The Menstrual Cycle

• Begins at puberty and ceases at menopause • Lasts approximately 28 days but can vary (why do you think this?)
• Can be interrupted by pregnancy, illness, and other factors

• Split into 4 different stages

Follicle Stage
• Maturation of an egg • Secretion of estr ogen
• Initiates vascularization (thickening by blood tissue) of uterine lining

• Release of egg from the follicle

Corpus Luteum Stage
• Corpus Luteum forms from the follicle following ovulation • Yellow mass of cells secretes progesterone

• Periodic shedding of the thickened uterine lining • Lasts a few days, occurs when fertilization does not occur

Hormones Involved
• Pituitary gland secretes:
• FSH: Follicle stimulating hormone • LH: Lutenizing hormone
• Stimulates follicle growth • Tells ovaries to produce estrogen

• Ovaries secrete Estrogen :

• Causes growth of the corpus luteum which secrete progesterone which inhibits estrogen production • Progesterone causes a reduction in the production of FSH and LH

• Both influence functioning of ovaries • All are examples of negative feedback

• Causes release of FSH to stop

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