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What are Environmental issues in Urban Landscape ?

• Environmental issues are any such issues created due to human activities
and cause harm to the environment which leads to degradation of urban
areas and urban landscape.

Examples of Environmental Issues .

Environmental issues around the globe Land and soil pollution .

Issues in Japan • Japan's environmental policy has reflected a slight balance between economic development and environmental protection. • Major issue NUCLEAR POWER . the Japanese government takes international responsibility to conserve and protect the environment. As the world's leading importer of both exhaustible and renewable natural resources and one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels.

Issues in China .

like cadmium and zinc. • The CANCER VILLAGES ARE LARGE AREAS THAT ARE SO POLLUTED THAT EVEN LIVING IN THEM CAN CAUSE SEVERAL TYPES OF CANCERS. the river that flows through town changes from white to a shade of orange because of varying types of industrial effluent. are known to cause cancer. Many of the river's contaminants. a city in southern Guangdong province.Cancer Villages • The existence of “cancer villages” proves China’s disregard for environmental protection. • In Shangba (a cancer village). .

Issues in Gulf Countries .

Issues in Indian Urban Landscape .

Economic development causes environmental issues in India • • • • Uncontrolled growth of urbanization Industrialization Expansion. It is also suggested that India's growing population is the primary cause of India's environmental degradation .intensification of agriculture The destruction of forests-deforestation • economic development is key to improving India's environmental management and preventing pollution of the country.

shifting precipitation patterns and declining intervals of drought recurrence • Resource misdistribution. Resource depletion. Public health Loss of biodiversity Loss of resilience in eco-systems Poor water supply and sanitation issues Natural hazards like floods. etc. forest land for cultivation.Major environmental issues • • • • • • • • • • Forest and Agricultural land degradation. annual rainfall due to deforestation. Increasing pollution have led to an increase in air pollution. sand.water. . minerals. Poor agricultural practices Civil conflicts involving natural resources---coal. forest.


Heavy pressure on land Land degradation Habitat destruction • Changing consumption pattern has led to rising demand for energy • The final outcome of this are air pollution. climate change. . global warming.Population and economic growth • • • • These contribute many serious environmental calamities in India. water scarcity and water pollution. depletion of natural resources.

we see people defecate in the open or in rivers.1 million liters of raw sewage being disposed into it every minute. Statistics conducted by UNICEF have shown that only 31% of India’s population is using improved sanitation facilities as of 2008. With poor sanitation facilities in our country. . The high level of contamination of the river by human waste allow diseases like cholera to spread easily. especially among children who are more susceptible to such viruses.Water pollution • • • • • • • There is no proper sanitation in India which is one of the major concerns India faces today. It is estimated that one in every ten deaths in India is linked to poor sanitation and hygiene. resulting in many deaths. The Ganges River. in India has a stunning 1. Diarrhea is the single largest killer and accounts for one in every twenty deaths.

Air pollution • • • • Indian cities are polluted by vehicle and industrial emissions Road dust due to vehicles also contributing up to 33% of air pollution In cities like Bangalore around 50% of children suffer from asthma One of the biggest causes of air pollution in India is from the Transport system • Excessive air pollution was causing the white marble of the Taj Mahal was turning yellow • The air pollution in the big cities is rising to such an extent that it is now 2.3 times higher than the amount recommended by WHO .

caused by flyash ponds of thermal power stations. . the issue of Uranium poising in Punjab came into light. which reportedly lead to severe birth defects in children in the Faridkot and Bhatinda districts of Punjab.Land Pollution • Although the British started deforestation in India. the pressures to modernize since the partition of 1947 have only increased the rates of deforestation.In March 2009. which causes soil erosion which leads to Land Pollution • Land pollution in India is due to pesticides and fertilizers as well as soil erosion • Eg.

Fires-Forest fires destroy trees. and damage their trunks and roots. Weather-Storm and snow damage the forests. seeds and the animal life. Dams-Barriers constructed across rivers to prevent floods submerge and kill large tracts of forests. factories. Jhuming (Shifting cultivation)-In certain parts of India. . Pests-Many kinds of insect pests destroy forests by eating the shoots and spreading diseases. mining and quarrying have seriously affected the forest. forests are burnt and the ash is mixed with the soil and the land used for cultivation. These natural forces are beyond human power to control. trample the young plants. road and rail tracks.Deforestation • • • • • • • • • Began in the 19th century with the arrival of British colonialism Railroads and roadways built by the British exacerbated the situation Population explosion-Large areas of forests have been cleaned for agriculture. Grazing and gnawing mammals-These animal seat. industries.


Effect on Urban Landscape .

Mumbai Effects on urban landscape .


to maintain healthy soil Sustainable development – A certain proximity of land can produce only a limited amount of resources to sustain only a limited amount of people Growing trees More dustbins in all public places Encourage a cleaner city is a better city to live in There are many ways we can prevent environmental problems. 5. especially Global Warming. . As individuals.Stop using spray products with CFC's 2.Conservation • • • • • • • • • Forest cover Scrub cover. Stop Deforestation.Use Public transport to Travel as it will save money. 4.Stop burning wastes especially non-biodegradable. fuel and there will be less air pollution. the only thing we can help prevent environmental problems is to keep our environment clean. Common and simple ways we can help save our environment are as follows: 1. 3. Plant more and more trees.