The Founder Institute

Bootstrapping and Fundraising
Dennis Goh
Founder, HungryGoWhere
Partner, Wavemaker Pacific


• Capitalising your start-up
• Bootstrapping

• Fund raising from external investors

Capitalising your start-up
• Be clear about your start-up’s capital requirements,
at the different stages
• How much needed to get to the next stage?
• What is the external environment like? – liquidity
(tight, abundant, impending implosion?)

• More is not always better  Psychological effect


• My preferred option
• Exerts the greatest discipline
• But know when you are hitting the high growth stage

• Your metrics will validate which growth stage you are at
• However, there is such a thing as not raising early

Fund Raising
• From yourself, family/friends, angel investors, VCs 
same requirements please
• Why is your idea disruptive?

• How big is your market? (revenue, audience)
• What are your key growth metrics?
• Growth metrics + Capital requirements 
Determines timing of fund-raising
• Runway to next round

How disruptive? Market Size?
• What is the pain point?
• What is your amazing solution?

• How big is the audience? – Existing vs Potential
• How big is the revenue pie? – Existing vs Potential
• What is the viral construct?

Growth Metrics

• Your report book – critical for repeat fund raising
• What are the right metrics - definitely not vanity

• What is the right growth number?

• Ok to have a quick scan
• Better to network extensively

• Best to know corp dev leads by first name =)
• Most serendipitous part of the business
• Do you really want to…….

One last point…
• See us as your partners, not someone to just
pitch, bluff, con, fool
• We nag because we care

• We are straight talkers – but we are helpful
• On demand: We want to help you solve problems
• On demand: We understand the journey…it is
very, very tough and very, very lonely….lets talk