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The water cycle is the circulation of water on the surface of the earth .

The water from the oceans,

seas , lakes evaporate due to the heat of the sun and forms clouds which get blocked and get
condensed and forms rain ,hail or snow . The water brought by rain seeps into the ground and
becomes a part of the ground water or flows in rivers which end up in oceans or gets collected in
other water bodies . This process repeats everywhere and every time .The water also evaporates
through transpiration and forms water vapour

Oceans provide us with very useful things like petroleum, salt

metals , minerals etc .

People should not throw waste in water bodies

People should not throw
waste in water bodies
because this can lead to
pollution of water and
death of animals living
in and around that water

water treatment plant

water treatment plants are important because if the water we use is

directly sent into rivers the water on earth would be too much pollute
and then most of the useable water on earth will be polluted

Factory without a water

treatment plant

Factory with a water treatment


In factories without a
water treatment plant the
contaminated water enters
the river and pollutes it

In factories with a treatment

plant the contaminated water
gets purified before entering
the river

A wind mill
The wind rotates the windmill
which is used to draw water
from tube wells or to run
flour Mills

of air
The air has many gases
present in it . These
gases are nitrogen,
oxygen, carbon dioxide
and other gases their
quantities are 78%, 21%,
0.03% and 0.93%

Why should factories have long chimneys

Factories should have
long chimneys because
the air at lower level
should not be much
polluted in which we
breathe as it may lead
to various diseases


unnecessary packaging
The unnecessary
packaging also creates
too much waste eg:- The
packaging in the
chocolate box has some
unnecessary layers like
paper . If the chocolates
are just wrapped with
foil and kept in the box
then it would reduce
much waste

Handling waste with machines

The sanitary workers are exposed to very much health
problems then if the waste is handled with machines then the
sanitary workers will be less exposed to health risks

Average waste
produced and its

We produce much
waste everyday
out of that waste
paper and
cardboard is 30% ,
kitchen waste is
30%, waste metal
is 10%, br0ken
glass is 10%, waste
plastics is 8%, old
clothes is 4% and
other materials
including dust
which is 8%.

Bins for biodegradable and recyclable wastes

There are two
coloured bins
for the
collection of
garbage blue
is for
and green is

The end