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Great Quotes To Use &

Repeat When You Can’t

Find A Better Way Of
Saying It

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Tom Himpe
On advertising
The definition of advertising: ‘You lie
people to the truth’
We found advertising works
the way the grass grows.
You can never see it, but
every week you have to
mow the lawn

Andy Tarshis, A.C.Nielsen

Stop interrupting what people are interested in, and be what people are
interested in
Advertising agencies may come up with the best
brand ideas but big brand ideas are not always
best expressed through advertising
Nike didn’t discover the power
of advertising, they discovered
the power of their own voice

Dan Wieden
After the next nuclear holocaust
there'll be cockroaches
and ad people
On brand strategy
If you don’t have a strategy, any campaign can take you
A good strategy
should be concrete
on the inside and
chewing gum on the
outside, not the
other way around.
The business model of
the digital age is one-
word equity for brands,
that word being the
one word that a
company wants
associated with their

Maurice Saatchi
Successful brands must work like a molecule; adding successive ideas
into a chain of interesting innovations, many of which are not even
seen as marketing

John Grant, “The Brand Innovation Manifesto”

The more you
something, the
interesting it is
You don't need to control the
conversation to reap the benefits
of the exposure

Henry Jenkins
If you want to influence people's behaviour,
give them something to copy
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It’s not what advertising does with the consumer.

It’s what the consumer does with advertising.

The key is to
something that
both pulls people
together and gives
them something
to do

Henry Jenkins
The less control a company has over its
marketing message, the greater its

The Economist
If your only tool is a hammer, every
problem looks like a nail

Bernard Baruch
It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary
depends upon his not understanding it

Upton Sinclair
The essential difference between emotion
and reason is that emotion leads to
action, while reason leads to conclusions

neurologist Donald Galne

We use logic to prove and intuition to discover
If I can't picture it, I can't understand it

Albert Einstein
Genius is in simplicity and specificity.
Success is in consistency.
On ideas
Good ideas are not adopted
automatically. They must be driven
into practice with courageous

Admiral Rickover
Adapt the
technique to
your idea, not
your idea to
the technique

Bill Bernbach
The idea is the
company. Get
employed by it and
employ others who
believe in it, defend
it, develop it and
deliver it.
By 2015, there will be no
separate media and
creative awards because
there will be no distinction
between ad agency
creativity and media
agency creativity

Cliff Francis, P&G's manager

of global media and
communication, in Cannes
On media
It used to be that no brand manager at P&G
ever got fired for recommending a 30-
second TV spot
It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising
message to the many in hopes of persuading the few
We are a big marketer. We are not a mass marketer.

M. Lawrence Light, McDonald’s chief marketing officer

Media organisations have learned how to buy
sausage and bread for the cheapest price, they
haven’t learned how to create great tasting hot-
People don’t
read ads. They
read what
interests them,
and sometimes
that happens
to be an ad
We don't want 1.000 channels - we want the one we want
to watch

Nicholas Negroponte
As long as there
are sofas,
there'll be TV

On new media
Rule for bloggers:
first thoughts, best thoughts
Widgets are the
glue between
people and the
content they want
Traditional advertising
is buying time, online
is about creating time
Peer production is the most powerful
industrial force of our time

Chris Anderson
Instead of asking them to watch, to listen, to play,
to passively consume, the race is on to get them
to create, to produce and to participate
I think the real indicator will be when someone confesses that they
cried at level 17

Steven Spielberg, on the fusion of games and film

Participating in conversations is not about crowdsourcing,
it's about crowdmanaging

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5/50 rule: in 5 years time, 50% of all
content will be consumer-generated

The Podshow
We cannot allow the multiplicity of possibilities
to drag us into complexity

Kevin Roberts
People are replacing their trust in traditional authorities
with trust in each other
On the future
The future is already here, it's
just not evenly distributed

William Gibson
We always overestimate what will change the next 2 years,
and underestimate what will change the next 10

Bill Gates
The one fact about the future of which we can be certain is that it
will be utterly fantastic

Arthur C Clarke
[in the future] you will physically be inside the
experience, which will surround you top,
bottom, on all sides

Steven Spielberg
On ambition
It’s quite fun to do the

Walt Disney
The problem is
not that we aim
too high and
fail, but that we
aim too low
and succeed.
Stay hungry.
Stay foolish

Steve Jobs
I think that's the best
thing in life: keeping

Andy Warhol
On whatever
Any intelligent fool can
make things bigger, more
complex, and more
violent. It takes a touch of
genius -and a lot of
courage- to move in the
opposite direction.

Albert Einstein
If we took the mission
statements of 100 large
industrial companies, mixed
them up while everyone was
asleep, and reassigned them
at random, would anyone
wake up tomorrow and cry,
'My gosh, where has our
mission statement gone?'
Actions speak louder than words
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but
the one most responsive to change

Charles Darwin

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To rob a bank you
need two things: a
gun and a smile.

A smile to convince
and a gun to
convince faster.
It’s nicer to
join the
pirates than
to join the
An educated
customer is better
than an
because they're
already further
down the chain.
If I had asked people what they wanted, I
would’ve built a faster horse

Henry Ford
The consumer
is not a
moron, it's
your wife

David Ogilvy
The greatest
more by
doing less
The subconscious needs time
and space to roam
I make movies for
the masses but I
speak to them
one by one

Steven Spielberg
Kids, you tried your
best and failed
miserably. The
lesson is, never try.

Homer Simpson
It takes two people
to lie.

One to lie, and one

to listen.

Homer Simpson
Just because I
don’t care,
doesn’t mean
I don’t

speak less, say more
Before you speak,
make sure that
what you say is
better than
What you have to remember when building a
mousetrap, is to leave room for the mouse
Any technology that is
sufficiently advanced is
indistinguishable from magic

Arthur C. Clarke
fail fast, learn fast, fix fast

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