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What is JRA

It is childhood disease that cause inflammation & swelling joint that lead to stiff & painful joints. Many children with disease grow out of it after they get treatment ,other will need ongoing treatment as adult.

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What is JRA

Types of JRA

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1)Pauciarticular: most common mildest type children have pain in 1-4 joints 2)Polyarticular: more sever get worse over time effect more joint

Types of JRA

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3)Systemic : least common type but most serious cause pain in many joints it can spread to organs

Causes of JRA
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Unknown causes

But there are a number of things that can lead to it:  Immune system: attacks joint tissues  Viruses or other Infection  Genes

Children can have one or many symptoms such as:  Joint pain  Joint swelling  Joint stiffness specially in the morning  Inflammatory eye disease  Trouble sleeping  Problems walking

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Medical Hx & Physical examinations Complete blood count (CBC) Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR or sed rate) Urinalysis Rapid strep test or throat test Rheumatoid Factor (RF) Antinuclear Antibody (ANA) X-ray & MRI Genetic test

How is it Treated

Physical Therapy Intervention

Physical Therapy Treatment

Exercise(start gradually):
1)Aerobic Exercise 2)ROM Exercise to prevent contraction 3)Strengthening Exercise(duration :not more than 30 min per day) 4)Stretching Exercise(10 sec hold ,10 sec relax × Reputation)

Physical Therapy Treatment
Splinting (at night): 1.Prevent pain 2.Prevent morning stiffness 3.Prevent contraction 4.  Hydrotherapy: 1.Minimize the muscle spasm around the joint 2.To increase ROM

Physical Therapy Treatment
Education for the Patient & Family: 1.Learn the patient the proper way to get out of bed ,using the stairs ,& how to use the bathroom. 2.Give recommendation to sleep on pron position 30min per day to prevent contraction & to stretch the extensor muscle at the hip joint. 3.Advice to take warm shower in the morning to reduce the morning stiffness.

Physical Therapy Treatment

Children with JRA need more self confidence so doning the treatment in the way of playing it will help the patient to improve butter & to develop normally . It is very important to NOT over load the joint with Excersie & if the Exercise are causing pain in the next day you have to stop the Exercise You have to learn the children & the parent the relaxation position for every joint.

Physical Therapy Treatment

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO REEVALUATE THE PATIENT EVERY 6 MONTHES & Change the Physical Therapy program according to the chilled development & age.

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