Qlik Sense

Product Presentation

Jose Manuel García
July 2014

Qlik Products • Proven. interactive visualizations using their intuition • Suggested for new and existing customers seeking to deploy new visualization and exploration capabilities . marketing leading data discovery platform • Used to develop and deploy rich guided analytics applications for exploration and discovery • Suggested for current customers looking to expand guided apps deployments • Next-generation selfservice data visualization application • Empowers everyone to create and explore flexible.

Introducing Qlik Sense .

.Qlik® Sense – The Next Generation of Visual Analytics Qlik Sense is a next-generation self-service data visualization application that empowers people to easily create a range of flexible. interactive visualizations that drive exploration and discovery using one’s intuition.

Qlik Sense – Unleash Your Intuition With the proven QIX Associative Data Indexing engine at its core.. • A cutting-edge self-service visualization and discovery experience • Associative exploration and smart search • Advanced data visualization • User-driven. Qlik Sense delivers. drag-and-drop creation • Collaboration and storytelling • Unsurpassed mobility • Best-of-breed custom development • Powerful data integration • Governed enterprise capabilities and performance .

QIX Associative Data Indexing Engine • Second generation of the proven and patented engine technology that has powered Qlik products for the last decade • Associative Data Indexing and dynamic calculation that empowers people to naturally explore using their intuition • Exposes relationships in complex. allowing them to gain understanding and take next steps . multi-source data sets that would otherwise be hidden in hierarchical or query based approaches Users benefit from this feedback every time they make a selection or search.

Value for Everyone Individuals Self-Service Visualization and Discovery Groups Sharing of Knowledge and Insights Organizations Broad Adoption and Organizational Intelligence Organizations Groups Individuals .

Individuals – Self-Service Visualization and Discovery Exploration and Discovery Ask questions and explore information to understand what’s happening and why • Clean and Modern User Experience • Global Smart Search • Associative Exploration • Advanced Navigation Data Visualization Utilize high quality visualizations and summarizations to reveal meaning in data • Rich Charting • Visual Interactivity • Smart Visualizations User-Driven Creation Build new visualizations through self-service with fast time-to-value • Drag and Drop Creation • Library and ‘Progressive’ Creation • Quick Data Load .

analyze. anytime there is a question • Mobile Analysis and Creation • Collaborative Creation • Qlik Cloud Communication Mobility • Gesture-based Touch UI • Responsive Design • Small Devices Mode . and collaborate anywhere.Groups – Sharing of Knowledge and Insights Collaboration Share analysis across teams to make better group decisions • Information Hub Better communicate findings and persuade audiences • Data Storytelling Explore.

Multi-Source Data Integration Direct Discovery Management and Governance Centrally manage and govern small to large. simple to complex deployments • Qlik Management Console • Qlik Sense Monitoring • Deployment Console • Data Governance Security & Scalability Ensure security of data and applications and robustly scale deployments • Centralized. Browser Based Client • Elastic Scaling Architecture .Organizations – Broad Adoption and Organizational Intelligence App Development Quickly and effectively build visual analysis apps using Qlik Sense • • • • • Rapid API Development Embedded Analytics Custom Extensions Powerful. Rules Based Security • Dynamic Data Reduction • Unified.

without script • Sharing is driven by the hub and the cloud • Interactive storytelling with links to live data enhances communication • The entire product is mobile – responsive and touch optimized • Custom development and extension offers expanded value • Powerful integration of disparate data sources provides a global view • Governed enterprise-class capabilities allows IT to govern and optimize • Power and performance is driven by the QIX Associative Data Indexing Engine .Key Takeaways • Qlik Sense brings visualization to a whole new level • Exploration and search capabilities are unmatched • Anyone can create visualizations with drag-and-drop.

standalone Windows version of Qlik Sense Includes all user experience capabilities for consumption and creation of visualizations Local file sharing Export to Qlik Sense Cloud.Qlik Sense Product Editions Qlik Sense Desktop • • • • • Installed. Free download. supports access on any device including mobile devices Qlik Sense • • • • • • • Full version of Qlik Sense On premise and private cloud deployment All user experience capabilities in a single unified client Collaboration and mobility capabilities Best-of-breed API developer experience Robust set of enterprise capabilities Token based license model . no limits on apps or sharing restrictions Qlik Cloud • • • • Qlik’s new platform for multiple cloud services Initial service supports sharing of visualization apps created with Qlik Sense Desktop Fully interactive search and exploration. currently no creation capabilities in the cloud Web-based.

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