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Principles &
February 28, 2014

Background .

Zen = better (Kaizen = Change for the Better) ‒ Late PM Meles Zenawi = initiated introduction to Ethiopia ‒ Kaizen = Continuous improvement ‒ TVET institutions. other public and private enterprises . Higher education.Background ‒ Waste – scarcity – Kaizen ‒ Kai = Change.

Kaizen Definition. Principles. PDCA . Conditions & elements.

& Delivery. (QPCD). all . Cost.What is Kaizen? KAIZEN is a system of continual undertaking by an organisation to improve its business activities and it is an integrated & company-wide approach with the Three Actors:Critical Factors 1) Top Management. Productivity. 2) Middle Managers & 3) Front-line Employees Front-line Workplaces improvement efforts. Commitment Genuine Participation Motivation are the foundation of KAIZEN encompasses all areas related to Quality.

PDCA cycles ‒ Endogenous undertaking conducive to change in organizational culture .Kaizen: Guiding Principles ‒ Integrated total company approach ‒ Focus on the workplace that encourages improvements of efficiency ‒ Proactive and spontaneous participation of front-line employees ‒ Continuous and endless activities .

d Innovation Vs Kaizen .Cont.

d Prerequisite of KAIZEN: Seven Conditions .Cont.

d Prerequisite of KAIZEN: 8 Key Elements .Cont.

Cont.d Prerequisite of KAIZEN: Mindset .

Cont. • Compile best practice KAIZEN CHECK • Awareness creation for top management • Provide training for implementers •Select implementation site • Compile data DO • Identify Seven types of waste • Implement 5S • Establish KAIZEN Board • Compile /record results & changes (Before and After) .d HOW KAIZEN? PDCA PLAN • Disseminate to other workstations • Assure sustainability ACT • Evaluate results and changes before & after implementation.

Implementation Strategy .

5) Scatter Diagram. 5 Knowledge Base No. 3) Pareto Chart. 3 Knowledge Base No. 1 Conceptual Foundation KAIZEN Concept Overview – PDCA – A never-ending upward spiral – Mind-set & Attitude – TQM – Customer Satisfaction in QCD across total company with genuine participatory corporate culture Fundamental Enablers on Recurrent KAIZEN Agenda  Business Planning  Cost Accounting and Operation Data  Trust and Empowerment . and 7) Fish-bone Chart QC Circle Basics How to Operationalise QC Circle Suggestion System Management Organization for KAIZEN New QC 7 (7) Tools any other analytical tools Muda-dori: Waste Elimination Poka-yoke: Quality Management KYT: Safety Management TPM: Total Productive Maintenance IE & SQC any other expertise Knowledge Base No. 4 Analytical Tools Vehicle of Company-wide KAIZEN Movement Methods QC Seven (7) Tools 1) Histogram. 2 KAIZEN Starters 5S – Standardization of Work place Environment Standardization of Operation Knowledge Base No.KAIZEN Corporate Culture: An organization equipped with self-motivated endogenous and continual improvement KAIZEN in Action (KAIZEN Activities) Knowledge Base No. 2) Graphics. 6) Control Chart. 4) Check-sheet.

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