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The Introduction of HiPiHi

HiPiHi Co., Ltd.


 Industry Trend: The coming 3D Internet revolution  The positioning of HiPiHi in the era of virtual worlds and 3D internet  The HiPiHi World  Business model  The strategy ecosystem  Milestones and management team

The Introduction of HiPiHi


A new revolution: 3D Internet

Source: IBM

A revolutionary change of Internet is expected to happen around 2008, 3 Di and the virtual world technology innovation and development are in the upcoming trend
The Introduction of HiPiHi


Virtual Worlds: Core App Of 3D Internet

The Introduction of HiPiHi


Market Forecast
 Many virtual worlds will emerge in the global arena  The establishment of 3D virtual world standards will enable users to teleport between different platforms  The differentiation will be in the culture and resident communities of a virtual world

The Introduction of HiPiHi


HiPiHi: A Virtual World Pioneer

HiPiHi™ [high-p-high]
 The China-based creator of the 3D Virtual World  A 3D Internet and Virtual World Pioneer  HiPiHi World is an organic online 3D virtual world created and owned by millions of individual users and groups who play the "leading and driving“ role.
The Introduction of HiPiHi


Vision And Mission
 Our Vision
To create a global leading virtual world and virtual economy

 Our Mission
To pioneer an online virtual world in China to harness the power of its users’ to build a 3D digital world as rich and complex as the real world

The Introduction of HiPiHi


HiPiHi World
 HiPiHi World is a 3D digital world as rich and complex as the real world that is created, inhabited and owned by its residents.  The residents are the “Gods” of this virtual world; it is a world of limitless possibilities for creativity and self-expression, within a complex social structure and a fully functioning economy.
A world as an organic whole A world where anyone can create anything A world full of real people and business A world of high emotional bandwidth A world shared

The Introduction of HiPiHi


HiPiHi World




The Introduction of HiPiHi


Owning And Customizing Avatar

The Introduction of HiPiHi


Editing Terrain

The Introduction of HiPiHi


Creating 3D Objects

The Introduction of HiPiHi


Infinite Possibilities
Residents retain the Intellectual Property rights to their creations Residents may buy and sell their creations and earn real money Residents may license their creations back into the real world

The Introduction of HiPiHi


HiPiHi Business Model
• • When internet evolves to 3D, all current applications can be realized or upgraded HiPiHi is committed to the creation of standards that is a first step towards inter-operability between virtual world platforms

The Introduction of HiPiHi


HiPiHi’s Global Strategy
 The boom of 3D internet and virtual worlds will lead to the comprehensive upgrading for the entire industry and related applications
 HiPiHi will actively explore :  Cooperate with global leaders in the Internet and communication industry to establish a set of hardware and software relevant standards for the development of the 3D platform.  Interoperate with other major 3D virtual worlds to finalize these standards, and bring the possibility for users to interact and transact between different virtual worlds.  Build its “global market partnership project”, “third party developer project” and “community partnership project”, to establish a HiPiHi virtual world’s global value chain.
The Introduction of HiPiHi


 2005  Oct. HiPiHi project initiated  2006  Apr. HiPiHi founded in Beijing  Aug. Institutional angel GCIG invested in HiPiHi  Sep. HiPiHi.com website launched  Dec. HiPiHi alpha testing  2007  Mar. HiPiHi began limited beta testing  Jun. In-world resident population reached 10,000  Aug. HiPiHi announces global strategy and strategic investors  Oct. Resident population reach 30,000
The Introduction of HiPiHi


HiPiHi World Roadmap, ‘Genesis’






Limited Beta Testing

Public Beta Testing

Commercial Release

The Introduction of HiPiHi


Management Team

许晖 Xu Hui Chairman & CEO
•2005 - Present Founded HiPiHi as a virtual world platform. •2003 Set up “EMBA Club International ”. •2001 Pursued international EMBA in Peking University. •2000 Chairman and CEO who started up Jingqi Xishu E- commerce Co. Ltd. •1999 Nominated by top Chinese media publications as one of the “ Top Ten China Internet Heroes”. •1998-1999 Managing Director of web portal, MyWeb China. •1992-1998 Beginning of serial entrepreneurship career – founder of numerous financial service firms •1990 Graduated from Business School of Wuhan University.
The Introduction of HiPiHi


Management Team


Toshitaka Jiku

Executive Vice President & CTO
•2008 The Executive Vice President & CTO of HiPiHi. •2007 Founded JiKu Lab, specializes in the design, architecture, and operations of 3D virtual worlds ; CEO Assistant of the internationally renowned investment institution NGI Groupn ; VP & CTO of 3Di Corporation: a subsidiary of NGI Group specializing in 3D virtual worlds. •2000 Committed to the development of 3D systems. His researches covers areas in architecture, flight simulation, landscape simulation and 3DCAD project. •1990 PhD Engineering.
The Introduction of HiPiHi


Our Team
 HiPiHi employs a senior development team of about 60 members bringing together expertise in 3D graphics, IT communications, BD and marketing.  The team has accumulated a wealth of industry-leading experience in this space for more than 6 years and this expertise has directly contributed to the technology and platform development.

The Introduction of HiPiHi


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