Yr9 Dance.

Neo Ballet
By Chloe Kendall 

Where did it Originate?
Ballet Originated from France as a Romantic Expression of art. It started as Romantic Classical Ballets. Over time, a new dance faze came in which was the Modern Neo Ballet, or Lyrical Ballet.

When did it Originate?

Ballet originated in 1416 by Domenico di piacenza. A few hundred years later Enrico Checchetti Became a famous Male ballerina. In 1850, Enrico started his own Company called ‘Checehetti’ which is still going on today.

How has it developed over time?

think it has become more well known, and more people are aware of it, because Classical has been around for hundreds of years and Neo is more modern. Classical expressed more romantic expressions. Neo expresses more emotion towards the music.

What are some of the most common steps?

In Ballet there are 7 Basic Movements in dance. They are
      

Plie- to bend. Entendue- to stretch. Relieve- to rise Glissade- to glide or slide Saute- to jump Elance- to dart Turne- to turn

What kind of costuming is typically used for style.

The typical costume is usually a nice flowey dress. It really depends on the dance or music. Eg: if the music is soft you shouldn’t a have a strong colour like bright orange you should stick with the pale colours. The dress should allow you to move around and let them see what you are doing with your body so it shouldn’t be baggy. With your dress you wear pale pink clean tights and clean Ballet shoes.

What Shoes do you wear?
 In

a Neo Ballet performance the usual foot wear is Ballet shoes. Sometimes people can get away with wearing Foot pads, (which is what you wear in a Contemporary) but depends what type of dance it is. When you are performing you must have clean ballet shoes, with either Ribbons or Elastics neatly sewed on. In a Neo ballet you can’t wear Pointe shoes, they must be soft ballet shoes.

Can you learn this style in Bendigo?
 In

Bendigo there are a range of dance schools you can choose to learn Ballet. They all offer different styles, like Pointe Classes, Open ballet classes, and Exam work. In the school holidays there are usually local competitions which you can compete in.

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