Dr. K. John Paul

Common symptoms of Hypothyroidism
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Slow to thrive Depression/psychoses Mental retardation Weakness Cold intolerance Constipation Loss of hair

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Oedema/stocky Hoarseness of voice Goitre Infertility Menorrhagia Dry scaly skin

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In myxoedema & cretinism its effects are striking Arrested development of children For sudden acute mania & hair loss in myxedema Goitre, obesity Sensitive to cold Contraindicated in tubercular patients Prepared from the dried thyroid gland of sheep or calf

Arsenicum • Has been found to be a normal constituent of the healthy thyroid gland • Dry scaly skin

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Calcarea carbonica Pituitary & thyroid dysfunction Great sensitiveness to cold Difficulty in learning to walk or stand; no disposition to walk and will not try Feels better in every way when constipated Defective assimilation & imperfect ossification

Baryta carbonica

• Children backward mentally & physically, dwarfish • Very sensitive to cold • Very weak & weary, must sit or lie or lean on something • Loss of memory, mental weakness
• • • •

Obesity Impaired digestion Flatulency Obstinate constipation

Fucus vesiculosus

• • • • Loss of appetite great torpidity and sluggishness no haste is found anywhere in this remedy everything is slow & even diseases are not speedy in their termination • skin rough and dry • hypertrophy of thyroid and other glands except breast

• Enlargement and induration of all lobes of thyroid. • The enlargement causes compression of the structures of the neck, dyspnoea, whistling respiration, hoarseness, short, dry cough, • Caution; Use it cautiously in obesity for a fatty heart may not be able to maintain the accelerated rhythm. Doryphora decemlineata Elastic swelling of whole body which will not pit on pressure Complaints associated with burning Resemblance with cantharis Colarado beetle/potato bug

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• Silicofluoride of calcium • Endemic goitre • A species of gneiss found by Grauvogl in the mineral springs of Gastein, and named by him Lapis albus, "White Stone. • These waters flow over gneiss formations into the valley of the Achen, where goitre and cretinism abound Sulphanilamide • Sulfa. has a slowing down of all physical and mental functions. Halt in development and puberty comes late in the child. • Goiter

Lapis albus

• Hypothyroidism after acute diseasesThyroidinum • Hypothyroidism with myxedema and carpal tunnel syndrome-Syphilinum • In thyroid disorders especially myxedema complementary to thyroidinum is Bacillinum

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Ginko biloba Hypothalamus Pencillin Cortisone RNA

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