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Role of Merchandiser in

Apparel Export House

Topics to be covered
Definition of merchandiser
Quality of merchandiser
Role of merchandiser

Definition of merchandiser

Merchandiser is a person who coordinates/ links the buyers, vendors and

the manufacturer to make buying and
selling process to be simple and fast.

Quality of Merchandiser

A merchandiser should be:



Role of Merchandiser

A merchandiser is expected to
perform the following roles and
Costing Negotiations.
Preparing Time & Action calendar.
Order Tracking and Monitoring.
Monitoring Material Utilization.

Role of Merchandiser
Ensuring all Products Meet the
Specified Testing Parameters.
Getting Approval from Buyer.
Coordination b/n various
Capacity Planning for the season.


All communication, information flow

throughout the order cycle (with
buyers & with departments within the
company and vendors) from receipt
of order to final shipping of goods

Costing Negotiations

It is the reduction in cost and

improvement in margins that can help
the manufacturer ahead in this
competitive world and so the
merchandiser has to negotiate with
the buyer and vendor on costing.

Preparing Time & Action

Time and Action Calendar, is a tool
that captures several work steps, the
deadlines for completing the work
steps and the actual time when the
steps were completed
Hence, it is a calendar for monitoring
all work steps within the order cycle

Order Tracking and Monitoring

Following up whether the work steps

are appearing as per the T & A or
there is any delays in work steps and
taking an action accordingly to meet
timely delivery.

Monitoring Material Utilization

In the analysis of cost of a garment

the highest cost element is the
material cost (fabric, trims and
accessories). Hence the first step to
cost reduction is to reduce the cost of
highest cost incurring element i.e.
materials and effective utilization of
these materials.

Ensuring all Products Meet the

Specified Testing Parameters

The merchandiser is supposed to

ensure that all products are meeting
the specified test parameters laid
down by the buyer / customer.

Getting Approval from Buyer

The merchandiser has to get

approval from the buyer on the

Fabric (quality, colour, shade banding, lots

Trims (quality and colour)
Samples (Proto, Fit, Size Set, PP, TOP)

Coordination b/n various


The merchandiser has to Coordinate

various departments within the
company (such as stores, sampling,
purchase, production, quality
assurance and logistics) for smooth
execution and timely delivery of

Capacity Planning for the


In collaboration with the production

department the merchandiser has to
plan the capacity of the company for
the season. Because it helps in
decision making and optimum
utilization of resource.