“Big Picture”

Many people want to know . . .

“How can a loving God allow so much suffering?”

“Doesn’t He care about us at all?”

It is important for us to understand who is to blame for all of this pain.

Most people blame God, but God is not the one to blame!

But “Who’s to blame?” is not really the question right now.

We know that God has the power to stop all pain and suffering, so why doesn’t He do it? Why does He allow this to go on and on?

Let’s look at what we have been told about all of this.

Before the earth was created there was perfect harmony in heaven.

Then something happened for which there was no excuse.

Lucifer, the highest ranking angel in heaven, became proud of who he was and wanted more power. In fact, he wanted to be as allpowerful as God Himself.

The Bible tells us that Lucifer (the Devil) even convinced one third of the angels that God did not really love them and that He was unfair and unkind.

And he used what God could not use, flattery and deceit.

(That was the beginning of sin.)
Soon sin began to spread throughout heaven like a cancer.

Eventually, things got really bad. The Bible tells us that at one time there was even war in heaven.

If God had just destroyed the Devil (and sin) many would have served God from fear rather than from love, so God needed to do something else.

In order to save the entire universe from this growing cancer God needed to quarantine sin so that its deadly results could be seen.

When the Earth was created man also chose to sin, so the Devil and his angels were quarantined here.

Now, the universe would be able to see the true love of God and the true nature of sin.

(without sin destroying the whole universe in the process)

"Satan led men to conceive of God as a being whose chief attribute is stern justice, one who is a severe judge, a harsh, exacting creditor."
Steps to Christ, pg. 11

Because God needed to "prove" that sin was deadly and that He really did love His created beings as much as He said He did . . .

. . . the Father let His Son, Jesus, come as a Baby to demonstrate to us and to the whole universe what They were really like.
(and to give us a second chance to live)

The entire life of Jesus was a demonstration of the love that God has for every being in the universe.

His life also demonstrated what would happen to the entire universe if sin was not destroyed.

Today, almost everywhere we look we see more of the results of this sin-cancer.

(Remember, the rest of the universe is also watching.)

The results of this sin-cancer are becoming more and more obvious.

Sin hurts and it kills!

God is a God of love and He does not want anyone to be hurt . . .

. . . but He must allow this sincancer to show its “true colors” so that He can safely, and completely, remove it from the universe.

When this demonstration is completely over God will rescue those who have trusted Him.

(This is commonly called His “Second Coming”. His first coming was as a Baby, but He will soon return as The King.)

Eventually, He will make things right again. In fact, the Bible says that someday He will make all things “NEW”.

Now, let’s look at this from another perspective.

Most Christians know about the Judgment.

We know that we will be judged by God's LAW.

We also know that Satan will be judged by this LAW.

But, God was also accused and so…

God is on trial too.

He will be judged by this same LAW.

And the whole universe will be the jury.

Ok, now let’s add some reference points. Let’s name our timeline.
The Trial of God
Creation Jesus Jesus Returns 1,000 years of Peace Recreation Hell Fire Punishment or Reward Sentencing

We Are Here

Both the Defense and prosecution present evidence.

This line represents TIME as it happens.

Jury Deliberation

We can divide this into the trial’s parts. Let’s build a timeline showing this trial.

The Trial of God
Creation Jesus

Jesus Returns

1,000 years of Peace Recreation Hell Fire

We Are Here

Both the Defense and prosecution present evidence.

Because of our unique perspective in time we can look back and see the results of sin and the results of righteousness.

Sin takes, it hurts, and it kills!

Love gives & heals!

You must choose between the lack of love, or love!

God proved on the Cross that He really does love us.

He proved that His laws are laws of love!

The effects of both are still being demonstrated so that we can choose.

So, what’s your choice?

God wants you, and the whole universe, to realize just how much sin will hurt and destroy us.

He wants us to hate sin and to…

Choose life!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.
Jeremiah 29:11
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