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Transportation Technology

Introduction to Technology

Objectives of Lesson
Define Transportation technology
Identify the four major categories of transportation

Compare the six technologies that are part of

transportation technology
State the importance of using transportation within
our society.

What is Transportation?

Used to move people and products

Within Society

So, transportation is technology that is used

to move people and products within a society.

??What Might the History of

Transportation Be??

Modes of Transportation

Considering our definition, what are all the

modes of transportation you can think of?

Industry associated with

Transportation careers.

Bus Companies

Road Construction


City Transportation

Harbor and Marine

Flight and Navigational Airports Pipelines

Manuf for transportation

Leisure Boating


Recreational Products

Categories of Transportation
Categories are based on the environment in
which the transportation technology is

4 Main Categories
4 Main Categories:
1. Land-any transportation that is used on or under
land to transport people and products or goods.

2. Marine-transportation by water.
3. Atmospheric-vehicles that operate primarily in the
earths atmosphere.
4. Space-any form of transportation that reaches
beyond the earths atmosphere.

Land Transportation
autos, buses, railroads, escalators, conveyers, and
Subdivided into fixed and random routesrandom-not fixed on one path (bicycle)
Fixed-those that fixed to one path (conveyor system)
3 Major Types:
Highway systems, Rail systems, Continuous Flow Systems

What Major Invention that Made

Trains and Railroads Possible???

Steam Engine

Are there any forms of land transportation that are for
fun only?

What are their routes? Fixed or random?

Marine Transportation
5 US Regions for Marine TransportationGreat Lakes System and St. Lawrence Seaway
Mississippi River System

Pacific Coast Waterways

Gulf Coast Waterways
Atlantic Coast Waterways
Large lakes, inland lakes, oceans, seas, rivers

??How Did Early Boats Move

Through the Water??
Paddles, Wind on the Sails

Atmospheric Transportation
Usually remain the earths atmosphere

1. Lighter than air



2. Heavier than air-

Passenger planes

Cargo planes

Military planes

Space Transportation
1. Manned Vehicular Units
Shuttle Units
2. Unmanned Missiles
Space Probes

Transportation System

Three Major Components within

each of the Transportation
1. Pathways
2. Vehicles
3. Support Structures

In order to deliver products and people from one location
to distant locations, a network of pathways must exist.
Land Pathways-

easy to see
roads, highways, rail lines and pipelines
Water Pathwaysless visible
includes all navigable bodies of water

All transportation systems, except continuous flow systems, use

Vehicles-technological devices designed to carry people and

cargo on a pathway. Designed to contain and protect the cargo
they carry.

Support Structures
All transportation systems use human built structures.

Rail lines
Terminals1. Where transportation activities begin and end
2. Used to gather, load and unload passengers and

Systems of Technology

Technological Systems in
6 Basic Systems:
1. Propulsion
2. Suspension
3. Guidance
4. Control

5. Support
6. Structure

Propulsion Systems
All vehicles used for transportation must have some kind of
propulsion system.

Autos use-?
Gasoline or diesel engines
Trucks use-?

Diesel engines
Aircraft use-?
Piston and jet engines

Suspension Systems
No matter what type of transportation mode, the vehicle
weight must be supported.

3 Types of Suspension Systems:

Mechanical-shocks, air suspension, wing design
Fluid-hull design
Magnetic-magnetic levitation

Guidance Technology
Guidance systems provide information to direct a vehicle. All
transportation systems must have some form of guidance

Devices for Guidance Include:

1. Tachometers, airspeed indicators, inertial sensors, radar, rails

Control Technology
1. Total traffic-traffic lights, airport control towers, railroad
control towers
2. Vehicle control-force to change, alter or regulate the speed,
direction and attitude of the vehicle. Includes brakes, cruise
controls, etc.

Support Technology
Support technology systems of technology used for
processing the vehicle, moving passengers to and
from the vehicle and bringing freight to and from
the vehicle.
1. Airports

4. Gasoline stations

2. Marinas

5. Parts dealers

3. Launch pads

Why is support technology a limitation in developing new forms
of transportation?
Support systems are not in place for the transportation designs of
the future

Structure Technology
Used to make vehicles lighter, stronger
and more heat resistant.

What are the three parts of a transportation
What are the 6 systems involved in

1. Select a transportation system you use and
describe it in terms of:

Structures used