Outline of the Presentation

Goal of the package
Salient features
Process Perspective
Drilling down the features
System Perspective
Transaction cycle
Trade Management

Order Fulfillment Goals
Simplify sales order entry
Reduce order cycle time
Provide accurate sales order processing
To help you promise, what can be delivered

Salient Features Checks & controls  Flexible order types  Comprehensive customer information  Pricing features  Independent of inventory UOM  Flexible shipment features  .

Business Process Order Management Book & Pick .

Inputs Process Customer Order •Customer •Item •Price Outputs Shipped Order Order Management AR Update Inventory Update .

Order Process Flow Services MTI Scenario MTO Scenario .

Manage Customer • Customer information • Payment and contract terms • Group customers into profile classes • Eliminate duplicate customer information .


Profile Transactions Profile Amounts .


Manage Order Pricing Price lists  Pricing contracts  Price change tolerances  Order charges  Price effectivities  Mass price changes  Lowest available price  .

warehouse. item QC grade. item class.Pricing Features Calculation based on line total or order total  Currency specific price list  Maintain price lists to price by individual item. and freight bill method  Price breaks based on quantity or value  .

percent change.) Price break ups can be entered as unit price. customer price class  Order-level and line-level discounts and charges  Price list effectivity  .Pricing Features(Contd. or price change based on the base price  Pricing by customer.

Order/Line Level Discounts/Charges .

Pricing Qualifier Qualifiers determine the who part of eligibility. promotion or benefit. . discount. Qualifiers and qualifier groups can be linked to Oracle Price Lists and Oracle Modifiers to define concise rules governing who can receive particular price.

Order. terms and Volume) Qualifiers are specific attributes that assist Oracle Pricing with limiting the who the benefit ot price eligibility.Qualifiers Qualifier Terms Qualifier Contexts are flattened hierarchies and a way of grouping similar qualifying attributes. . (Customer. Qualifier groups – AND/OR conditions.

Modifiers Modifiers enable to setup price adjustments ( like discounts. . coupons) and freight and special charges that the pricing engine applies immediately to pricing requests or accrues for later disbursements. benefits ( like free goods. surcharges).

Modifiers Modifier List Types: • Discounts. • Freight/Special Charges • Promotion • Deal Contd… . • Surcharge.

Modifiers Modifier Line Types • Discount • Surcharge • Freight • Item Upgrade • Promotional Goods • Coupon Issue Contd… .



Promotional Goods .

Price Effectivity For a single organization or all  For a group of customers. or a single customer  For a period of time  .


System Enabled Checks Customer validation  Item validation  Price validation  Credit limit  Stipulate hold and the level of hold  .

Hold Features    Can stop an order anywhere in the order cycle Can be automatically removed by setting up an expiration date Can be system generated or manual .

Level of Holds Applied Inventory commit  Picking  Shipping  .

Order Features  Order status codes  Define your own order types .


Customizing Order Types Work Flow Definition  Sales order processing Calculate tax Credit checking Produce shipment Invoice generation  .

Credit Checking Shipping .

Order Entry Entering a sales order  Reserve goods for a sales order  On-line inventory position  On-line shipment history  Calculate the scheduled to ship date  View and edit an existing order  .

Order Sources  Manual entry  Import from Legacy  Copying from existing order .

Order Date Features    Requested ship date Scheduled to ship date(Dynamic calculation base on Carrier Lead Time. Administrative Lead Time and Replenishment Lead Times defined in inventory) Promised ship date .

Shipment Features        Flexible shipment schedule Editable shipping information Backorder Creation Changing price during shipment Allocation of goods Picklist generation Release shipment .

Miscellaneous Features  Packaged items  Reports and inquiries .

Packaged Items        To define containers carrying bulk items Bulk item fill quantities Tare weight deviation Tare volume Pallet volume and weight Gross weight Shipping volume .

Steps in the Order Cycle Order Entry Goods Allocation Picking for Shipment Shipment Release AR Update .

Integration with other Modules MRP Accounts Receivable Order Fulfillment System Administration Inventory .

System Perspective Customer Sales Order Sales Order Header Sales Order Line Details Additional Information Shipment Selection Shipment Line Selection Release Shipment Inventory Summary Price Selection Allocation Pick Lots/Location Accounts Receivable AR Update .

Order Fulfillment .

Trade Management •Trade Planning •Claims Management •Funds Management .

lump sum payments as well as buy one get one free (BOGO) offers Calculate ROI per deal with Trade Management’s Campaign Forecast and manufacturer’s ROI Calculator .Trade Planning Easy planning. Accurate standing of financial position with Trade Management’s checkbook Supports comprehensive discount types such as off-invoice. accruals. execution and evaluation of Trade Promotions.

Claims Management Efficient processing of promotional payments through the funds checkbook. credit memo and write off . Accurate updates to your General Ledger based on promotional payments of all claims Quick and efficient deduction management accomplished via integration to all ERP resources: AR. AP. GL and Order Management Supports all claim resolutions: check.

along with budget eligibility. Directs your spending where it is needed most .Funds Management Quick and easy creation of Funds and Budgets and quick systematic assisted allocation of moneys down a sales hierarchy Ability to establish thresholds to monitor spending. See at a glance both current and potential liabilities via Trade Management’s checkbook views Supports two budget types – fixed. fully accrued or live.