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Advertising Objectives &

DAGMAR approach

Importance of objective setting

1.Objectives provide a communication
platform for the client, the ad agency, account
executive, and the creative team members,
and help coordinate the efforts of copywriters,
media specialists, media buyers and
professional involved in advertising research.
2. Objective provide a basis of decision making
by having a standard or point of reference.

Sales as an Adv. objective

Most common objective.
Not suitable for all cases, as adv. Is just one factor ..others
factor to sales may be favorable 4Ps and promotion
Adv create delayed or carryover effect and in long run.
Adv may be useful in building interest and favorable brand
In spite of problems, Sales objective is most appropriate for
direct-action advertisingads offering some kind of
incentive, announcing contests, or encouraging prospects
to place order by phone or through internetin such cases,
evaluation is based on sales results.
Also useful for companies where advertising plays a major
role in marketing programe.

Communication Objectives
Adveertiing communication objectives can be
placed in a pyramid with lowest (awareness)
and highest (Repurchase/ regular use).
The % of prospective customers will decline
as they move up the pyramid towards more
action-oriented objective.

regular use
10% Trial

20% Preference

40% Liking

60% Knowledge/comprehension

80% Awareness


Example of setting Objective using

Communication effect Pyramid
Product: a detergent powder (X)
Time frame: 6 months
Objective 1: create awareness among 90 target audience. Use simple
message. Use repetitive advertising in print and broadcasting
media. (teaser ads)
Objective 2 : create brand interest among 70%. Informative message
about brands features and benefits. ( descriptive copy, slogans,
Objective 3: Generate positive feelings about the brand among 40%
and preference among 25%. Build favorable attitudes by conveying
useful brand info. and sampling, etc. ( comparative ads ,
argumentative copy)
Objective 4 : Obtain trail among 20. Use brand sampling , and coupons
along with advertising.
Objective 5: Maintain regular use among 5% of target audience. Use
reinforcing ads. ( POP advertising, testimonials, price/quality

DAGMAR approach
Russel H Colley (1961) coined Defining advertising
goals for measured advertising results (DAGMAR)..
He developed a model for setting advertising
objectives and measuring results of ad campaign.

According to colley:
Advertisings job, purely and simply, is to communicate to
a defined audience information and a frame of mind that
stimulates action. Advertising succeeds or fails depending
on how well it communicates the desired information and
attitude to the right people at the right time and at the
right cost

Colley proposed that communication

objectives be based on hierarchal model with
4 stages:
a) Awareness
b) Comprehension- understanding of what the
product is and what it would do for them.
c) Conviction- create a mental disposition to
d) Action

One important contribution of DAGMAR what

constitutes a good objective.
1. Objective to be stated in terms of concrete and
measurable communication tasks.
2. Specify a target audience.
3. Indicate a benchmark or standard starting point
and the degree of change sought
4. Specify a time period for accomplishing the