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Why secondary storage device?
Limitations of primary storage
Volatile nature
Secondary storage
used in a computer to overcome the limitations of
primary storage

Unlimited capacity

Storing data on permanent basis


Secondary storage

Sequential access direct access

Magnetic tape

Magnetic disk optical disk memory storage

floppy hard disk cd-rom cd-r cd- rw flash mmcard

Zip disk disk pack Winchester disk

Commonly used sequential access device

Plastic ribbon coated with magnetizable material

such as iron oxide or chromium dioxide

Cost is low

Tape can be erased and reused many times

Easy to handle and store

Large storage capacity

Not suitable for storage of those data which
are used frequently required to b accessed

Must be stored n a dust free environment

Tape ribbon may be twisted due to warping,

resulting in loss of stored data
Direct access devices
Devices where any storage location may
be selected and accessed at random.

Permits access to individual information in

a more direct or immediate manner.

Equal access time

suitable for direct access application such
as online ticket booking system, online
banking system.
Commonly used direct access device

A thin circular Plate/platter made of metal

or plastic, usually coated on both side with
a magnetizable recording material such as
iron oxide
1. Floppy Disk

2. Hard Disks
Floppy Disk
Round flat piece of flexible plastic disk coated
with magnetic oxide

Most popular and inexpensive secondary

storage device
Hard disks
Round flat piece of rigid metal disk coated with
magnetic oxide

Three types of hard disks

1. Zip disk
2. Disk pack
3. Winchester disk
Zip disk
Used a single hard disk platter encased in
a plastic cartridge

Disk drive may be portable or fixed type

Fixed type is a part of computer system,

permanently connected to it.
Portable type can be carried to computer
system, connected to it for the duration of
use, and then can be disconnected and
taken away when the work is done.

Zip disk can be easily inserted and

removed through a zip drive.
Zip disk
Disk packs
Uses multiple hard disk platters mounted
on a single central shaft

Separate read / write head for each

usable disk surface
Winchester disk
Uses multiple hard disk platters mounted
on a single central shaft

Hard disk platters and the disk drive are

sealed together in contaminator- free
container and cannot bee separated from
each other.
Optical disks
Consist of circular disks, coated with a thin
metal or some other material that is highly

Laser beam technology is used

Store large amount of data within a lmited

Compact Disk Read Only Memory

Disk come pre recorded and the information

stored them cannot be altered.

Pre recorded by their suppliers, by a process

called mastering.
CD- Recordable (CD- R)
Write once, read many.

Same as CD-ROM and has same storage


Allow users to create their on CD-ROM

CD-Read/Write (CD-RW)
Same as CD-R and same storage

Can be erased and written a fresh.

Digital Video/versatile Disk
Looks same as CD-ROM

But has capacity of 4.7 GB or 8.5 GB

Used for storage of large data

Memory Storage Devices
Flash drive

New secondary storage device based on flash


Easy transport of data from one computer to another.

Comes in various size and stylish designs

Plug and play device that simply plug into a USB

port of computer treated as removable drive.

Its known as pen drive.

Memory card
Similar to flash drive but in card shape

Plug and play device that simply plug into

a computer port, treated as removable

Useful in electronic devices like camera,

music system, mobile phones