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SAP Query or Info Set Query

SAP Query or InfoSet Query is a useful tool

for developing reports or query view.
By entering some selection criteria, we can
get some required output/result.
This application is mainly used to create
reports that are not available in SAP standard
but user can easily create without any
programming e.g. list of phantom items used
in BOM in different header materials.

Steps for creating Info Set Query

TCode: SQ02
After Opening the screen, click on
Environment Query areas
Select - Standard Area (Client-Specific)
Click on Choose

Enter a name for Info Set click on Create

A new screen will open Enter name (description of

Info Set) and Type a name of Primary table in
Table join using basis table Press Enter

Another new screen will open Type other table

name (like STPO & MARC)

Tick check box of 1st 2 tables click on Define


Tick check box of 1st 2 tables click on Define

condition click on + (expand) key

Click here

Click on Yes Relationship screen appears

Here we have to decide which fields need to be

included for joining the 2 tables. As per previous
slide 3 fields are joined. But relationship with STLNR
(Bill of Material number) is sufficient and MATNR of
MAST & IDNRK of STPO should not be linked for
this case.
To delete link select equal sign & click on undo
relationship button


Now join condition for MAST & STPO is like:

The same process to be followed for STPO & MARC table join.

Field Group Defaults screen appears Click on

Create empty field groups press Enter

On the appeared screen Expand tables and then

drag & drop the field name (next)

Drag & Drop the Fields to Field Group/data fields

Screen appears like this if expands click on

Generate (InfoSet Z_PHNTM_ITM_BOM generated)
Cilck on Generate

/nSq03 Type User group name Click on Change


Click here

This screen will appear Tick the check box Click

on Save

/nSq01 Type a Query name create Select

InfoSet Type the Title (any description) List
Format (Columns) 255 Table Format (columns)
- 200

Cilck for next screen

Select All Click next Select All Click next

Selection Screen appears (Selection criteria to

decide) e.g. Mat No., Plant, Spl procurement type,
Procurement type assign sl no for field sequence

Click on Statistics Create Serial # for Columns

Click here


Serial number

Back 2 times Click on System Status Copy

Program name to create TCode

Steps for creating QuickViewer

TCode: SQVI (ToolsUtilitiesMaintenance)
User specific query area
Type a name &
click on Create

A new screen will open Enter name (description of

QuickViewer) and Data source - Table join
Basis Mode Press Enter

A new screen will open Enter name of Tables to

use Tick Check Box of 2 tables Click on
Define condition

Click here after

ticking the 2 check

Then Define Join condition by clicking + sign

Click on Yes

Click on Yes

Next Steps are same like Infoset for completing join

conditions Back Below Screen appears

Tick the boxes for Display & selection Fields Click

on Save

Log display screen should not show any red (error

msg) press Enter Query created

Click on Execute

Selection screen will appear for Input values. This is

executable with quickview name only for the user
who created.

This may used by other users with following process

type the QuickView name click In background

A program name is displayed Type this prog name

in TCode SE38 execute Any user can use it.