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Health Promotion: key concepts

Introduction • Health promotion is a cross cutting component required in all health and health related programmes • To be successful is should be regarded as an integral and essential component of the programmes • Broad determinant of health underlie the double burden of both communicable and noncommunicable diseases in the region • Health promotion is key in addressing these determinants and having an impact .

What is health promotion? .

Health Promotion: Definition • ‘The process of enabling people to increase control over the determinants of health and thereby improve their health’ • ‘a comprehensive social and political process’ • ‘A set of tools for health action’ • ‘Means of increasing individual and collective participation in health action.’ .

• Sustainable community (group) actions for health.Key outcomes of HP implementation • Increased awareness about the determinants of health and appropriate responses • Enhanced healthy personal behaviour. • Healthy public policies. • Building and or strengthening appropriate knowledge. regulations and institutional practices. skills and attitudes for disease prevention and health action. legislation. .

HP facilitates the integrative use of various approaches and methods in health action. .

Health promotion Policy Curative care Legislation IEC Advocacy BCC Social Mobilization Mediation Social Marketing H. Education Lobbying .

HP FACILITATES THE INTEGRATIVE USE OF VARIOUS APPROACHES AND METHODS IN HEALTH ACTION. • Curative care • • • • • • • • IEC: Information Education and Communication. BCC: Behavioral change communication Social Mobilization Social Marketing H. Education Lobbying and Mediation Advocacy and Policy Legislation and Legislation .

anthropology. . • This is done thro’ use of principles and methods of community based research. social marketing. • Overlaps with other methods of health education. behavioural analysis.Behavioral Change Communication • Strategic communication designed to achieve specific behavioural changes.

• There is branding of products. . • Commonly applied to promote nets (Malaria). • Combine education and provision of products.Social marketing • Use of marketing approaches to promote a behavior or product that are socially beneficial. services. condoms (HIV).

Social mobilization Process/strategy that enlists support and active involvement of many players in achieving desired goals. May involve:  Transmission of information  Publicity and use of mass media  Offering support .

Information Education Communication (IEC) • Interventions that aim at achieving behavioral changes using communication technologies: – Print media – TV – Radio – Interpersonal communication .

Health Education According to Green (1980). • ‘Health Education is any combination of learning experiences designed to facilitate voluntary adaptation of behaviour conducive to health’ • ‘Voluntary informed behaviour change’ .

social acceptance. to plead the case of another. . • Advocacy for health refers to a combination of individual and social actions designed to gain political commitment. and systems support for a particular health program or goal. or to champion a cause. policy support.Advocacy • Advocacy means to speak up.

. with the aim of influencing decision making. or the legislation one opposes defeated or modified.communication of one’s interests to a carefully chosen person. • The objective is to have the legislation one supports passed.Lobbying • Lobbying .

• Mediation is the process through which the different interests (personal. . social and economic) of individuals and communities as well as different sectors (public and private) Mediation are reconciled in ways that promote and protect health. • Mediating between differing interests in society for the pursuit of health.

• Statement of intent or a commitment • Legislation is law which has been enacted ( statutory law) .Policy and legislation • Policy is a principle or a rule to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes.

For further reading • The Ottawa Charter on Health Promotion – Developed during the first International Conference on Health Promotion. 21 November 1986 – The is a CHARTER for action to achieve Health for All by the year 2000 and • Critical reflection on the Ottawa Charter http://www.pdf .iuhpe. Ottawa.

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