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The Indian Beer Industry
• The beer market accounts for roughly 10% of all
alcohol sales in the country.
• The beer market in India is estimated to be over
Rupees 3000 corers.
• It is estimated at around 7 million hectoliters.
• Beer consumption has increased by 9% over the last
5 years.
• In India, beer sales grew at nearly 90% compared
to, less than 60% growth for other alcoholic
• The top 2 beer players in India account for about
75% of the market.
• The spirit to beer consumption in India is 7:1.

UBL's leading Brands
• Kingfisher Premium
• Kingfisher Strong
• UB Export Lager
• London Pilsner
• UB Premium Ice

• Kalyani Black Label Premium - Largest selling

Lager in East India
• Kingfisher Premium has raced to sales of
18.8 million cases
• Kingfisher Strong became the fastest
growing brand. Its sales crossed the 10
million cases mark within 5 years of

UBL – Sales Forecast
• Sales revenue up by 26%.
• Gross margin maintained despite
increases in input costs.
• Market Share up by 1% Against same
period of previous year.
• UBL added to its market share, growing
at 9.2% against industry average of
7.7%, powered by a 23% growth in
strong beer.
Market Share
• Kingfisher Strong continues its march recording
a 24% growth this year, retaining its
position as the country’s largest beer brand.
• Kingfisher Premium continues to be the King in
the mild beer segment.
• Kingfisher Beer accounts for 29% out of 50% of
Competition Analysis
q Budweiser qLegend,
qLondon Draft, `
q Carling, qMarcopolo,
q Carlsberg, qSan Miguel Lager,
q Dansberg, qSand Piper,
q Golden Eagle, qStrohs,
q Guru, qStud
q Heinekin,
q Hi-Five.
Competition Analysis
Fosters: It is a Premium Lager beer

with a Fresh taste. is a light beer -

highly carbonated with low bitterness
and no aftertaste. It has fewer
calories and lower alcohol content.

Haywards: the brand is most well

known for its Haywards 5000 label --

a top selling strong beer that contains
7% alcohol. Haywards also produces
Haywards 2000, a mild beer with
5.5% alcohol, and the rarer super
strong Haywards 10000.

Kings: is only brewed and sold in the

state of Goa. The Kings Black Label

premium pilsner is a very light
• Budweiser. Largest selling in USA it has
5.0% alcohol by volume and 145
calories per 12 oz., except in Utah,
Minnesota, Kansas and Oklahoma
where a 3.2% alcohol by weight (4.0%
by volume) strength is available due to
state laws. Minnesota and Colorado
require 3.2% alcohol by weight beer
only at select public events and beer
being sold in grocery stores and gas
• The Carlsberg Group is a Danish
brewing company founded in 1847 by
J. C. Jacobsen after the name of his son
Carl. The headquarters are in
Copenhagen, Denmark. in January
2001, Carlsberg became the 5th largest
State wise Beer
 India's beer consumption extended robust growth for
the third year in a row with 14.5% volume jump in
State wise Consumption
Andhra Pradesh 15.4%
Tamil Nadu 11.6%
Karnataka 24%
Maharashtra 5 – 6%
Rajasthan 26%
Haryana 30%
Delhi 3%
Orissa, West Bengal and Jharkhand 20 – 25%
Uttar Pradesh (de-growth) 7%

Characteristics Trade

• States’ prohibition policies

• Beer packed in  650,750 & govern trade sales for
1000 ml glass  bottles; beer
usage of (330 ml) cans • Multi layer trade channel
minimal structure 
•  Preference in the Indian • Beer sold through the same
market for strong beer outlets as IMFL
• Import duty on beer - 100 %  • Institutional sales of beer to
basic; 10 % surcharge; star hotels, large
SAD : 4 %  restaurants, bars/ pubs
• Sales taxes - 45% , 5% cess  • South and west zones
(State subject). account for bulk (> 75 %) 
• Excise Duty - Rs. 4/ Bulk litre of this market
in Karnataka (State • Major beer consuming
The Brand – Kingfisher

• The largest selling Beer in India

• Commanding a 25% market share in the
• Every third Beer sold in India is
• Available in 52 countries across the
• The first among Indian brands to
launch its own range of designer
• Lager : It is stored for a specified period before being
bottled or canned.

• Pilsner : A type of lager beer, it is light with 3.0 - 3.8%
• Ale : Top fermented, this kind of beer has distinct aroma. The
alcohol content is around 4 - 5%.

• Stout : Dark with burnt flavor and strong malt aroma; contains
5 - 6.5% alcohol.
• Porter : This is less dark than stout, is somewhat sweet.
Alcohol content is around 5%.

• Creamy Ale : A highly carbonated beer that is produced by a
combination of Ale and Lager.  
• Malt : A strong flavored, high alcohol content beer that
ranges in flavor and colors.

Marketing Mix Analysis
M a rk e t P o sitio n : It is the largest selling brand in
India and commands 29% market share.

TARGET AUDIENCE : In urban centers, apart from first

time users companies are also targeting women, who as
'the times they are a changing,' are entering the
market for beer.
 Product

• No. 1 selling product in its segment.

• Good quality raw material is used to maintain
the quality standards.
• Consistency of product quality is high.
• Always tastes fresh due to good quality and
well developed distribution network.
• Hangover due to heavy consumption is very mild.

 Price
• 650ml – Rs.65
• 330ml – Rs.35

• It is available throughout India, and is dominant
particularly in South and West India.  

• UB has 16 company-owned breweries & 9 contract

breweries in 20 different locations.

• Kingfisher also has an online marketing system @
• It also has some 1600 shops apart from pubs and

• Kingfisher also has tie-ups with large department
stores like ‘Foodworld’ for retailing.
• It has association with Very Classy, Up-market &
Stylish bars & lounges.

• SEX: Male Segmentation
• AGE: 28 years
• NATIONALITY: Indian Lifestyle: Easy going,
 ‘chilled out’ person who’s
DEMOGRAPHIC – Segmentation
 always willing to take a
• break and party with his
pals, as long as the sun is
• Age : 25-35 years shining and the beer is
• Region : India, urban population flowing.
• Occupation : White-collar
service/professional   BEHAVORIAL –
• Religion : Insignificant Segmentation
• Social class : Middle and
upwards Occasions: Regular user
• Family life cycle : Young, User status: Repeat user
single/married. Loyalty status: Near
• absolute
Readiness Stage: Informed
Attitude toward product:
Promotion – Making a
• Kingfisher tagline ‘King of good times’
• Kingfisher uses surrogate advertising methods like using
mineral water and sodas.
• Aggressive advertising at Outlets & Pubs.
• Recently it also started merchandizing sports goods and
trendy clothing and accessories under Kingfisher brand
• Each year Kingfisher brings out new calendars featuring
top models in swimwear.
• Kingfisher also promotes itself by sponsoring events
like fashion shows, sportspersons like Narain
Karthikeyan, East Bengal soccer team.
• Tying up with large department stores like Food-world
for retailing its Beers.

Brand Re - Positioning

• During 2003-04 Kingfisher

again repositioned Kingfisher
itself by changing the repositioned itself
logo. into a lifestyle
• This change was made brand adopting
mainly to maintain the jingles like ‘Oola la
distinctive positioning
and to create a le lo’ and tagline
stronger emotional bond ‘King of good times’.
with the aspiring
Indian youth.
Questionnaire Analysis

• 90% look at Taste while selecting a beer.

• 75% Are loyal to Kingfisher Strong and are satisfied
with the Taste


• 95% people think that Kingfisher is priced perfectly

and consider it worth the amount
• Most people would not switch over to competition


• Consumers prefer drinking at public places, even

though the price is slightly higher.

• People who consume beer are mostly aware of the ads

• The Oo--la -la campaign by kingfisher was extremely


• Consumers prefer the bottle

• They would be impressed if a special mug is offered.


• Kingfisher has TOM awareness and Recall

• Budweiser, Fosters


• The consumption of beer is maximum amongst the Youth.

Survey done on bases of
following parameters
• Sample size- 50
• Age : 25-35 years
• Region : urban population
• Occupation : White-collar
• Social class : Middle and upwards
• Family life cycle : Youth

• Which is the preferred brand in


• What do you look at while selecting

1.Brand name
3.Taste and flavor
5.Value for money
6.Praise from friends
7.Any other

• How much do you spend on a one
time purchase?

1.200/- to 250/
2.150/- to 200/-
3.100/- to 150/-
4.50/- to 100/-
5.Below 50/-

• Would you switch to another brand if
the price of Kingfisher increases?

1.Definitely Yes
2.Probably yes
3.Definitely no
• Where do you purchase the drink
from ?

1.Wine Stores => 5

2.Club=> 1
3.Local drink stores=>1

• When do you usually consume drinks
and how often?
2.In a party
3.Social Occasions
4.When in mood at home
5.With friends
6.Formal party

• How often do you consume beer?

2.Once in a week
3.Twice in a week
4.Once in month
5.Once in six months
• Are you aware of what surrogate
advertising is?
• Which brands do you recall who have
used surrogate advertising?
1.Bacardi=> 1
2.Smirnoff=> 2
3.Haywards=> 1
4.Kingfisher => 1
5.Bag piper

• What would you prefer having beer
in? And why ?

3.A designer glass
4.Any other suggestion

• Compare the following 3 brands on
the features mentioned above .
Each feature is to be given a rating
of 1 to 5 for each brand . For e.g. ,
For the feature TASTE , rate the
FEATURES separately
of 1 to
5 1HER
TASTE 1 2 3 4 5

AROMA 1 2 3 5 4
 1 3 2 5 4
MOUTH 1 2 3 4 5
BRAND 1 2 3 4 5
• What other products/services/events
besides beer are you aware of
under the brand of Kingfisher?