Material handling systems

Role of material handling in logistics As the science is getting developed new modern equipments are getting introduced in material handling area. It is accelerating the activity of loading and unloading. These equipments are used for the movement of material over a short distance. The bulk handling of the material takes place in shipyards, ports, airports etc.

In warehouses material handling operations are performed at following stages – • Unloading the incoming material from transport vehicle. • Moving the unloaded material to assigned storage places in warehouses. • Lifting the material from the storage place during order picking. • Moving the material for inspection & packing. • Loading the boxes on transport vehicle.

Material handling guidelines Material handling function gets reflected on the efficiency and speed of operations.following are the guidelines – • Designing the system for continuous flow of material. No idle time. • Going in for the standard equipments – it reduces the cost. • If possible use gravitational force.

The selection of material handling equipment depending on, • Volume of operations. • Speed of handling. • Productivity. • Nature of product. • Size, shape, weight of the product.

Commonly used equipments in industry are – • Wheeled trolley. • Forklift truck. • Trailer. • Conveyors. • Overhead cranes.

• Wheeled trolley – two wheeled and four wheeled trolleys are used for transferring boxes from one place to another place within the organization. Trolleys have wide range of sizes and shapes. Organizations decide as per their requirement.

• Forklift truck – this is highly useful in material handling activity. It got invented after II world war. The main advantages are,  Movement of larger loads over a longer distance.  Moving the load vertically also.  Movement of loads vertically and horizontally, exactly positioning for loading and unloading operations.  It can transfer the load in any direction.

• Trailers – these are used for mainly picking and placing the material in large volumes. It can have more number of trailers. • Conveyors – these are used where continuous flow of material is essential. It is used in mass production activity on production shop floor also.conveyors are widely used in automated warehouses in big retail shops.

Wheel conveyors – the small wheels made out of steel or plastic bearing. The load is kept on the bearings and either pushed or gravitational force is utilized for the forward movement of the material. Roller conveyor – these are mainly used in docks for faster unloading of the goods. They are like wheel conveyors but powered rollers are used.

• Belt conveyor – these are commonly used for material movement. It is used in mass production activity. • Chain conveyor – this is mainly used for movement of heavy material. It is used in mass production activity also. Pallets are kept on the chain and stoppers are provided for carrying out the production related work.

• Overhead cranes - these are used for movement of heavy items but for a shorter distances. The movement is controlled by a person having controls in his hand. Many times it is a computerized activity. These cranes are installed on the fixed girders near the ceiling.

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