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Year 13 Media &

•I will be exploring the level of
abuse that football referees suffer
•I want to examine what effects
this has on referee’s.
•How footballer’s behaviour can
affect the next generation of
•Supports the claim that
disrespectful behaviour is
having a negative effect on
the game.
•Interviews with grass root
referees and several other
people in football
Content of Idea
 My topic is based on the
‘Respect The Ref’ campaign
in football.
 I aim to educate my
audience and about the
campaign and what it is
trying to achieve in football.

• I feel that the unique selling

point of this documentary is the
fact that it is also a subject in
football that has not yet been
addressed fully and there has not
been a documentary about this

• Debate – Referees deserve

respect VS they don’t because of
poor decisions
Structure & Running Order
1. Introduction – Voice over and archive footage.
2. Presenter talks about the subject and giving an exposition.
3. Vox pops outside West Ham game.
4. Interview with Ian Hendon
5. Archive footage of referee abuse. I.E. Paolo Di Canio, Roy
Keane etc.
6. Interview with Grass roots referee.
7. Vox pops with Players at the west ham academy
8. Presenter gives closing statement.
• Football, Going out, Video games.
•Appeal – popular conversation topic, majority Age
of population watch it, referee respect is a
• Age group – 16 – 24.
good conversation topic.

My Target Audience

Gender Location
• Target 50% male & 50% female. • Location – United Kingdom
• Appeal – wider target audience, women • BBC three airs only in the united kingdom
enjoy football as well as men, by involving
women it strengthens appeal. • Only people in UK will be able to watch
• Wider audience.
• Targeting people in college and
going into university.
• I will be using language that will
be more understandable.

My Target Audience

Socio-Economic Group
Spending Power.
• A lot of my audience in groups C2, D & E.
• My targets audience spending power is around £50
• More people in this group will be playing a month at aged 16
• £400 a month at aged 24
•They will be able to relate to some of the
abuse referees suffer. •Football fans pay a lot of money to go to a game and
sometimes feel cheated by a poor referreeing
Political Views
• Credit Crunch
All Ethnicities
• Street violence
• Relation to football

My Target Audience

Religion Current Media Consumption

All Religions • Top Gear
• The Gadget Show
• Inside Sport
Explanations of Research –
 Research Type – Questionnaire

 Audience – I used to find out what my audience thought of the topic and what documentaries they already watched.

 There was a mixture of quantitative and qualitative data in my results.

 Most people thought documentary was a good idea.

 Original topic that has not been heard much about.

 Most of my target audience watch nature documentaries.

 Useful for my documentary as I can use similar conventions of the documentaries that people like

 I know from the fact people find the topic new and original I know that this will be a strong and interesting documentary.
Explanations of Research –
Facts & Figures
 By researching different facts and figures I aimed to find
various pieces of information that I could include in my
documentary to make it stronger.
 This piece of research was focused entirely on the content of
my documentary and was entirely secondary.
 Most of the data that I researched was qualitative data.

What I found out

 On average, 7,000 referees quit football every year at
because of the abuse they receive from player.
 The new premierships rule is that intimidation or harassment
of the referee by three or more players from one team will
lead to fines of up to £250,000. One final important fact is
that the Football Association have announced plans to invest
a record £200million into the grassroots of their sport over
the next five years.
Explanations of Research –
Textual Analysis
 I analysed other 3 different documentaries. One similar to
mine from the BBC, One similar to mine from over 5 years ago
and one documentary with a similar layout to what I want
mine to be.
 I did this so that I could find out what conventions are used in
documentaries that have a similar topic to what I am doing.
 By finding out what conventions and techniques are used I can
make my documentary stronger
Explanations of Research –
Focus Groups
 All about my audience.

 What was good? What was bad?

 Didn’t know a lot about it, would like to learn


 Needs to appeal more to women

 Now I know what my target audience think

about this documentary – can make it stronger
Technical Viability
 Camera
 Tripod
 Microphone
 Tapes
 Batteries for camera
 I-mac
 “Final Cut”

 Crew :
 Camera man – Not decided yet.
 Presenter - Me
 Director - Me
Practical Viability
 The main expert - Ian Hendon, Barnet Manager, who I will
able to gain access to as he knows a family member.

 Will be filmed at either his or my house - informal


 West ham academy – vox pops with players and referees.

 Archive footage – Paolo di canio pushing referee, Thierry

Henry hand ball, etc. I will get these videos off of youtube
Legal and Regulatory
 I feel that the BBC editorial guidelines effect my work
positively. This is because I can ensure that my
documentary will not offend anyone if I follow their rules,
such as always telling the truth, making each opinion fair
and making sure that it is suitable for children to watch.

 By following OFCOM’s regulations I can

ensure that my documentary is not in any risk
of getting me into trouble. This is because
that by following these regulations I will make
sure that things such as any possible
reconstructions will be fair and accurate, any
possible offensive material must be justified
and any secret filming has to be approved of
before hand.
 By following the media law guidelines I can
ensure that any interviews will have permission
from the contributor, and any private and
confidential information will not be included in
the feature unless given permission to do so
Legal and Regulatory

OFCOM BBC Editorial Media Law

• Secret filming • Defamation – I
– must have • Truth & Accuracy must not say
– I must make anything
permission to
sure all the facts untruthful about
do so from anyone in my
producer. are given .
• Offensive • Fairness – all • Confidence and
Material – must opinions must be Privacy – I must
not show any addressed and not include any
material that my piece has to confidential and
will offend be fair and private information
unbiased. of any of my
without permission
 Texts that have a similar target audience to
mine are programmes such as ‘Top Gear’,
‘Inside Sport’ and ‘The Gadget Show’.
 I am trying to make my text more unique by
talking about a topic that has never really been
talked about before and needs more awareness
raised on the matter.
 This feature would cost around 7 pound for a
travel card to go to Upton park, which would be
over one day.
Marketing – BBC Ethos
 This text will be educational as it will teach
people about the history of the respect the
ref campaign and what it stands for.
 I will also try to make it entertaining by
keeping this feature quite light hearted and
informal by having funny voice overs and
friendly presenters.
Questions for the
 How can I make this appeal to
more to females?
 Have you had any experiences of
football violence or know anyone
who has?
 How do you feel about this topic?