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Personal Parking Meter

Confidential 1
What is Spark ?
• It is a portable, convenient, resilient device, that
enables the city driver to easily pay for on-street

• One of the main advantages for the motorist is

that he/she will ONLY ever pay for actual time
parked, not a minute longer!

• The Spark can contain parking rates and

regulations of several parking zones

• The Spark is provided in a disposable or

reloadable configuration

Confidential 2
How does Spark work?

Confidential 3
Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

2. Driver turns
the Spark ON

1. Driver parks
the car 3. Driver selects
Zone, clicks on
OK and hangs
the unit on the
4. Driver turns car window
the meter OFF
upon returning
to the car
Confidential 4
The driver simply hangs the Spark inside the window closest to the
Pavement so that the parking inspector can clearly see it.

Confidential 5
The Parking inspector can check the Spark
using the highly visible dynamic LCD display

He can also check and authenticate the Spark

with an enforcement device (PCU) using an
Infra Red communication link

The PCU will exchange special security codes

with the Spark that will prevent any attempted
use of counterfeited devices

Confidential 6
• The Spark can be sold at POS such as department
stores, petrol stations and similar outlets

• Weighing less than 45 grams the Spark can fit in a

regular mail envelope and can be easily shipped to
the end user after completing a simple procurement
process over the internet. Mailing the Spark avoids
most of the distribution cost and saves the customer
the trouble of having to look for a unit

• The Spark can be shipped unloaded minimizing

mailing risk and cost and then it can be recharged by
the customer at home using the internet and without
any additional software or hardware

Confidential 7
How does the Spark
loading system work?

Confidential 8
Loading options
• The Spark is loaded via a
mobile loading device using
the device built in IR
communication link. The
mobile loading units can be
operated by commercial POS
or special loading shops and
even on the street

Mobile Loading Units

Confidential 9
Mobile loading units - Back End System
The Mobile Loading units are charged and managed by the Back End System
(BES ).

• The BES comprises of software, and necessary hardware to enable the

loading and enforcement operation

• It is well protected against any illegal use and it is can activated solely by the
official parking operator

Confidential 10
Loading the Spark

Back End


Confidential 11
Security and Accountability
Each Spark has a unique serial number used to identify it

Using the Portable Readers, supervisors can check the
authenticity of each Spark device via a dynamic
password policy

The BES will allow the city to have full control
over the activities of the parking operations

Confidential 12
What does the municipality need
to start using the Spark System?
1. Define the areas and streets in which it will operate, Enact the
required bylaws

2. Signpost the pavements to indicate the parking zones

3. Paint the bays in the streets where the system will be used

4. Operate an enforcement system

Wheel clamps, towing trucks etc.

Confidential 13
How does the motorist start
using the Spark system?
• The motorist will be able to purchase the Spark at the municipality
parking office, any appointed place of purchase or by mail.

• A road map (and preferably a page on the council website) showing the various
zones and tariffs will be given to the motorist

• Motorists will only ever pay for the actual time parked

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