Overview of Silverlight

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Microsoft Silverlight is a crossbrowser, cross-platform implementation of .NET for building and delivering the next generation of media experiences & rich interactive applications for

A richer web with Silverlight

Timeline & Packaging

V1.0 Released September 2007, V1.1 in Alpha (timing and some functionality TBD) Moonlight – timing TBD (Novell)

Browser plug-in, little dependency on other s/w

Silverlight V1.0 and V1.1
Silverlight V1.1 Silverlight V1.0

V1.1 will add .NET to V1.0
CoreCLR Independent subset of the .NET Framework

Installing Silverlight


Declarative Development XAML
eXtensible Application Markup Language
Code Calculator c = new Calculator(); Multiply m = new Multiply(); m.P1 = 10; m.P2 = 20; c.Operations.Add(m) XAML usage XAML <Calculator> <Operations> <Multiply P1=“10” P2=“20”/> </Operations> </Calculator>

Compiled to produce executable code Dynamically loaded (parsed or pre-parsed)

Core UI Capabilities
Vector Based Graphics
2D graphics Primitives (ellipse, rectangle, path etc) Composition engine Transforms Brushes Text Ink

Animation system Media
Video Audio

Core UI Capabilities

Silverlight Programming Model

Silverlight, Documents and DOMs

Silverlight “Hello World”

Designer/Developer Tooling
Look, behavior, brand, and emotional connection

Function, deployment, data, security, operational integrity

VS 2008

XAML VS Project Files

Silverlight Tooling
Design Blend 2, September Preview Encoder

Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 Silverlight Tools Alpha for Visual Studio 2008 Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Refresh SDK

Expression Tools


Silverlight Streaming
Provides developers a free, scalability-on-demand solution for Silverlight

http://silverlight.live.com • Free, 4GB hosting and streaming • You build the application, we deliver the scale • High quality, differentiated, controllable user experience

Silverlight Streaming



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