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Performance Management Presented To :Syeda Madeeha Presented By:Syed Asghar Mahak Gul Khurram Rabbani Muhammad Arshad .

Zimbabwe. PMCL is a joint venture between Motorola incorporated and Saif Media Group. since then it has seen a dynamic and full throttled speed of development and prosperity. Benin. Uganda. Naguib Sawiris. It adopted Mobilink in June 2000.History of the Mobilink    Mobilink is a subsidiary of Orascom telecom. Mobilink first launched its services in Lahore in August of 1994. 5 in Arab countries (Egypt. Gabon. Syria. Yemen and recently Algeria) one in Pakistan and 15 in central and sub-Saharan African countries (cote D’ Ivory.) Limited) was set up in 1994 with its head quarters in Lahore. Zambia. Since then the network has grown and now Mobilink covers thirty-nine cities. In its effort to fulfill its regional strategy. . The central African republic. Chad. Chad. Orascom telecom is headed by Egyptian based chairman Mr. Congo Brazzaville. Burundi and Niger). Jordan. It was founded to achieve a fundamental target to build one unique telecommunications entity of Arab identity. Togo. Orascom Telecom now has 20 operating licenses. DRC. PMCL (Pakistan Mobile Communication (Pvt.

” Vision “To be the leading telecommunication services provider in Pakistan by offering innovative communication solutions of our customers while exceeding shareholder value and employee expectations” . business partners and shareholders. employees.Mission Statement “To be the unmatchable mobile system of communications in Pakistan this provides the best value to its customers.

At MOBILINK the people have been empowered to a large degree by minimizing out dated rules /regulations and plan to further eliminate the bureaucratic barriers to capitalize on their ingenuity and talent. HR strategy refers to the specific human resource management course of actions that a company pursues to achieve its objectives.HR Strategies HR is putting its efforts towards nurturing a winning corporate culture and building organizational capabilities by ensuring that its people at all levels are both able and willing to perform at consistently exceptional levels. . But how these strategies/policies/practices are formulated and implemented at Mobilink. There is a whole process behind this.

However. Though we did manage to gather some information regarding the system and how it leads to the development of the employee and their performance appraisal on 360 degree feedback. A review is about ensuring people know what levels of performance are expected of them and then taking action to ensure they are trained and developed to perform effectively. the screening process is carried out by the HR department itself. due to certain policies of the management. the confidentiality of the system is very high. Although the appraisal process is conducted at each department by their own supervisors through interviews or written forms. .Performance Appraisal Reviewing performance and taking positive steps to develop employees further is a key function of management and is a major component in ensuring the success of the company through effective employee performance.

e. meet requirements without initiative or advancement) 8% Basic Performance to be improved (hardly meets requirements) 5% 15% .” very good” indicates the individual is on track for advancements Good Indicated performance that requires improvement (i.Appraisals Categories % Of total numbers of employees which can be rated in this category Appraisal Category Definition of category Expert Indicates exceptional performance Very Good Indicate performance that 10% consistently meets the requirements of the position.

there is a continuous assessment of the technical and managerial skills. Types of Training in Mobilink • Soft skill training • Technical Training . The employees are provided with opportunities to put these skills into practice. For the further enhancement of these skills formal training programs are offered at all levels. in preparation for the move to a managerial role.Training and Development At MOBILINK.

g. Soft skill development courses in areas like personal finance and childcare can help your team better manage the most important areas in their personal lives. • Conflict management training • People management training • Communication skills . This may include the following things for e.Soft Skill Training Helping your employees develop a stronger base of knowledge on topics that affect their personal lives can make them more productive and less distracted in their jobs.

The engineering trainings of Mobilink are also included with this along with • Customer Services training • Sales related training • Marketing and technology training etc. Specific skills are focused and developed accordingly.Technical Training This type of training has direct effect on the job of the employee. Training programs leads to: •Leadership •Influencing •Creative Problem Solving . All these types of training are done to enhance the employee’s job skills at the level he is at.

. The Mobilink HR department develops the employee’s career development plans in which the HR department predicts the next logical step for their employees within five years.Career Planning & Development Mobilink gives promotion to their employees on the performance basis.

directors and chief officers. employees who may not get a chance of promotion due to the non availability of an existing slot will be compensated by being “moved over” within the new salary range specified by the company. . managers. in that order starting from the bottom and working towards the top rung of the ladder. Until approved otherwise. specialists.Promotion Policies The new company structure is in five layers. it would be mandatory for the employees to spend the following maximum period at each level before a promotion to the next level depending upon availability of a slot: Associate 3-4 years Specialist 3-4 years Manager 2-3 years Director According to the president decision Cheifs According to the president decision However. comprising associates.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic rewards include: Exceptional performance in a project Targets achievements Medical care Life insurance Vacations Mobile phone Trips .Reward System         The incentive schemes and incentive objective have been clearly communicated to all individuals and depends on their performance and appraisals.

However. .Conclusion   Mobilink exhibits a strong appraisal system. it can still be deduced that the system in place is effective and yielding results as Mobilink is the market leader in the telecom sector in Pakistan. the extent of confidentiality is understandable owing to the need of a competitive advantage. Although it is difficult to analyze and assess the whole system on such less information.

.Recommendations   To establish core competence and to bring competitiveness. Establishing and maintaining effective communications with each Employee Feedback should inform. and suggest improvements to employees regarding their performance. enlighten. Supervisors must manage employee performance well in order for Mobilink to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals. Mobilink should Implement numerous effective plans to improve the performance of its various departments. Following are some recommendations for Mobilink. Supervisors should describe specific work related behavior or results they observe as close to the event as possible.