What is your gender?

What is your age range?



These two questions are two of the most important questions asked. It allows me to get to know my questioned audience which then
gives me an overall view on my audience. I can see that more females answered my questionnaire than males but only by one. This
shows me that both males and females take an interest in my product and therefore my magazine, as planned, must be orientated
around both males and females. As well as gender, age is also very important. This is so I am able to know what age range is most
likely to by magazine. This means I am able to know what type of language to use in my articles to best suit this audience, what sort of
interests to use as help for choosing articles, what sort of age range the model is on the front covers main image etc. From my
questionnaire 50% of my questioned audience were in the age range of 18-19, with 16-17 in second followed by 20-21. With 20-21
being this least popular age range but 16-17 to 18-19 being the most popular I can see that my audience age range is between 16-19. I
can now begin to plan my magazine around this age range.

Q3) Which music magazines do you read most frequently?
The response to this question told me that my questioned audience altogether read 4 different music magazines with NME being the
most popular with 90% of them claiming to read NME most frequently with Q in second, followed by Kerrang! And finally hi-fi in last with
only one reader. Asking this question allowed me to see which magazines were most popular among my questioned audience so I could
get a feel of which layouts and magazine in general appealed the most.

What do you look for in a music

Do you enjoy reading interviews in
music magazines?

Whats new


New artists






The response from this question allowed me to see that
all of the audience members asked enjoyed reading
interviews in magazine. This allows to me to know that
when I construct my music magazine I can both
construct and place an interview on my dps and it will
be of interest to my audience.

What genres of music do you listen

From this I can see what my audience want in a magazine and I am
able to include them so my audience will be interested in reading my
magazine. With interviews and pictures being the most popular
answers I know to include these things the most along side the other
elements my audience look for. To entice my audience I could put
some of these elements as cover lines.


Indie rock








Having decided to make a magazine following the
genres of indie rock and rock this question
response backs up that my audience are
interested in this genre. Through asking this
question I can now also see what other genres my
audience are interested in to allow me to possibly
link them in to my magazine through cover lines
are possible articles. This could add more variety
to my magazine and create more interest for the
audience without changing the genre of my
magazine as only small elements will be added.

Do you often attend

How often do you buy or download music?


I asked this question to find out whether features on
gigs or festivals would be an interest to my audience.
With over 80% of my questioned audience members
saying yes they attend them, it allows me to know
that I can write articles about both gigs and festivals
and it will attract a large amount of my audience.

Q4) How much do you spend on
music magazines per month?
This question was asked so I could get a
general idea on how much my audience are
happy to spend on music magazines at the
moment. This will help me to be able to
decide the appropriate price for my music
magazine so it is best suited to the
audience. Through the response I found out
that the average amount of money my
audience spend on music magazines a
month is £10 overall.





This question as well as Q12) How much do you spend on
downloaded music or hard copies a month?
responses showed me two things. Firstly finance. Downloading or
buying music costs money so to find out how frequently my
audience does allows me to see how much money they have/are
willing to spend on music which helps me decide on the price of
my magazine. It also shows me that all of my questioned audience
download or buy music so including features on new
downloadable music or offers will create an interest for my

Q17) Do you use social networking sites?
If yes which ones?
All of my questioned audience use social
networking sites and the table to the left shows
the order of popularity among my audience. I
asked this question to be able to see whether
featuring social networking links would be of
interest. As well as this having social networking
links to these sites can increase interest as they
are seen by a wider audience as the magazine is
seen on so many different platforms.

Do you buy/listen to vinyl?

Who is your all-time favourite
Kurt Cobain/Nirvana
Ed Sheeran
Bob Marley
Arctic Monkeys



The Libertines
Green Day

The reason I asked this question was to see whether my
audience would be interested in a feature on vinyl or if a
cover line on my front cover about vinyl's would attract my
audience. With a 50/50 response I know that featuring it or
creating a cover line would attract some of my audience by
not all, allowing me to know that if I was going to place
anything about vinyl in my magazine something small would
be the best idea.

I included this question in my questionnaire so I could
find out what bands/artists were most popular among
my audience and to see if they fitted into the question
response to Q8) ‘what genres of music do you listen
to?’ The response to this question did fit in as all the
named artists above fit into the genres stated in Q8).
This allows me to know that my magazine being the
genre of indie rock/rock will appeal to all my audience.

Asking this question allowed me to see what my audience
would be interested in looking at in a main image and
therefore attracting them to the magazine. This response has
allowed me to see that majority of my audience look mainly
for an image of a band or solo artist, because this is normal
for a music magazine the second most popular answer of
‘good sense of fashion’ becomes important. I now know that
I can and should include this on my magazines main image.

I included this question in my questionnaire so I could get a
feel of what sort of things my target audience enjoy doing in
their spare time. This allows me to be able to come up with
both appealing cover lines and possible articles for my contents
page that attract and interest my audience. The response gave
me all the answers shown in the list which are stereotypical to
teenagers and young adults of both genders . This mean s I
could incorporate a few a still attract a large quantity of my


Q14) What brands do you often find yourself
I asked this question to find out some psychographics. In
the collage above are just some of the named brands
stated by my questioned audience. The response from
this question helps me understand their spending power
which helps me decipher on an appropriate price for my
magazine and also allows me to see some of my
audiences interests that could possibly be included
throughout my magazine.

Shake Shack

Pizza Express


La Tasca




Where do you most enjoy to eat out?

Again, this questioned was asked to find out my
audiences spending power and to find out some interests
of my audience to include throughout my magazine. This
response shows me there is a lot of common interests
throughout my target audience which helps me create an
overall general interest.