International Relations

What the Hell? “Why bother with a complicated subject about faraway places that have little to do with me?”

9/11 Attack

Why Study IR?
• Studies before 9/11 found that only about 20% of Americans followed foreign news and that most Americans knew little about Global Politics or world geography

Petrol Prices….


Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.

International Trade
• Exports create jobs…. Imports results in loss of jobs; • US annually imports more than $73 billion worth of clothes and footwear; • What Americans pay for shirts, sneakers and other things they wear would be much higher if they were all made by American workers earning American wages;

International Investment Capital
• Every year, individuals and companies invest many billions of dollars abroad in business and real state; Investment from overseas arguably creates a degree of foreign control over the Indian economy and how Indians live; But foreign capital also provides jobs and other benefits;

Defense Spending
• Budget of National Government and the taxes we pay are yet another way that World Politics affects us economically;

War on Terror?

Who is ‘Responsible’ for lives of Afghan civilians?

……attack on Sri Lankan cricketers
• The Sri Lankan players were traveling to the city's Gaddafi Stadium for the third day of the second test match against Pakistan at around 9 a.m. local time (11 p.m. ) when the attack occurred.
Is Pakistan ‘Responsible’ under International Law?

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan questioned at U.S. airport, causes outrage in India

• Khan, 43, was headed to Chicago for a parade to celebrate India’s Independence Day, when he was pulled aside by airport authorities for interrogation, according to the Washington Post.

Can India use ‘Diplomatic Channel’ for redressal ?

United States warns of possible attack on Americans in Pakistan
• WASHINGTON- The United States warned Friday that Afghanistan-based extremists may soon attack American interests in Pakistan. • "The U.S. government has received a growing body of information that suggests strongly that extremists based in Afghanistan are preparing to attack U.S. interests in Pakistan in the near future," the State Department said in a travel warning.

What will happen if US fails to warn ?

Terrorizing India – “Enough is enough”

Can India File an Application in ICJ seeking compensation from Pakistan?

North Korea Threatens To Wipe Out The U.S. "Once And For All"

• International Relations is the study of how countries, international organizations, businesses, non-state groups and others interact; • War & Peace, hunger and prosperity, trade and isolation, cooperation & confrontation and humanitarianism and exploitation are the major issues of IR

• To understand impact of IR on States, Businesses and individuals; • What factors influence ‘IR’? Why & How? • Can we predict behaviour of States from historical data? • Major theories & stipulations about the future of ‘World Politics’

Course Outline
• Introduction, Purpose of IR study, Theories of IR • Key concepts – Power, National Interest, Balance of Power, National security, Disarmament ad Peace studies, Realism and Liberalism, Political scientists and world politics; Key political concepts

Course Outline
• Evolution of world politics, Ancient Greece and Rome, After the Fall of Rome, 21st Century Genesis of New System • Level of analysis, System level , state level and individual • International System and Actors

Course Outline
• Nationalism, nation-state, rise and ascendancy of Nationalism; Nationalism in Practice, self-determination, future of Nationalism • Globalization and Tran nationalism ; cultural Globalization, Economic Globalization, regional Transnationalism

Course Outline
• Nature and Purpose of State, theories of Governance, democracy and world politics, national interests • International Organizations- origin and growth of IGOs, Global IGOs , IGO activities

Course Outline
• National Power and Diplomacy, Foreign policy, national infrastructure, functions of diplomacy, conduct of diplomacy, rules of effective diplomacy, options for conducting diplomacy; • Propaganda as instrument of foreign policy

Course Outline
• International and Morality – Nature of international law, Adherence to international law, making of international law; international law and morality to states; application of international law to individuals

Course Outline
• National security – war and human security; military morale and leadership; use of force; arms transfers; conventional &unconventional warfare; goals and conduct • International Economy - -economic nationalism; economic structuralism; international investment; globalization and interdependence ; north and south international political economy; international economic cooperation; IMF, world bank and Regional economic cooperation

Course Outline
• Human Rights and Dignity – standards of Human rights, UDHR, abuse of human rights, food, health and education • Global commons – sustainable development, ecological state of the world; resource issues and cooperation; environmental protection

Evaluation Criteria
• Quiz • Assignment • Attendance • Class Participation • Mid Sem • End Sem – – – – – – 20% 20% 5% 5% 25% 25%

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