Market Insights

Savings – Future Provision Huge Disposable Income Black Economy

Tax Benefits
Sec 80 C Sec 10 10(D) 100% TAX FREE Returns

As an attractive Investment As Tax Saver As FD / Term Deposit. Hassle Free Investment – No Medical Examination  Claim Recycling …  Provision for Children’s education / marriage etc.  Closes on 31st March 2010    

Need Analysis
After 5 years After 7 years After 10 years

Payment Options
 Single Premium Option Very ideal to target FD / Term Deposit. The most attractive in this segment with risk cover tax benefit & tax free return  5 Years Term: As provision for daughter’s marriage. FD  10 Years Term: Suitable for investors in the Bond segment

Segment ,Target & Position

Position as a comprehensive all in one deposit from LIC. Excellent Returns, Tax Cover & Risk Cover Avail 100% tax benefit u/s 10(10)D Loyalty Addition – The cutting Edge Close Ended Scheme. Guaranteed Returns

Segment ,Target & Position
Value Added Benefits 10 year term ideally suited, as Maturity S.A is high, attractive high premium incentives, option to quit at the end of 5 years also there Reinvestment may not be possible if lower term is taken

• Plan available only to existing customers – Cross Selling • One Lakh Single Premium aiming the tax payer • Create Team Nischay Agents to enable Product Champions & MDRT through Aastha. • Target all Survival Benefits and Maturity Claims • Senior citizens can be motivated to take policy on the lives of children and get it assigned

Person Aged 35: An Investment of Rs. 100,000/ Basic SA: Rs.5 lacs Term 10 Years IT Benefit @ 33.9 % 33,900 Net Investment 66,100 Maturity Sum Assured 1,71,000 Large Premium Incentive 14,535 Loyalty Addition (Approx.) 30,000 Total 2,15,535

Yield 12.55%
( taking into account 80C benefit )

SBI Cuts Deposit Rates
6th time since April
From 2.75% to 7.5% ( 8to 10 Yrs )

It was 10.5% in Dec. 2008. 2 nd Oct ‘09

• Incomparable returns – Higher than Bank / Post Office. • The Unique product in the market. • Sec 80C Sec 10(10D) – a unique blend – Monthly Sum Assured + High Premium Incentives + Loyalty Additions. • Long term RBI bond now trades at 4.9% signalling the onset of a low interest rates. • Best for NRI / NRE as interest rates are negligible abroad.

Well Suited For NRIs
NRI Deposit Rates: FCNR Foreign currency nonresident US$ 2.26% ( 2 Yrs) 2.35% ( 3 Yrs) 2.92 % (4 Yrs) Pounds 2.1% to 3.55% Rupee NRE a/c 3.01% to 3.67% for long term. 2nd Oct ‘09

• NRIs can pay the premium through NRE/NRO accounts. • Claim, Survival Benefit etc. will be credited to the same account. • Financial protection/prudent wealth accumulation through LIC.
• • KNG BABUJEE Certified Financial Consultant (All Insurance / All Mutual Funds / All Fixed Deposits / Real Estate) • • • • • LIC No.15/38, Second Floor, Annasalai,Chennai-600002 Mobile No: 9884635430 Email Profile:

Summing Up
• Excellent product for the current scenario • Easy to complete – No medical examination • Close Ended – adds to the activity level • Meets the expectation of all types of people • Excellent Market available – FD • A plan for every person • Participation should be widespread

Opportunities are never lost; The other person takes those you miss.

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