Local ordinances such as landuse ordinance .6.

Implement FLUP Monitoring Plan • Objective The achievement of expected results is measured and plans are updated to improve implementation • Outputs Periodical evaluation based monitoring .7.

Technical Assistance and Coordination .

PPDC. ENRD Chief. ENRD. SP Env) Provincial Forestland Assistance Team (PFAT) Technical personnel from (PENRO.Institutional Set Up Provincial Forestland Management Committee (PFMC) (PENRO. CENROs. CENROs. PPDO) FP (CENRO/ENRD) FP (CENRO/ENRD) FP (CENRO/ENRD) FP (CENRO/ENRD) FP (CENRO/ENRD) LGU TWG LGU TWG LGU SC and ENRO LGU SC and ENRO LGU SC and ENRO PREPARING FLUP IMPLEMENTING FLUP .

To Support LGUs in FLUP Preparation 3. To Raise Awareness on Joint Forest and Forestland Management 2. To Support LGUs in FLUP Implementation 4. To support monitoring FLUP implementation and create Provincial FFL database as basis for decision making .Objectives and scope of province wide FLUP support 1.

Working together is Progress.Coming together is a Beginning. Staying together is Success! Thank you!!! .