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 Company Profile

 Cashew export from India
 Cashew production process
 Problems in Bulk packaging of cashew exports
 Rules & Regulations for bulk packs
 The Present cashew packaging market &

 Applications of Models
 Recommendations




TCI Analysis will give an overview of how Indian firms
like MTR and Maiyas will go global in their product
packaging and printing approach



multi-technology.TCI Company Profile 3  Established in 1910  Cigarette Manufacturing and Marketing Organization  1. multi-market group  Distribution network encompasses the entire subcontinent  Highest earner of foreign exchange in the Indian private sector GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .5 Billion Dollar Enterprise (Rs 3750 Crore approx)  Seven Main Businesses  Highest earner of foreign exchange in the Indian private sector(Rs 834 crore during 1992-93)  Multi-product.

TCI Business 4  Tobacco and Cigarettes  Packaging and Printing  Hotels  Seeds and Edible oils  Paper and Board  Financial Services  International trading GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

personal products and matches  New Computer-controlled Machinery  Technical collaboration arrangement with Box-Liquid Corporation. USA. tamper proof.  BIB packaging was convenient to use.TCI Packaging and Printing Division 5  India’s Largest Manufacturer of value added folded cartons for cigarette division of TCI as well as for leading brands of liquor. etc. GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 . lubricant oils. foods. detergents. and cost effective. more hygienic. to manufacture and market " Wunder-Pac" Bag-in-Box [BIB] packaging system for liquids like edible oils.

Product Development Team 6 GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .2 thousand tonnes • The price is affected by total production of cashew nuts in the producing country.Cashew Exports from India 7 •During 60’s US and USSR were major importers • There are 2 major international markets • New York Market • London Market • For nine months ending September 1992 the exports stood at 35.

Conditioning and Packaging GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .Production of Cashew Kernels 8 Conditioning Sprinkling water and kept aside for 24-72 hours Sun Drying Roasting 25-28% recovery rate Drum roasting/ oil roasting 20% recovery rate Shelling Shelled manually with wooden hammers to separate kernels from nuts Drying Drying through a process called 'borming‘ to prevent insect attack on kernels Peeling Outer skin of kernels is peeled off manually Manual grading.

Problems in Bulk Packaging of Cashew Exports 9  Importing Countries pressuring to adopt Alternative Packaging methods Problems stated are  Lead Solder contamination  Disposability  Pest attacks in godowns  Recyclability  Safety Aspects GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

Rules & Regulation 10  Association of Exporters and the Council for Cashew Exports and Promotion (CCEP) formed a committee  Features required in the new packaging system        Enough Strength to withstand the pressure of Handling and Transport Containers Should be Leak-Proof Shelf Life of the Cashews Splits and Broken Percentage Resistance to pest attacks in godowns Price of Bulk packs Investments GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

Strategic Responses in Host Country Regulatory Environment 11 GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

 Packaging for over seven decades has been in metal containers.44 percent in past five decades (from 1961 to 2013).Current Packaging Market 12  Indian cashew nut production has maintained a steady growth of 4. GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .  CCPE’s substitute for tins resulted in the quest for plastic packaging.  Increasing demand for alternate packaging methods by importing countries. (KO type containers made from tinplate).

Stakeholders 13  Cashew Producers  Exporting countries  Importing Countries  Home country Government  Marketing Agencies  Packaging Industry  Consumers GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

Packaging Methods 14  Kovak Packaging  Use of aluminum foil (non-recyclable)  CAM company’s Packaging  Cans made of cardboard  TCI Bag-in-Box Flexi Packs  Aluminum foils and HDPE  Minimal changes to be made in Vitapack System. GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

SWOT Analysis BIB Flexi Packs 15 STRENGTHS • Environment & user friendly • Moisture resistant & Tamper Proof • Tested OK • Cost lower than tin containers OPPORTUNITIES • Demand for improved packaging • Expansion of market GMSP_B4 WEAKNESS • 7% percentage of broken and split component • Less resistant to rat attacks THREATS • High competition • Resistance from tin container manufacturers (40 year old practice) 12/2/2014 .

AAAA Framework 16 Regulation: Demand for alternative packaging by CCEP. This regulation is important for TCI to gain more market share and build competitive advantage. Accede  Comply with the governments to improve their packaging GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

 Uncertainty avoidance: India has a medium low preference for avoiding uncertainty.Hofstede measures of culture 17  Power Distance: Power distance is very low in United States.  Individualism / Collectivism: USA is high in individualism whereas Asian countries are high in collectivism. on the Uncertainty Avoidance dimension GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 . US scores below average. high in Asian countries.

ABCD Framework 18  Access: Importers of our product have got access to the product from various other countries like Brazil and Kenya  Buying behaviour: Changed on the basis of prices. Hygiene and Safety to consumer  Disposal: Reuse and recycle of the packages also the storing factors are considered. GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 . proximity of exporter and delivery of proper quality product  Consumption characteristics: Factors that drives consumption pattern are Price of Cashew.

Recommendations 19  Lead Contamination as it is hazardous to the health of the consumers.  Use of reliable suppliers of tin and other packaging material as used in the BIB concept so that the contamination is negated and freshness is maintained. Use electroplating or packaging through other methods like rubber adhesive compounded tins instead of lead-soldered tins.  Solder material must not come in contact with the contents to ensure non-contamination of the product  “THIS SIDE UP” and “HANDLE WITH CARE”  Vacuum test  Take inspiration from the CAM Company’s packaging to make it more eco-friendly GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

Cashew Packaging: Snapshot 20 GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

21 GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

22 GMSP_B4 12/2/2014 .

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