TOPIC: Virtulized Technology

Name: Prashant Shrikant Gaikwad
Roll No:27 Div:A

. In internet cloud computing plays a major role In order to share the data and one of the important technology in the cloud computing is virtualization.  Mainly it is used to maintain the collection IT resources which are used by the cloud providers. it is a large collection of networks where resources are globally networked.INTRODUCTION:  Internet.  The main aim of the virtualization is ability to run the multiple operating systems on a single machine buy sharing all the resources that belong to the hard ware.

Normally cloud providers provide the applications with the standard versions to their cloud users. normally in the cloud computing.Role Of Virtulization in Cloud Computing:  Virtualization plays a major role in the cloud computing technology. . users share the data present in the clouds like application etc.  The main usage Virtualization Technology is . for suppose if the next version of that application is released. but with virtualization users shares the Infrastructure. then cloud provider has to provide the latest version to their cloud users and practically it is possible but it is more cost expensive.

.Virtualization in General:  Advantages of virtual machines:  Run operating systems where the physical hardware is        unavailable. Debug problems (suspend and resume the problem machine). Emulate more machines than are physically available. Software testing using “clean” installs of operating systems and software. Run legacy systems! . Easy migration of virtual machines (shutdown needed or not). backup machines. etc. Easier to create new machines. Timeshare lightly loaded systems on one host.


virtualized model and its host os and their hardware. . so. user develop their programs and execute in the execution environment provided by the cloud providers. service models. The basic virtualized model consists of cloud users. In this cloud providers provide a computing platform for accessing their applications.  The service models consists of software as a service (SaaS) which is used for providing the applications that related to the cloud users. then the following service model is platform as a service (PaaS) It is one of the most important service model in cloud for providing effective services to the cloud users.

It is one of the most important service model for providing security to the public cloud computing. machines which are used for maintaining the clouds and other resources for maintain the cloud with security. Then the further model in the virtualized model is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).  And it provides computers. .

Some Commercial Cloud Offerings: .