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Presentation of Module 3

training on
« ERDF Project Implementation »

What and Why
Economically and Socially developed
Romanian Regions

Regional development

Who and What for The Romanians For the Romanians .

Environmental Policy…In a more and more « Working Together » Union . a spreading Single Currency. in which context • In Democracy • In Free Market • In a large Union with a Single Market.Where. a developing common External Policy.

How Different National development activities and With the Structural Funds Which imply for • Know-how from all the Union • Accountability • Transparency • Beneficiaries´work and total involvement .

• Is motivated by a vision. to have the project done and completed as best as possible.A member of a project team • Feels that has a mission. . is conscious of his/hers responsibility towards society. • Is motivated by self-respect and to promote his/hers own image in society.

because there are successful projects around all the Union. • Self-respect and social image are important because is a respectable person. • The mission is real and results from the job post that occupies. Just a common person. .The member of the project team Is not a Saint or a Hero. • The vision is realistic.

• To assess the likelyhood to meet this vision in continuously changing conditions while you implement the project.Vision Why you need a vision? • Not to loose orientation. . so that you may guide the project to it.

Who is responsible for keeping the vision alive and shared in the project team? The project team manager is. .

but also trasfer and share it with all the organisation that owns the project and all the project stake-holders.And not only keep the vision alive and shared within the project team. .

How can he do that? • Mostly by proving in practice to the team that his/her decisions and actions are inspired by this vision. • By making the vision a tool for the work of the team .

that they may express their personalities through their work. impove their profesional skills. . • He/she ensures that the team members get some moral retribution from their work. he/she ensures that tasks are completed successfully and on time and within budget.But… • while he/she keeps the vision alive. • He/she ensures the cohersiveness of the team and the external good image of the team.

The project team manager works in 3 areas TASK INDIVIDUAL TEAM .

g.Priorities are a function of the project time and of the feasibility of the posible actions. • For a heavily delayed report. the area to work in is TASK • For the lack of skills in a project member the area to work is INDIVIDUAL . e.

as well as the moral motivation of the members is work to be done in the area TEAM.• The sharing of the mission and the communications within the team. .

What does the manager do? Works for the realisation of the VISION. .

How does he/she do that? Supporting. cultivating and guiding the project team. .

What does a successful project produce? Economic develoment Improved services … AND SKILLED PROJECT MEMBERS AND MANAGERS .

So that. these Romanians may work more efficiently for the benefit of Romanians. . Or with the permission of Mr. whenever they feel hungry. the fishes they eat.Why such people are needed? So that. they may fish themseves. MAO.