International Symposium 2008

Cruising The Caribbean

There are three distinct properties that help define the Caribbean: 2.Caribbean Sea 3.Geography 4.History

The Caribbean

The Caribbean Sea is a part of the Northern Atlantic Ocean that is almost land locked by the Caribbean territories and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea

Some territories that lie between North and South America has one time or another been geographically linked to the Caribbean.


Some territories are neither in the Caribbean Sea nor between the two continents, like Guyana and Belize. However, they are linked to the Caribbean through history.


The Caribbean refers to islands of or near the Caribbean Sea and its central and South American mainland territories.

Caribbean Defined….

The Caribbean is a region filled with history, culture and art. For decades the Caribbean has been the truest example of unity within diversity.



The Caribbean Region has been described as a melting pot. A melting pot of: People Culture Languages Resources

A Melting Pot

Nearly 75% of the Caribbean is of African descent. Territories like Guyana and Trinidad however are 45% Indian and 45% AfroCaribbean. In most of the other territories there is a small percentage of Indian, Chinese and Caucasians.


The Caribbean has given to the world great art and culture. For example, Rastafarianism and Reggae were born in Jamaica. Calypso was born in Trinidad. Zouk was born in Guadeloupe and Dominica. Cricket has become a regional institution. Great poets and writers are also a part of the Caribbean.


Bob Marley, an International Reggae Singer, was instrumental in standing up for “people of color” just as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.


The Caribbean is now known for its world class festivals. The St. Lucia Jazz Festival is the second largest of its kind in the world. The Dominica Creole Music Festival and the Grenada Spice Festival are also world class events.


While most of the territories of the Caribbean speak English, 75% of the Caribbeans speak Spanish. This is because the larger territories with the most densely populated people are Spanish speakers. There is a smaller but significant French and Dutch speaking population.


Most of the Caribbean has few physical resources. The human resource is therefore the most important resource. Second to this would be sun and sand, making tourism and agriculture very important industries.


Territories like Trinidad, Jamaica, Guyana and Belize are blessed with physical resources such as petroleum, gold, bauxite and other minerals.


Anguilla Antigua Bahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda Dominica Grenada

UK Territory 1981 from UK 1973 from UK 1966 from UK 1981 from UK UK Territory 1978 from UK 1974 from UK


Guyana Haiti Jamaica Montserrat St. Kitts St. Lucia St. Vincent Suriname Trinidad

1966 from UK 1804 from France 1962 from UK Territory of UK 1983 from UK 1979 from UK 1979 from UK 1975 from Netherlands 1962 from UK


John Perse Sir Arthur Lewis Derek Walcott Vidiadhar Naipaul

1960 1979 1992 2001

Guadeloupe St. Lucia St. Lucia Trinidad

Achievement – Nobel Laureates

Dr. Thomas Lecky acquired international fame for his work in animal breeding. He developed world famous Jamaican breeds of cattle by using the gene transfer and progeny testing techniques.

Achievement - Inventions

Dr. Conrad Douglas designed and built the Third World’s first multi-variant continuous pilot plant. It was capable of handling all types of bauxite.

Achievements - Inventions

Dr. Manley West and Dr. Albert Lockhart produced cannasol from ganja. Cannasol is being used successfully to treat glaucoma.

Achievements - Inventions

The steel pan was invented in Trinidad in the year 1938.

Achievements - Inventions

Brian Lara is the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. He has topped the test batting rankings on several occasions and holds two of the most prestigious world records for batting in Tests.

Achievement - Sports

Asafa Powel, born in Jamaica, currently holds the world record for the 100m.

Achievement - Sports

Rick Wayne, born in St. Lucia has one several European and World championships in the area of body building.

Achievements - Sports

Tim Duncan, born in St. Croix, is a basketball player. He has won four NBA championships and is a three time “Most Valuable Player”.

Achievements - Sports

Rhiana is a female Pop singer from Barbados who is now a music sensation. She has one a Grammy Award.

Achievement - Music

Wycliffe Jean is a Haitian musician and producer. He to is a Grammy Award recipient.

Achievemnts - Music

Joseph Marcel who played the role of Jeffery on the Fresh Prince of Bellaire was born in Castries, St. Lucia.

Achievements - TV

Busta Rhymes is a Jamaican born musician and actor.

A Beach in Barbados

Banana farm in St. Lucia

Castries Market St. Lucia

Amazona Versicolor

Marigot Bay St. Lucia

Pitons St. Lucia

Port of Spain Trinidad

Harbor Castries St. Lucia

Creek Trinidad


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